Rick Joyner | – Jeremiah Johnson – A Prophetic Word For 50+ers

At MorningStar’s recent Advanced Prophetic Conference, Jeremiah Johnson prophesied that baby boomers could have the greatest impact in the next great spiritual awakening in America. However, it requires taking a stand. Let’s get in position for this next move of God!

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  1. My children are grown and productive adults. However the move of the Holy Spirit and truths in the word definitely need brought to the forefront of these very busy young individuals so sidetracked of busy every day life, family, and responsibilities.

  2. I was alarmed by A song called (reckless love ) that is very popular among the young Christians . The lord warned me in a dream in 2007 to watch out for words used in contemporary Christian songs and to look up the synonyms of certain words. When I looked up the origin of the word reckless I found (wicked ). So shocking ! A very anointed hymn called " THE LOVE OF GOD " describes God's love with right words.

  3. Yeshua said Get eyes to see and ears to hear. He is NOT talking what the letter story tells, about all the older generation . Yeshua is Spitutal,He speaks a mystery. ….. Spiritual Fathers are the Apostles, Spiritual Mothers are the Prophets. Nothing is revealed unless revealed His Holy Prophets and Apostles

  4. Jeremiah, i listened to one of your podcast todsy. Let me preface this by saying I enjoy listening to you and have learned much from your teaching. However, i took exception to your statement that if Trump doesn't get re-elected, you might have to repent. What? If you believe you heard from God, why would you even consider repenting? I feel that if God spoke to you, that you should hold onto that word. If the word didn't come to pass st this time, could it be a matter of non conpliance in the body of Christ. But to Repent for having spoken the prophesy doesn't seem appropriate to me because It may be perceived ad being double mindedness to the world.. I think instead of entertaining the thought of repenting regarding the prophecy, you should stand firm because if God said it, it will come to pass one way or the other. I chose to believe the prophetic worf God spokr through you. This is in no way meant tp rebuke you, but to encourage you.