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In this featured worship video from a recent Sunday morning service at MorningStar Fellowship Church in Fort Mill, SC, Don Potter shares about how submitting our strengths to God as a sacrifice will draw the Kingdom near. He then leads the church in a song of prophetic declaration, “I Have Overcome”. Subscribe to receive updates. [support us]
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  1. The enemy has taken almost everything from me, and I don't care, I will
    serve the King of Kings or die trying. Jesus is Lord, He loves me, and I
    will enter His kingdom even if I have to crawl on my belly in the dirt
    inch by inch.

  2. Фантастика что Творец несет через этого человека…19 лет назад первый раз я услышал это поклонение..меня просто к земле прибило…и сейчас стою на коленях перед Исусом..Благодарю Творца за вас