Rick Warren | – How To Become Best Friends With God with Rick Warren

[support us] – What kind of relationship does God really want to have with you? Your relationship with him has many aspects — he is your Father, Creator, Lord, Redeemer, Savior, and many more. But most of all, God wants to have you for a friend. In this final message of the Awesome series, Pastor Rick Warren talks about the most important relationship in your life — your friendship with God. You’ll learn five ways to build a deep relationship with God that will make him your best friend.

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  1. We know God through His word. His word is what the Spirit uses to reveal Himself to us. We ought to be friends with God and not this world but i wouldnt call Him my buddy. He is Almighty and a King who ought to be feared and reverenced. God hates thr wicked but His chosen people He desires a close fellowship with, for He gave Himself up for them as a sacrifice

  2. Great message! At 11:30 though Pastor Rick announced that a song will be played and after that he will give the 4 principles. At 11:46 guitarist already stepped in and then stepped back when Pastor Rick suddenly began enumerating. Did he forget about the song? It happens to the best of them.

  3. God I ask You in Jesus' name may I be known by You and all the angels in heaven as A Friend of God. God all that I have asked of You in this prayer, please do the same for the writer of this prayer and everyone who prays it. May we all be known as real true Friends of God. Thank You Jesus. Amen, so be it!

  4. *Know God. Seek to know Him. #1 priority.
    *You are close to God as you want to be.
    *Quality time. Slow down. Be still. Reverence Him.
    *Who do you want to be your friend the most.
    *loving the world means you hate God.
    *you're my friend if you obey me… I can’t say I’m a follower of Jesus and live like the devil, self centered