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In today’s episode of the “Word on Fire Show,” we focus on Christ the King. The first words out of Jesus’ mouth—and the central theme of his preaching—concerned the kingdom of God. In light of the recent Solemnity of Christ the King, I explore three dimensions of his unique kingship. A listener asks if God is love, and love is an act of the will, is God reducible to will?

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Bishop Robert Barron These are brief and insightful commentaries on faith and culture by Catholic theologian and author Bishop Robert Barron. The videos complement his weekly sermons posted and podcasted at

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  1. 'Rights & Responsibilities' misconstrues the leftwing-rightwing paradigm as obligations To & From. Instead, consider it as, Protections & Powers of the Leftwing of the Dove & Rightwing of the Hawk, respectively. Responsibilities are inherent in one whom has power. The question for such a person is the right application of authority as understood through the biblical realization of The Saviour as image & word (the word apparent). Protections are indeed for the sheep, and Christ makes guaruntees to them, but more importantly, protection is given to those that the sheep themselves give sanctuary to, as this is the actualized realization of Christ's promise, and the foundation upon which the power & authority of The Word rests.

    Since we're in favour of militaristic expansion- i mean, evangelism.

  2. Do want to thank, Bishop Barron for his informative and interesting responses in this video. I always learn and grow spiritually from these interviews with B. Barron. May God continue to bless the work you do in your teachings about our Catholic faith. I always find your videos extremely helpful and encouraged me to reflect even more deeply on our faith.

  3. Am I the on look y person who thinks it's presumptuous to assume pontius pilot's intention. We always say that God alone knows someone's intentions, but then say stuff like pilot meant this or that and I just scratch my head

  4. Bishop Robert Barron. I always liked your notion that god is love, but in the back of my mind is always this quote by nicholas of cusa

    "O Lord God, helper of those who seek you, I see you in the garden of
    paradise, and I do not know what I see, because I see nothing visible. I
    know this alone that I know that I do not know what I see and that I
    can never know. I do not know how to name you, because I do not know
    what you are. Should anyone tell me that you are named by this or that
    name, by the fact that one gives a name I know that it is not your name.
    For the wall beyond which I see you is the limit of every mode of
    signification by names. Should anyone express any concept by which you
    could be conceived, I know that this concept is not a concept of you,
    for every concept finds its boundary at the wall of paradise. Should
    anyone express any likeness and say that you ought to be conceived
    according to it, I know in the same way that this is not a likeness of
    you. So too, if anyone wishing to furnish the means by which you might
    be understood should set forth an understanding of you, one is still far
    removed from you. For the highest wall separates you from all theses
    and secludes you from everything that can be said or thought, because
    you are absolute from all the things that can fall within any concept."

    What would your response be to this idea?

  5. The Father and the Son are the Parents of the Holy Spirit, if many churches are correct. The Trinity is a Family– two Parents and a Progeny, if many churches are correct.In the Book of Job which is part of the bible,the Lord is compared to a father and also a mother with a womb. "From whose womb comes the ice? Who gives birth to the frost from the heavens"–Job 38:29. What is written in this paragraph (before this sentence) is compatible with Catholic Church doctrine. Saying that the "Father and the Son are the Parents of the Holy Spirit" is simply another way of saying that the Holy Spirit "proceeds from the Father and the Son" which has been official Catholic Church teaching for centuries. According to the Catholic Church, the Son is begotten from the Father. If this is true, the Father is the Father (Parent) of the Son. According to the Church, the Holy Spirit proceeds from the Father and the Son.If this is true, the Father and the Son are the Parents of the Holy Spirit. Of course, the scriptures are vague if the Holy Spirit is the 3rd or 1st or 2nd Person of the Trinity–whichever of these is true,the First Person and the Second Person may be the Parents of the Third.

    Parent definition 1a from Merriam-Webster dictionary: one that begets or brings forth offspring.

  6. How do you assume that the politicians were called?

    Division is about corrupt forms of community?! How about separating the goats from the sheep?

    Non-violent fight of the king! Wonderful!

  7. Yeas, the father is the king of kings. As he is they're father. Jesus is Adam. As he said that in Mathew chapter 23v 8and 9. He said that. He is the first and the last. As his DNA lives in us. We have our physical body from Adam and Eve.
    Our Spirit body is from Jesus, he is the same son of God as Adam and Jesus. He is the father of the human race. Not just one religion or government. He is the father Adam.

  8. Bishop Barron, that’s what I call a true avangelist. I wish more of the church’s hierarchy would do more along those lines to avangelise the true gospel of our Jesus our king, instead of avangelising false gods and false idols.