Rick Warren | – Defeating Discouragement with Rick Warren

[support us] — Discouragement can be debilitating. It can cause you to give up trying, give up hoping, and give up caring. The Bible has a lot to say about it, and in this message Pastor Rick Warren will talk about how to rethink the things that discourage you and seven secrets to defeating discouragement.

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(Discouragement) (Discouraged) (Life of Paul) (Paul’s life) (Life’s discouragements) (Defeat discouragement) (2 Corinthians) (Renewal) (Focus on eternity) (Your ministry) (Your pain) (It’s not about you) (Be authentic) (Be genuine) (God loves you) (Apostle Paul) (Rethinking your life) (Reptentance) (Change your mind) (Change your thinking) (Rethink life) (Pastor Rick Warren) (Church sermon) (Church message) (Encouraging message) (Reptentance) (Overcome discouragement) (Fight discouragement) (What to do with discouragement) (Encourage one another) (New mindset)

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  1. Im a work in progress. The more i work on me the quicker i realize my mistakes i make quicker. I feel so amazed that im so lucky and given unending numerous chances through gods grace. I can be a hot mess and tho its true through my humbling decision to ask for his salvation and forgivness that he gives so lovingly. So lucky to live where i can pursue any religion without being condemmed. Thank you saddleback church. Have a wonderful day.

  2. When you speak about the Lord speak with respect. I dont like the sarcasm and the stupid jokes. Behave yourself when you talk about the One who created you. Shame. Don't let your knowledge delude you. And by the way heaven is not reserved for you. The Lord chooses whom he wants so you should always pray and don't take it for granted just because you preach. You may have a stained heart from the inside.

  3. Behavior modificatory most famous for ‘ The Blessed Life ‘ used in most treatment centers across our nation.
    Rick Warren another Socialist controlled by tax laws. Never intended for churches.
    Who controls ? What a liar preaches from the pulpit?
    Hey Ricky “ Boy “ !
    Even the Elect will be deceived!

  4. Well good evening. Had a rough day. Think im doing right and its wrong. Im realistic that im failable no doubt. Feel like im fighting for air, being drowned by mistakes , like each one is tied to my ankle by the judgement by others. i truly had no idea were wrong. So on my way home i listened to this sermon. Rick once again dead center bullseye exactly what i need to do, hear. So i will humbly again do my best to learn as quickly as possible. Move my discouragement to faith by handing this over to god. Thank you much . You have saved me from another rabbithole of discouragement.

  5. What a brilliant sermon for something that can plague all of us.  Notice the word plague, it's not unlike the plagues that befell the Egyptians.  If you see each plague as something real in life, you will understand.  In fact, let me know which one you and I may have some understanding to.  An example plague, such as storms of fire or darkness, e.g. living in darkness.  I can feel this way during discouraging times.  It's important we let God and Jesus love us in this challenging time.

  6. Pastor Rick, I hope that one day you will see this. You said that you didn't know who needed to hear this…I did. Today is March 2, 2020 and I just heard this message for the first time, and it was exactly what I needed. it was literally an answered prayer. I was in my car, so discouraged that I was crying and I asked God to please help me. I haven't been watching as regularly as I used to, but for some reason you popped into my head. I Googled Pastor Rick Warren sermon, and played the first thing that came up. It was this video. Thank you for always blessing me and teaching me.

  7. Some of you on here calling him names and putting him down but speaking about how you view God need to realize you already spoke in a way that was not honoring to God . If you know him so well why was your first words to put the man preaching down in a ugly way . That’s not how God gets down honey . You need to stay in your word .

  8. i will never quit-JESUS CHRIST=IS REAL-ALIVE=SPIRIT-H.S…….we are one with Him; JESUS CHRIST!!! thanks pastor…….omg……cant wait 2 visit u all-GOD BLESS YOU ALL-U,have been and are a blessing to me+&my*loved&ones

  9. look @ world, will b distressed….look@self-depressed…… look @ JESUS-impressed………….amen pastor; thanks…..secrets…..7……overcoming discouragement …..with groups-support/small-fam-friends…..

  10. Get away from this jester. He is the voice of satan, saying the pope is the nearest thing on earth today to Jesus. The pope is the head of a paedophilia ring, this guy does not believe in studying revelation – I think it is too hard for him and also he doesn't want true believers of the Lord to find out for themselves what the bible really says. False teacher – get away from him people, esp you american people who bow down to these evangelists millionaires, ripping of the people – and shamefully in Jesus name.