Robert Barron | – Advent: God’s Holy Mountain

Friends, as we begin the Advent season, here are some reflections on the second chapter of the prophet Isaiah. The Church proposes his great image of God’s holy mountain as a spiritual challenge and point of meditation.

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Bishop Robert Barron These are brief and insightful commentaries on faith and culture by Catholic theologian and author Bishop Robert Barron. The videos complement his weekly sermons posted and podcasted at

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  1. Feed my sheep, very truly I tell you, when you were younger you would dress yourself and go where you wanted; but when you are old you will stretch out your hands, and someone else will dress you and lead you where you don't want to go. Jesus said this to indicate the kind of death by which Peter would glorify God. Then he said to him, FOLLOW ME. (Acts 21:17)

  2. The Sam Harris in all of us can obviously write off a lot of spiritual advice as generic, placebo/platitude repackaging and this can be largely true. But when a man inspired by the holy spirit speaks the truth resonates as clear as a bell. Of course psychologists talk about our different warring sub personalities and our need to unify them, but this arbitrarily secular level of analysis belies the depth of truth that comes out of construing ourselves as "legion" warring kingdoms is remarkable. The poetry is literally an irreducible element of the conversation that frankly many of the psychologist hacks have tried to eschew to maintain scientific appearances .

  3. I've always said that if someone "copied" me à la sci-fi stories, I'd end up in fist fights with myself. I guess this is a big ol' hint from the Holy Spirit to bring peace to that "situation", eh?

  4. The Garden of Eden is the First Holy Mountain of God.
    God placed Lucifer in that garden to guard it and he defiled it.
    Next, God placed Adam in the garden to not just guard it but also keep it, and he also failed and defiled the Holy Mountain of God.
    So, now who can ascend the Holy Mountain of God?
    There is only one way, and Jesus had shown us the Way…?
    What is the way? it is called the "Way of the Cross", but we cannot climb it alone, even Jesus did not climb it alone. God had given Her a Mother…and so Jesus At the Foot of the Cross, fulfilled his promise, I will not leave you orphan…Jesus gave us the most precious gift, He entrusted our journey to the Holy Mountain to His beloved Mother…"Son, Behold your Mother." See you all in the Holy Mountain of God with rosary in our hands.

  5. @bishoprobertbarron
    Could you speak to the connection between Isaiah and the book of Revelation?
    I sensed the undertones of this throughout the video, but I would appreciate knowing your thoughts on specific connections between the two books.

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  7. The universe is a system through which Re concludes or back closes the existence to itself. This universal system has a whole host of features. Through this there it is and it works. In each sequence of this video series – starting from 001 Data – each one of these features is presented and discussed. Since everything in the universe and his system is based on logic, the reason of God and the world is in principle understandable. Thus, all previous models of faith and cosmogony theories are unnecessary ballast.

  8. Thank you Robert
    Although I do not believe in God at the moment, I hope that thru watching u, I can experience divine revelation throughout the duration of this podcasts. My husband and I listen to your podcast often. Sometimes we like to include the kids too!!!!! They love you so much Robert.

    Edit: Your’e gæ

  9. Hi WOF gang, thank you for all that you do! In the beginning of this BRB asks us to read through Isaiah and says “you might want to find good commentary on it.” Where do you recommend “finding food commentary” I am not just not sure

  10. When I hear you speak it does inspire me to look into the Catholic faith, being raised an atheist. I appreciate your education and well thought out discussions. However, when I listen to your younger peers, I just hear harsh opinions, and much more abrasive stances. It makes me want to explore other options. How is the Jewish or Muslim faith any less valid?

  11. Religion/christianity in a nuttshell

    1. Whatever christs words are, its you who in the end has to interprate 'christs' terms (post-modernism does its thing)
    2. The 'litteral' book are the terms, sorry no interpretations :^) Just follow all the rules, remember the crazy ones too! (just like the muslims do with their book)
    3. Since you can't """truely""" know christ personally, you just """feel""" that you know him, and see that your feelings differ from other peoples
    suddenly you got 1000 denominations of christianity lol

  12. We're going thru Advent like never before in 2020. Preparing almost every day almost every hour through Mass, Chaplet and Rosary and now I have moved into The Magnificat and into reading the Divine Office daily with four or five different devotions. In addition, Listening to Lectures, audio books and hard copies of books on prayer like St. JOHN OF THE CROSS, St. Teresa of Avila Interior Castle, St. Faustina's Diary, St. Augustine's The City of God, and The Confessions having exhausted the Video files by His Excellence Bishop Robert Barron and Word on Fire. "Prepare as if for war." Barbara Marie Amato