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[support us] — Have you ever waited on God for something you desperately needed? Maybe it was a job, a spouse, a repaired relationship, a clean bill of health, or direction for your life. The Christmas story is also a story of waiting — the world was waiting for a Savior, and God answered that need by sending his Son, Jesus, to Earth at just the right time in history. In this special Christmas message, Pastor Rick Warren shows us how we can trust God’s perfect timing in our own lives. By looking at the example of Jesus’ birth, we can trust a God who overcomes our fear, teaches us patience, reminds us of his promises, and tells us to never give up.

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(Don’t give up) (God’s timing) (God’s plan) (Life encouragement) (Patience) (My dream) (Home with God) (Church home) (Right timing) (God’s appointment) (Christmas message) (Christmas day) (Rick Warren) (Christmas at Saddleback) (Christmas 2018). (Delays in life) (Trusting God) (Stress relief) (God is never in a hurry)

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  1. Almost all my dreams have been shattered. Now I simply dream of a good nights sleep. I would forever sacrifice my shattered dreams for 8 uninterrupted hours of sleep. My heart was broken 8 years ago. Around that time I changed careers on top of that. I never thought those two events would disrupt my life the way it has. I’m miserable in my personal life and my professional life. However during these tough miserable times 3 things have happened. I married person that brought me back to the Lord and gave me two children. I love the and trust in the Lord and I adore my children. See God knew these tough times were coming for me and he accepted me back then gave me the love of two children. The love of The Lord and my two children is what keeps me from falling over dead.

  2. Why Stress when I'm so Blessed!

    I might not have everything I want and know I deserve but I trust that God has it all planned out accordingly. Just be grateful for the small things you do have – and the Universe will take notice and continue blessing you. Sending love and hope to anyone that needed to see this <3

  3. This delusional heretic's book PURPOSE DRIVEN CHURCH ruined thousands of churches in America. He'll be held accountable to GID ALMIGHTY!!! If you aren't familiar with how horrendous this book is, please educate yourself and get away from this demon.

  4. Father God in the name of Jesus please forgive me I was being impatient yesterday because I was worried but he made it possible for me to not worry that same day thank you Heavenly Father

  5. When I'm obsessed with things that I want, it's time to think about God's time. My time is imperfect but God's time is perfect. With this faith, let me wait and stay in firm until your time comes to me.

  6. Why you never Talk about if you keep sinning you going to HELL..even if you go to church you a candy Cain precher you a false profit you just say what people want to here…that's all Why don't you say if you drink beer you going to HELL if you keep lying you going TO HELL if you keep practising fornication you going to HELL AND IF YOU KEEP TELLING, PEOPLE THAT BABY JESUS IS GOD…GOD was NEVER A Baby God is Spirit John24:4 Not flesh…False profit Ric you suck ass a prechet

  7. Where do you find the message notes? How do I attend a small group, I live in Banning ,ca? I went online but since I live farther from orange county the only option was to start my own group. I am not ready for that yet. Thanks for any help I can get.

  8. I was in a hurry to marry this woman I love. But I felt this message telling me to trust Gods timing. Please pray for me because I know God is using this time to make me into the godly husband he wants me to be . Please pray for me to keep the faith. Mostly please pray that my heart n my mind is changed inside out so that I live & think & talk n act the way Jesus would in all situations.