Rick Warren | – Mental Illness Can't Hold This Girl Back — Britaney's Story

[support us] — Growing up, Britaney’s mom felt emotionally distant and her father had abandoned her. As a junior in college, her undiagnosed bipolar disorder combined with the lack of support and the stress of her workload pushed her to the limit. Overwhelmed, Britaney tried to fight back against the thoughts of suicide. That breakdown forced Britaney to get professional help which opened the door to using her musical talent as therapy. Her singing led her from auditions in LA, to an international K-pop competition in Seoul, South Korea. Britaney has found support through renewed life purpose, a life-giving church community, and counselors that have helped her find a healthy, daily routine. Now, she’s using her voice to praise God on the Saddleback Church Worship team and as an advocate for mental health awareness.

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  1. Pastor Rick is awesome! We've followed him for over a year now, and he has helped our marriage tremendously – we listen to him every morning together. Now, we're on a mission as married Relationship Coaches to help people change their lives around. We've made a channel where we give advice for couples and singles, and anything that has to do with personal development. We would love some advice/support, please check it out and subscribe. Love – Joshua & Ivana Richey

  2. I have the same calling. God healed me from schizoeffective disorder, which is bipolar and schizophrenia combined, and dissociative disorder which is another name for multiple personalities. It's truly a miracle that He healed my mind. I love to tell the story of how God can heal anything.

  3. This was a Positive life explained story for the whole five minutes, Yet other's will see this and when saying the gospel is declared, the Gospel was not proclaimed..many will see this and wonder what is the Gospel?? Millions know Church, Earthly Joy but Have No Idea of The Truth of Yeshua, Jesus Christ..Many will feel good when all is going right Yet not understand this temporary world will pass and they must hold tight to Jesus and know that being sent here to Earth as a Simple Man, being beaten, mocked, spit upon then Crucified for nothing He had done but for All the Filth and Sin of Man..being placed upon Him, holding tight to a Father Who Loves Him So much He had to turn from his Son, So that He would Suffer, paying the Cost for All of us..This Man Died, then to Awaken The World He arose demonstrating He is The God Man and through His Blood being Shed We if Truly Dying of Ourselves yet Living for Him..Only and what He did for us that don't deserve it, can return Home..to Our True Father in Heaven into His Glory..this is Truth, This is Yeshua, Jesus Christ, This is The Gospel that "Christian's" must Awaken to..

  4. Need answers, not said to insult but maybe someone else out there can help me accept Christ. At the moment I am prevented because of this:

    If murd3rs, r4pists, P3dos etc accept Christ how can I worship such a God that loves such people that have destroyed people's lives and caused them much suffering?

    Where is this holy spirit, where is this good great god when I get critical? You flee from me like a coward?? Come on God are you not great are you not good? I do not understand, be kind help me understand be gentle. Inform do not condemn me to a life of suffering due to what happened in my childhood (sexual abuse from a pedo) and then threaten me with hell when I fall short.

    What say you God?
    – former Catholic with a crisis of faith.

    I watched it all, took awhile, It's easy for God to forgive when he isn't the one personally suffering.

    How can you live for god, serving the ungodly when the ungodly has destroyed you and prevent you achieving your divine purpose? And for your troubles god condemns you to hell….

    But hey the door is open to you p3do, but your victims roast in hell due to what the p3do did to them that causes them to live without god in suffering. They resist coming to god god is there with the p3do, with their attacker.

    Would you want to go to a banquet full of P3dos, murderers, rapists and theives? And because you don't, you get shot in the head?