Robert Barron | – Arianism, Then and Now

A new survey from Ligonier Ministries titled “The State of Theology” revealed lots of interesting things. But one finding that stood out, and generated lots of headlines, was that most Christians believe about Jesus. Nearly 70% of Catholics believe “Jesus is the first and greatest being created by God,” while 57% of Catholics believe “Jesus was a great teacher, but he was not God.” Bishop Barron and Brandon discuss this survey and the ancient heresy these statements reflect.

A listener asks if confirmation is supposed to make us fiery defenders of the faith, then why do some Protestants seem to have more fire for the faith, even without this sacrament?

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Bishop Robert Barron These are brief and insightful commentaries on faith and culture by Catholic theologian and author Bishop Robert Barron. The videos complement his weekly sermons posted and podcasted at

Comment (47)

    "He who does not take offence at Jesus Christ is blessed" means that there are people who do take offence at Jesus. What does 'take offence' mean? It means to stumble.“I lay in Zion a stone of stumbling and a rock of offense,…”Rom 9:33. Jesus has become a stone of stumbling and a rock of offence and most have stumbled in Jesus name! Now is the time to hear the eternal gospel, the new covenant proclaimed by the Spirit of Truth to not stumble but have eternal life!
    Who takes offence and stumbles because of Jesus’ name? Why did it say, “Do not take offence at Jesus” in Luke 7:23? By saying that he who does not take offence at Jesus Christ is blessed, it means that there are people who do take offence at Jesus. In other words, it says in Romans 9:33, “I lay in Zion a stone of stumbling and a rock of offense, And he who believes in Him will not be disappointed.” This means that Jesus has become a stone of stumbling and a rock of

  2. I have always had trouble with putting trinitarian views somewhere along the line of monotheistic religions
    Isn't the Ibrahimic tradition all about believing in one god that isn't a component of parts? I would be thankful if you would explain in simplest terms what is the place of the trinity in monotheistic theology in one of your videos.

  3. It’s January 12, 2021 and I received my copy of Word on Fire Bible Gospels a few days ago! It is truly beautifully made!!! It exceeded my expectations! I was very pleasantly surprised to also recieve such a beautiful journal as a complimentary gift! Thank you Bishop Baron for proclaiming the gospel through your ministry! I also like listening to Brandon’s questions for you to answer to help us understand more clearly our catholic faith. God bless you in all you do and to all the lives you touch through Holy Trinity.

  4. The further religion moves away from the geography in which it arose, the more heresy and suspicions increase in it!

    God who created universes and galaxies is higher and greater than a human body can contain!

    God does not have a son! And he has no partner in the king! And he doesn't need that!

    Abraham, Ishmael, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, Christ and Muhammad, peace be upon them all, are mere prophets and messengers from God to earth.

    One day, Jesus, peace be upon him, will return to earth, and he will tell you: Why did you worship me! And I'm just a messenger!

    I know that you will now say about me a heretic!

    I am the grandson of Abraham and the sons of Ishmael and Isaac, we who crossed the sea with Moses, and we were the ones who supported Christ Jesus when the Jews wronged him, and when God sent us the promised Prophet (Muhammad) we believed in him and believed him, not you.

    Do I have to leave my ancestors and the place where Moses, Jesus and Muhammad were born! … and listen to someone like you who lives thousands of miles away after 2,000 years!

    God said on the lips of Christ in the Qur’an:
    (51) Indeed, Allah is my Lord and your Lord, so worship Him. That is the straight path."

    (52) But when Jesus felt [persistence in] disbelief from them, he said, "Who are my supporters for [the cause of] Allah?" The disciples said, "We are supporters for Allah. We have believed in Allah and testify that we are Muslims [submitting to Him].

  5. This lines up perfectly with the percentage of Catholics that are "Catholic in name only". If roughly 70 percent of these professed Catholics are basically Christmas/Easter Catholics, obviously they don't really know the faith. It's the weekly attendees of the mass who understand what is happening and what they are witnessing on the altar. All you have to do is listen to Bishop Barron to see what an incredibly intellectual, deep, complex and expansive faith Catholicism is. It actually takes work and you have to stretch yourself to even begin to understand the faith and what it means for humanity.

  6. As a volunteer in Catechism class, I have heard that…"To understand the Sacraments is to know the Bible"; then how is it that a class on the Bible timeline is not inclusive as one of the Catechetical topics? Pls advice

  7. I have never laughed so hard in your youtube ministry, Bishop Barron. Keep it up your creative style with Brandon Vogt. Now I know that the light casts speculations on your hair. God bless Bishop Barron, I am a permanent fan of yours. My faith is lit up because of your Word on Fire. Thank you very much.

  8. Ironically, if you give someone a Bible that does not know about Christianity to read the Bible they would tell you that clearly Jesus is not God just based on the Bible. It is only when you teach people your doctrines that people believe Jesus is God.

    Also Jesus not being God is not a problem for the Bible or the religion, it is only a problem for churches that believes Jesus is God.

  9. Jesus is not equal to God the Father….if you read the Bible daily you will realize this…

    John 3 :16
    For GOD so love the world that he gave his only begotten son…
    God is supreme follow by his son

    Here is the ancient Gnostic-Patripassian doctrine about God in a few
    words, directly from a primary source:
    “The moment I thought about them, behold, the heavens opened, all the
    creature beneath the sky lit up, and the world shook. I was scared, and
    here I saw someone sitting next to me in the light. Looking, he seemed
    to be someone old. Then he changed his appearance to a young man.
    Not that there were more faces in front of me, but inside the light, there
    was a face with more faces. These faces were visible to each other, and
    the face had three faces.”
    {Apocryphon of John The Secret Book of John, also called the Apocryphon of John, is a second-century forgery, made by the Gnostic-Patripassian proto-Trinitarians}.

  11. Canadian bishops have ordered that the Nicene Creed not be used. When I spoke to the Susan from the bishop's office she refused to speak to me just saying that it was what the CCCB decided. She was a graduate from Notre Dame so she knew better.

  12. As a Catholic, this is the one question that has irked me since childhood: Where specifically in the Bible does it mention that God and Jesus are the same person, when there are many events clearly shown in the Bible, of Jesus praying directly to God?
    Besides faith, the Bible is our source of connection to historical events of the divine beings. Why all the ambiguity?
    Can “One in the same” be taken too literal? Could it be taken that Jesus, the son of God, are one in the same blood, and share it’s divine quality?

  13. It occurs to me that the survey may have been badly worded or biased in the 1st question. Those who aren't particularly theologically informed might think that saying Jesus is the highest creature or being is saying something good and counter cultural because they haven't really been taught well.

  14. I grew up in the 1950/60. In South Africa As a catholic child however only attending a Catholic school in my first few years of schooling. Then going to a government school were general Christian Bible studies were followed.
    Although as a family we still went to mass ever Sunday. I was married in the Catholic Church to a non Catholic. And yes slowly lost my faith. Because of lack of true knowledge of my faith. However I never lost my true belief in a true God and praying the Rosary from time to time.
    Thankfully i am now able to reconnect with my faith and am attending Mass on You Tube everyday and have a great hunger for knowledge. Word on Fire found me. Bishop Barren is an amazing teacher. The faith I believe has been greatly lost because the church has not done truely enough of educating the teachers of the faith. My own children eventually refused to go to catechism because they said it was so boring.
    Yet Bishop Barron shows how interesting the history is of our faith and I think that to a large extent is what's missing. We go to mass and believe that's enough to keep us faithful.

    I am so excited to be part of Word on Fire and reading my Bible with greater understanding. God Bless you Bishop Barron.

  15. The Marquis De Luchet reports on his famous work: " Essai sur la secte de illumines". That the Cainites, incited their hatred towards all social and moral order "called upon all men to destroy the work of God amd to commit every kind of infamy.
    Arianism, the great heresy, which split Christianity over three centuries, was the work of a concealed Djue, who outwardly practiced Christianity but was set to destroy it.
    Book reference:
    History of Gnosticism by J. Matter.—
    History of Jacobinism by Playfair.
    The Plot Against The Church by Maurice Pinay.—
    The War Of Anti Christ Against The Church by George E. Dillon.—
    Wolves Within by Pope Saint Pius X.—

  16. Do you think that sects such as Jehovah's Witnesses, who reject the Trinity, could be described as 'modern-day Arians'? I hope that the Catholics who appear to have a neo-Arian belief are simply misunderstanding the teaching of the Catholic Church. I think St Athanasius wrote an extended version of the Creed, which is even more strongly and more clearly anti-Arian than the Nicene Creed.

  17. There's a lot to grasp from this video. I will need to listen to it a second… probably third and forth time.
    Thought: When you told the story at the very end with the word "substantiate", I couldn't recall a definition, but the notion of it being more than a definition came to mind. Specifically, a concept.

  18. Thank you for your efforts Sir Bishop Barron. I am a muslim, I live in Spain and I believe it is fundamental that I try to understand the christians. This video particularly caught my attention because many muslims are interested in Arius. And it is narrated that our prophet mentioned the arians in a letter he sent to the roman emperor.
    I have a question Sir Bishop about 24:00. Muslims believe that Muhammad was a great prophet, as were Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Moises, Jesus and many other prophets. We believe they are men to whom God sent down his revelation and commanded them to preach. We do not claim they are anything but men, and yet Islam isn´t only some moral code (like buddhism for example) and it isn´t fundamentally about social justice and those things, but about worshiping God, some of the best deeds God commanded us to do aren´t about social justice at all. And muslims do not take Muhammad´s message, or any other prophet´s message, at the same level as philosophy or poetry, not at all, and our book makes that point repeatedly. We do not, because we believe it´s Gods true word which is above all other words, a perfect word. But we do not believe that the prophets had to be divine themselves to preach it, but they were the most virtuous and perfect men. Why shoud Jesus be divine then? And why only Jesus and not all the other prophets also?

  19. You are so clear and helpul in a difficult to understand issue. At least for me that get confused by the language Jesus Himself uses in the Bible in referring to His Father. You, Most Reverend Bishop Barron, are so solid and valiant. Thank you and God bless you for using so well the talents He has given you. I doubt a 20% of all people that declare being catholics, are really catholic.