Robert Barron | – Called by God: Bishop Barron in Washington, DC

Here is a highlight video from my trip to Washington, DC, where I was invited to speak to Senators, Representatives, and Capitol Hill staffers at the Library of Congress and offer the opening prayer for the House of Representatives.

Please pray for all our nation’s elected officials and civil servants called by God to work for justice!

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Bishop Robert Barron These are brief and insightful commentaries on faith and culture by Catholic theologian and author Bishop Robert Barron. The videos complement his weekly sermons posted and podcasted at

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  1. God expose and defeat your enemies and what they are doing inside and outside the churches, Vatican, worldwide satanic deep state totalitarianism, nations and America and restore your people now. Amen.

  2. Bishop Barron, you are a talented and learned orator, and you speak with wisdom and kindness. I may disagree with you in most matters of metaphysics and political philosophy; but you represent the Catholic faith and church incredibly well and have genuinely softened my more anti-theistic positions. I freely admit now there was more depth and rigor to Catholic theology than I had previously thought.

    So long as you have things to say, you can count at least one atheist, "secret Herod" who is more than happy to sit and listen.
    I wish you all the best

  3. Thank you, Monsignor, for elevating the job of legislators and politicians, reminding them of their mission to serve a higher purpose. You made us realize their divine vocation as fighters for Justice and Truth! After listening to you, I have fallen in love with members of Congress and lawyers whose professions, to some extent, I used to despise!
    What a beautiful world this would be if every job was seen as a calling to serve God and others!

  4. I have been mesmerized by you Father now Bishop Barron for years. Your clarity of speaking the truth lit a candle in my heart that keeps burning brighter. I am so proud of your success and how wider the net you cast keeps getting. God is working powerfully through you and with your complete surrender to his will I believe that our humanity has a chance of surviving these attacks of the devil that are so strong and subtle. May God bless you always.

  5. I’m kinda disappointed that you did’t invoke the trinity with the sign of the cross at the opening and closing of the prayer. Also your bishops crucifix is hidden away. Just little acts of courage to show who you are when around those in DC

  6. Thank you Bishop Barron for this talk to lawmakers.
    This talk on vocation could be given to married couples with some adjustments, of course. Marriage is also a vocation. I hope someday Bishop Barron would also give a talk on vocation to married couples.

  7. This anti-Catholic false bishop says that "whatever is, in the measure that it is, is true, beautiful and good." Therefore war must be true, beautiful and good. Abortion must be true, beautiful and good. Hate must also be true, beautiful and good and sin as a whole has got to be true, beautiful and good. For whatever is, meaning whatever exists, in the measure in which it exists, is true, beautiful and good", right? So as long as something exists, it is good no matter what.
    But away from the fact that Christ told us that ONLY GOD is good, you are also denying the fact that many of the things that exist in this world we must hate for they are not of God. This is why war, hatred, abortion, atheism, materialism, riches, adultery, fornication, pornography, pride, lies and EVIL ITSELF cannot be good. SATAN exists and yet, he is NOT GOOD.
    Stop preaching lies and convert to Our Lord Jesus Christ. Only follow the true and only valid living Pope, Pope Benedict XVI, and don't omit the Most Holy Name of Jesus Christ. Remember when He said "For whoever is ashamed of Me and My words in this adulterous and sinful generation, the Son of Man will also be ashamed of him when He comes in His Father’s glory with the holy angels.”

  8. Why are you hiding your Cross in your jacket? You don't make the sign of the Cross. You don't even offer you prayers to Jesus Christ but God. Which God do you pray to if you hide your Cross and your identity as a Catholic. Very worrying clips here.

  9. The front picture of the video is fitting to the T! Looking at the Washington Memorial! Haven't we seen something similar at the Vatican? Hmh! Don't we have a Freemason Lodge called Osiris in Washington DC? Wasn't the united states founded first with 13 Colonies, and Washington DC the fourteenth piece of Cut up Osiris ? What is the fourteenth piece, take guess, it is the piece Isis was looking for to get pregnant, she found thirteen, and my word, what do we have in Washington DC, the fourteens piece, the Monument! But this is just Babylonian lore, or is it? Could we have today under disguise in the Catholic Church, Sun & moon worship? Now You are going to far! Why in the world, would the RCC call the holder of the host (EUCHARIST) LUNA, with all other possible names to choose from, and why is the host in the "Luna" arranged as we can see it from old Babylonian Ceramics, the sun inside the moon, Isis and her son Horus! I guess, just coincident! Why not go even a little further and dress like the Babylonian too, a nice hat with two tails going down the back look fashionable, must have been the style of the day, wouldn't have anything to do with the Babylonian Fish God Dagon, na! There also couldn't be Mother & son worship in the RCC, or could there be? No the RCC is not the "WHORE" of revelation as always claimed by opponents of the RCC, she is just a one of the HARLOTS! You decide! God bless You!

  10. OMG what a powerful and inspiring talk. Am I the only one being reminded of why many of us left the Church because of boring long sermons full of egodrama??? We need to have more priests and bishops like Bishop Baron… must clone this man.

  11. I received what felt like a call to God yesterday, though I realize it could also just be described as a process of my logical faculties.

    I have always believed in God, but have always been non-religious. A few days ago, for the first time, I started to pray, just to take a minute before my main meal of the day, to thank God for all that made the meal possible, and all the nourishment I would get from it. I said such a prayer, in my own words, for 3 days running, truly meaning it. On the 3rd day, yesterday, I got what felt like an answer from God. It basically said, "and what is it that you do?".

    It wasn't words, but it was a feeling of, "all this I do for you, now what do you do to be of service?".

    And that makes me feel conflicted, because I live a very easy and stress-free life, but I do very little in the way of service to anyone but myself.

    I am kind and generous to my loved ones, but that is effortless.

    It felt like I was being led to do more, to take on more. And it feels like whatever it is I have to do, I have to sacrifice some of my immediate personal comfort to do it.