Robert Barron | – Bishop Barron's Homily on St. Junípero Serra

Friends, this past weekend I traveled to the Old Mission Santa Inés, to stand with the great missionary saint, Padre Junípero Serra. In my homily, I tell the full story of this evangelist, who spread the Gospel for the sake of Christ in spite of tumultuous physical and spiritual trials.

Amigos, el pasado fin de semana viajé a la Antigua Misión de Santa Inés, para defender al gran santo misionero, el Padre Junípero Serra. En mi homilía, cuento la historia completa de este evangelizador, que difundió el Evangelio por Cristo a pesar de tumultuosas pruebas físicas y espirituales.


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Bishop Robert Barron These are brief and insightful commentaries on faith and culture by Catholic theologian and author Bishop Robert Barron. The videos complement his weekly sermons posted and podcasted at

Comment (39)

  1. St. Junipero Serra belongs to the Church, if there are people who disagree or misunderstand the saint, they have to talk with the Catholic Church first; vandalizing and forcibly removing icons and statues of the Church are definitely criminal acts and may even constitute hate crimes, the Church can defend herself while at the same time engaging with the misguided people in order to bring them to the light.

  2. Thank you Bishop Barron, the more that I hear you speak the more I realize that my learning and knowledge have been undermined since I was born 75yrs ago. Even my religious education was watered down to socialistic knowledge which I found changed the path that many people and those in religious life journeyed. I myself had been floundering on the sideways path until I heard you for the first time. I have been following you ever since and growing in understanding. The writings of
    Hans Urs von Balthasar were never introduced to us when studying theology. What you and he has writen is what has been missing in today's world. Looking for and contemplating the beauty, finding the good and then knowing the Truth is what has been missing since the 1900's. Again, thankyou.
    Oh, and I finally purchased a copy of Balthasar's, "Mysterium Paschale". I was finding that many stores were out of his book. Apparently, he has become very sought after

  3. Wonderful Homily by His Excellencey!❤️❤️ On the feast of St. Junipero Serra let us pray that the truth be realized by the people protesting against this Amazing Saint. Let us pray for them. St. Junipero Serra, pray for us.❤️❤️

  4. Thank you Bishop Barron, for such an interesting talk about St. Serra. And of Mary the Queen of heaven. As I said before, your talks are so interesting, I can sit the whole night and listen to you. May GOD bless you . ➕❤

  5. Serra mistook the gospel for turning natives into readily abused peasants.

    Also, he never walked all the way to Mexico City to ask for leniency on the Indians. He took a ship for one leg of the journey, and probably rode the rest of the way on a mount or wagon.

    Serra can’t be both the great symbol of colonialism and be disentangled from what he did and the genocidal system he established.

  6. If you could go back in time to his day, and interview some of these Amerindians at these missions, you'd discover pretty quickly that they would see those as schools of liberation not oppression*; and why? That's because their own world they lived in prior to the arrival of the missionaries *was oppressive. For crying out loud, the "Mexica" as the Aztecs called themselves, engaged in cannabalism, slavery, and human sacrifice on a vast scale! It was the Crusaders, the Conquistadors that liberated them from that kind of false worship that lead to so much bloodshed and death that they were drowning in an ocean of blood to false gods!

  7. The military and political accompaniment was probably aimed at protecting the missionaries and providing additional muscle in building the missions, as well as providing security- avoiding assassinations and the like, so that said priest could carry out his work for Him Who made them, namely Christ.

  8. I love you Bishop Barron but you just listed his greatest sin! Love of the Gospel and trying to share it with the natives. How DARE he suggest Christ and bring Christianity to the Garden of Eden that was the Americas prior to it's introduction. These people hate the cross, and are led by Satan. That is why his statue must come down. That's why we see Instagram photos with Native Americans standing where the statue was In traditional attire. God has given them a place to enjoy a separation from him and those who love him for all eternity. They want pagan worship, and demonic spirits….not the God who created them and loves them. They want Gay marriage and no limit sexual escapades, not repentance and a spiritual life of discipline. This great saint's statue would be safer in a pose with a musket and his foot on the stomach of an indigenous man vs clenching a Bible or wearing the attire of a religious. It's not racism they care about, it's the Cross.

  9. Come Holy Spirit, grant us Faith, Hope and Love. Ps 33:8, Mt 5:10

    Mary is “blessed” because – totally, in body and soul and for ever – she became the Lord’s dwelling place. If this is true, Mary does not merely invite our admiration and veneration, but she guides us, shows us the way of life, shows us how we can become blessed, how to find the path of happiness.”st Augustine

    Our Father…Hail Mary…Glory Be. Amen

  10. Spanish empire was not evil, it was the largest Catholic nation in the world. Is also good to talk against the Spanish dark legend which is in fact a Catholic dark legend. In other words is not good to say bad things against Spain, Spain was never a colonial system, Spain was a vicery system which is something so different. Spain as a Catholic nation alowed inter racial marrieges. Protestant nation didn't allowed this for centuries.

  11. Father I am at a low point of pain and hate. Please help me through this difficult time. Help me heal and forgive. Let me have contact with my child so that she may know that I am here for her. I am struggling so much. Help me Jesus.

  12. We are now strangers in what we thought was our own land. The tearing down of the statues of our heroes is perhaps a symbol for the wholescale deconversion process which is now occurring in the West at an alarming pace. For example in Spain since 2000, the percentage of marriages that were catholic has fallen from 70% to 20%. A new order now rules and it’s antipathy to Christianity is accelerating as new generations are born who are completely estranged from the church and see it as alien. But such a transformation does not come without a price. In the 4th and 5th century the old Roman world also changed radically, just about dealing with becoming Christian but the Germanic influence proved too much. So too is the west of the 21st century doomed if it goes along it’s present course. By that I mean the world will look to the East for economic and moral leadership as it does América today and unfortunately that is not something that democrats and freedom lovers will find to their benefit.
    It’s also worth noting the symbolism of the removal of the statues of Isabella and Columbus from the Californian state legislator. Both figures embarked on the “American project” with saving if souls as being the top priority. Isabella may have been a tough and warlike queen, but she also made some fascinatingly enlightened decisions regarding the treatment of Indians who she claimed to be her subject equal to her European ones. Note her codícile and last testament which inspired a Spanish and catholic tradition for fighting for Indian rights and included church men like Bartolommeo de las Casas and lead up to Junipero Serrra himself.
    With the Turks taking contantinople in 1453 the fall of Christianity in europe was a real threat and Isabella and Columbus both saw everything they did in that context. 1492 which saw the last Muslim stronghold in Spain fall and a new continent claimed for Christendom began 500 years of western cultural, military and economic dominance. Spain would give way way to England who have way to America and America saved Europe in the 20th century but today the links have been sheared and the foundations have crumbled.
    When the Turkish government rededicated Hagia Sophia as a mosque and the Americans repudiated their Spanish and catholic heritage, you could almost imagine old Sultán Mehmet, isabellas great adversary, chuckle with contentment. Defied for 500 years the enemies are on the March and the west is once again in flight. Just like Israel of old, a falling away translates to political collapse, so too is the writing on the wall for America and it’s European forebears