Robert Barron | – Bishop Barron Presents Jason Blakely: Conversations at the Crossroads

Friends, it is my pleasure to share the latest “Bishop Barron Presents” discussion featuring author and political science professor Dr. Jason Blakely. In our conversation, we discuss topics found in his new book, “We Built Reality: How Social Science Infiltrated Culture, Politics, and Power,” including hermeneutics, economics, and more.

Stay tuned for future “Bishop Barron Presents” conversations. These intellectually invigorating discussions feature varying religious and political perspectives to encourage greater understanding and civility.


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Bishop Robert Barron These are brief and insightful commentaries on faith and culture by Catholic theologian and author Bishop Robert Barron. The videos complement his weekly sermons posted and podcasted at

Comment (19)

  1. Before Vatican ll it was a heresy to believe in a heliocentric model. Then in 1991 the Pope said the Catholic Church was wrong about Galileo etc. So is it a heresy now in 2021 for any Catholic to believe in the geocentric model?

  2. I’m a Protestant brother, but I just received and began reading the Word on Fire Bible, and I just wanted to state how much I’m enjoying it. I e read the gospels many times, but something about the structure this Bible makes it feel new. Thanks for the work that was put into making this text. I look forward to the next volume!

  3. As always an informative and intelligent presentation. Science is great in explaining most of the material, sensory world, but it has little to say about ethics, morality, and abstract concepts like freedom, justice and love. The finite tools of science can’t reveal the infinite and transcendent. I appreciate that Bishop Barron so often reminds us that to rely solely on the scientific method is to limit the full dimensions of what it is to be human. Thank you all for this program. God bless you.

  4. So grateful for the opportunity to hear intelligent people discussing topics that make me think….I never realized how bored I was with everyday media until these
    podcasts came along

  5. Yes, modern capitalism is always going to erode Christian virtues. Virtues cannot be turned into commodities. It cannot be bought and sold. Vices can be bought and sold. That is why over the past 40 years, as US society has become more and more a hyper-capitalistic consumerist society, we have seen a lot of traditional virtues lost.

  6. Bishop, I admire and love your poise/wit/class/Professionalism/ and genius-like ability to deliver speeches and this video has them all.It's Exceptionally deep, informative, filled with science-related topics , which makes this video too deep for the normal/everyday people, including myself.I would rather you talk about JOB, JEREMIAH, More on EZEKIEL etc.
    Hemeneutics? Knowledge that study interpretation with the bible. This is too perplexing and incomprehensible . Imagine if this kind of study existed during Jesus or Solomon's time.

    This is a video where only intellectuals tread, for the point to traverse the plane of rhetoric, thus, we can not transcend with the three of you to where you're leading this deep conversation to.The word " Hermeneutic" is so unfamiliar to me and it's above my grade and just not interested to find out more about this study, which is to study what someone has interpreted. What happened to the simplier way of understanding the interpretation by the common ways of discovering the truth?………..

    Does it align to the biblical contents?
    Does it align to Jesus Gospel?
    Are they biblical? and all the many interrogative ways of finding the truth?

    Why complicate the simplicity of knowing what's from God and what's not?
    God's work is deep, mysterious and unfathomable for any human being to study them.Can anyone interpret what God is doing since the beginning of time?

    I still love you and admire your rare possession of your intellect/mental capacity and showing it in a higher degree as can be seen in this video, But, you're too high and too deep, so you need to come down where " Hermeneutic' will not be part of that conversation.Tell me/us something I can understand and not something I've never heard before.

  7. It's funny when religious people participate in politics.. there is a kind of arrogance behind it. You place yourself above god yet proclaiming you really hold what is godly and holy in your political interests and views. If you really believed in god, you would let god govern and not participate in democracy. Let's not forget the horrors when there was a de facto theocracy with the catholic church in the middle ages..the inquisition which involved burning people alive, torture and imprisoning intellectuals.

    The fact is that when religious people are political they are downright primitive and barbaric. Bishop Barron should stick to being a pseudo-intellectual.

  8. Hallo mr. Barron, mr. Blakely, no, social theories dont change the world. The natural world is not the social system where human activities take place. The natural world provides the stage or backdrop for human activities within a system. Stories and narratives do not shape the world, only human behavior. And it is not the narratives and stories themselves which are influencial but how they are perceived and interprated as ideological autorative doctrines of which upon it a system of reward and punishment is enforced. Modern system theory (see talcott parson and niklas luhman) differentiates "world" and "systems", as well "morality" and "justification". Economic theories is the basis on how to do economy but not the raison d'etre of economy itself, which is that people have needs but resources are limited. Summary: very shallow conversation about why catholicism is great. The big words dont help.