Rick Joyner | – Shawn Bolz – Overcoming Disappointment

Shawn Bolz shares about a time when he was disappointed and how it almost stopped God’s blessings in his life. He also shares how you can partner your faith with God and bloom where you are planted. [support us]

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  1. I really, really want to grow in knowledge of God. And I am confused in something Shawn said that God doesn't say he's disappointed in someone and give away what was meant for the one who disappointed Him. But isnt that exactly what God does in the parable of the talents?

  2. I cannot relate to what you call disappointment. I'm extremely grateful for your ministry!! More than i can say here! But truly, I'm actually in a position where i'm almost homeless after graduating from seminary with huge dreams, everything in my life is a loose end…it is hard for me to swallow that the Lord is pursuing you for a multimillion dollar house and the Lord is silent to me now when I'm crying out to Him. not saying I doubt your message at all, just saying where you are is a different universe from me.
    I wil give you this tip…if you want to relate to literally 99 percent of your people, don't say it is a disappointment to miss out on a castle.

  3. Shaun, I am so disappointed! I've been thru YEARS of health issuse that keep me in serious pain all the time. I WANT to change. I want ALL of God but I'm just so isolated and lonely. I don't know how to let Him love me.

  4. All this disappointment, strife, vulnerability…over a house!?! That’s not what the Gospel is all about. Sounds like you better start from scratch. God isn’t chasing you down over a multi million dollar home. And that’s not what He wants you to treasure or seek. Way off base!!

  5. I know this to be true about blooming where you're planted to get over disappointment. I went from part-time to full-time on a job when my own business tanked during COVID-19. Exactly what you said about God having provided a resource for me; I just had to get over my expectation of what I thought a blessing from God would look like!