Rick Warren | – Rick Warren Interviews Jordan Smith Winner of The Voice Season 9 at Saddleback Church

[support us] – Jordan Smith, season 9 winner of NBC’s The Voice, is interviewed by Pastor Rick Warren at Saddleback Church during Christmas services. In this interview, Jordan shares about his faith as the foundation of his life. Jordan’s cover of the hymn, Great Is They Faithfulness hit the top of the charts after his episode aired. We welcome Jordan Smith to Saddleback Church.

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  1. I love that Jordan's not being afraid of saying he is a Christian same as I, He is awesome isn't he Jordan. if you serve God he will give up external life. But for someone to stand up and say they are a Christian when everyone wants to take GOD out of everything schools, courthouses and all the other building hope Jordan can make a difference in this matter like he a Christian.