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MorningStar Ministries MorningStar Ministries with Rick Joyner including prophetic perspectives on current events, teaching vidoes and worship videos by the MorningStar worship team. Website http://www.morningstarministries.org MorningStar TV http://www.morningstartv.com MorningStar Ministries Facebook http://www.facebook.com/morningstarmin

Comment (14)

  1. When a word from the Lord comes it is often as a rolling thunder, as peals of thunder. I think of the heartbeat bill. Have you seen all those signs along the highway that speak of how young babies have eye development, hearing development, or some other development?…..peals of thunder.

  2. That’s fascinating…It’s as if the election is really of little importance. Having said that, I am concerned that all of these prophecies from others about Trump winning a second term and all of the refusal to acknowledge Biden’s victory for fear of some kind of voter fraud that is big enough and significant enough to make Trump the real winner, sounds like a major delusion and deception that discredits the body of Christ in America. Unless there is real, clearly understood and explainable evidence of major wrongdoing giving Biden the victory, it is time to let it go and pray for the best under Biden and help Biden to draw closer to the Lord and hear His Word. The media is looking at Trump supporters and enthusiasts as being in some kind of ludicrous self-denial of reality and I can’t blame them. Anyways, His kingdom coming in the lives of His disciples throughout the land and the world is the main thing…

  3. Wow. I pray you will seek the unity of faith in the bond of Love.

    Our faith in our democracy to choose our President is what binds us together.

    Building trust back in the elections is essential. The only way that will happen moving forward is for voter validation recount. Validate our votes were not changed and count the results independently from the official state counts.

    I believe in our democracy and i believe in our new president elect. Donald Trump has been proven to be the beast of revelations.

    Thank God America has repented. Turned back to the Morning Star.

  4. John the baptist saw Jesus in person, knew in the Spirit He was The One. Saw and heard the Heavenly witness. Later in gaol (jail for US readers) John asked, Jesus, are you the one? How does that compute? Now (2020) is no time to look for another – get in His face! Then go, make disciples, pray for the Nations; NORTH KOREA – still to be opened to the South, JAPAN – a most secular and un-saved land needs the LIGHT. FINAL QUEST, instead of Rick's Rant, let it be Right on Rick. Make it ALL words of value. Blessings family, looking forward to the wedding.