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In this Featured Worship Video from our 2011 New Year’s Conference in Fort Mill, SC, Don Potter sings his classic song, “Show Me Your Face”. We need the Lord’s perspective in the time’s ahead; one way to gain the Lord’s point of view is by seeking His face. His presence will carry us through the coming days. Subscribe to receive updates. [support us]
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  1. May GOD always bless you DON!!!
    The Love that Jesus shows through you is so very beautiful .
    it is like  MAGIC! like the time on Consuelo's Love theme song that you did for Chuck Mangione on children of Sanchez.
    Thank you Dear one for all of your Love
    in Christ

  2. Thank You Mr Potter, for heeding His call upon your life. You touched me back in the day, as you has a gentleness to your songs many others didnt possess. He was working in your soul then, and His work in you, gives me a giant smile and a huge AMEN! Beautiful Song. Thank You for sharing His Love, thru song ♡

  3. To "SEE" Don Potter live is so very exciting but very "Intimate time with the Father!!!!! Don and Christine were our Praise and Worship leaders at an Aglow International Conference……I will never forget…I was hooked!!!!!!!! Blessings

  4. A few weeks ago I listened to an incredibly powerful spontaneous rendition of "Show Me Your Face" during Michael Koulianos' live-stream from Florida. There was a guest speaker named Jean Luc Trachsel who asked the keyboard player if he knew "Show Me Your Face"… What happened is incredible! (see links below@ 2 hours & 13 1/2 min.)

    Jesus Nights | Feb. 17, 2019 (VIDEO)

    Jesus Nights | (PLAYLIST)