Robert Barron | – Bishop Barron's 2020 Commencement Address for Students

Friends, among the many disheartening effects of the coronavirus, students have had to forego their graduation ceremonies this year. That’s why I was delighted to film this virtual commencement address for the students at Bishop Garcia Diego High School, here in my Santa Barbara region. I encourage you to watch and share this video with all graduates you know, and please join me in praying for them as they move into the next stage of their lives!

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  1. Thank you for this inspiring video, Bishop Barron. Although I cannot graduate this May because my undergraduate thesis was delayed, I am still hopefully that I can graduate and will successfully defend my thesis this December. Soon, after my graduation, I will play this video again.

    I am taking a Bachelor of Philosophy at the University of San Carlos here in the Philippines.

  2. Congratulations, Bishop Garcia Diego High School graduates of 2020! You have just
    received the greatest send off message from Bishop Barron – he gives the best
    and most practical advice always.
    Thank you Bishop Barron for your beautiful sermons! Love all of it!

  3. Our family was blessed to have a magnanimous father and mother, so none of their 6 children felt pressure to be successful in the worldly way – from them at least. It is always apparent what the world values. Too bad this address was not shown at the beginning of high school or even junior high, instead of the end. Thank you Bishop Baron.

  4. Thank you Bishop Barron for the power of the Spirit working through you in this speech to the young graduates. My prayer is that we all grow to have Magnanimous souls!
    Blessing on you an your preaching,
    Brigid Cannon,OP

  5. Your talk is of great wisdom and value to the students. I have a granddaughter who is graduating this spring Chloe. Please say a prayer for her to live according to your wonderful speech. God Bless you Bishop Robert J. Barron for taking time out of your busy life to share God valuable truth with these dear Souls!

  6. This is bar none the best commencement speech I have ever heard–and I have heard many. It has been decades since I graduated from college and several graduate programs but Bishop Barron's messages resonated with me. Thank you, Bishop Barron. Congratulations to the class of 2020.

  7. What a moving Commencement Address. I'm part of this year's LMU's CBI class, I'll pretend that this was addressed to our class too 🙂 Congratulations Bishop Garcia Diego Class of 2020!

  8. What a mess! Fourteen minutes of pious cheese-and-macaroni. How can any sane person speaking at a graduation avoid offering at least one contemporary example of Catholic engagement with today's problems? All we get here is a smiling face, words like "athwart" and examples from 1960s movies. No wonder Catholic education is failing! Please, Bishop Barron, give the students at least one example to show you live in the 21st century.

  9. I'd be fascinated to hear from the (currently) 20 people who "thumbs down" this speech…I mean, take the bishop out of the mix…..take the Catholic faith, or any faith, out of the mix….Make it completely comfortable for the Atheist audience……and you still have a solid message of appropriate life focus and values. What would earn the "thumbs down"???? "He's just too damn positive and upbeat for a commencement speech!"……

  10. I was a high school graduate, 54 years ago!!!!! June 6, 1966….Seems like a hundred years ago, now. I would have given most anything to have had THIS commencement address and the advice and wisdom Bishop Barron has given with such dedication and passion. I have lived a good life and accomplished many honorable deeds, but his words of wisdom would have had a more profound affect on my life and my development of a great soul. It's not too late and I can do better. Only wish I would have an earlier start – 54 years ago. Only God knows as I consider my "eulogy value" in the future. God Bless the Class of 2020, and God Bless Bishop Barron.

  11. This is one of the most heartfelt commencement speeches I have ever heard. Only one other speech comes close and it was from a principal being unfairly forced out of his job, and he quoted St. Mother Teresa's "Do It Anyway". THAT speech is FOREVER emblazoned on my mind. As this one will now join, as well.