Rick Joyner | – MorningStar Fellowship Service | 11:00am

Join us for the 11:00am EST Sunday Service at MorningStar Fellowship Church

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MorningStar Ministries MorningStar Ministries with Rick Joyner including prophetic perspectives on current events, teaching vidoes and worship videos by the MorningStar worship team. Website http://www.morningstarministries.org MorningStar TV http://www.morningstartv.com MorningStar Ministries Facebook http://www.facebook.com/morningstarmin

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  1. I just dreamed the other day of being in a house, I dont know who’s house I was in. In the house I saw a hole in the floor & went to see what was going on, I looked down into the hole & saw the whole foundation was bad & there was water & broken pieces of concrete laying all over the bottom. I kept thinking this house was in great danger & so was the family who lived here.