Robert Barron | – Does It Matter What You Believe? — Bishop Barron’s Sunday Sermon

Friends, a great theme of the Bible is that of God’s chosen people. At the same time, we also see that God’s salvific plan has to do with all of humanity—and indeed with all of creation. God chooses Israel—and the New Israel, the Church—precisely for the sake of the whole world. Remembering this helps us keep the delicate balance between bland spiritual relativism and a dangerous religious tribalism.

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Bishop Robert Barron These are brief and insightful commentaries on faith and culture by Catholic theologian and author Bishop Robert Barron. The videos complement his weekly sermons posted and podcasted at

Comment (41)

  1. I do not understand what this middle way is. What does it teach about the sacraments , grace, Truth, the Eucharist ,the Incarnation and Divinity of Christ. It sounds like you are prepping us for something else.

  2. I LOVE when you explain OT, God the Father is my favorite person in the Trinity (idk why mostly because my relationship with my earthly Father is a mess lol) so it's great to listen to His thoughts and actions with the Israelites.

  3. I thank God for my Faith from my conception, the love He blessed to my parents sanctified by Him in baptism (CHRISTened) by the ONE who sent Him, the HOLY SPIRIT. It is by my Faith therefore that in the beginning, the WORD, IS, WAS, and ever SHALL BE. GOD is TIME and where I am is where my Faith is, I am a CHRISTian existing in a place and time only WORD knows.

  4. Clever. A bit wordy and repetitious. And when you get to the conclusion, there is more to be said that you don't say.

    It matters what your believe. Okay.
    Move away from Tribalism. Okay.

    But what are you really talking about? Is bland relativism an assault on, say, the various Protestant sects? Or embracing an acceptance of others? Is moving away from Tribalism the acceptance of other Christian denominations?

    John 1 In the Beginning was the Word and the Word was with God. And the Word was God.
    Verse 14. And the word was made flesh.
    Hence, when you are holding the Bible, you are holding Jesus. (The Words, not the paper, cardstock, ink, and gold leaf.)

    Case in point.
    The Bible is the Word of God.
    Peter, "The First Pope' was not elected by the Apostles but rather chosen by Jesus.
    In addition, what Peter said is in the Bible. It can be said,
    What Peter said is Scripture.
    Think, now, about all that Peter said (and by extension, what Paul said) is in the Bible hence The Word of God. Scripture. Gospel.

    Perhaps we should focus more on The Bible as the source and validation of our faith. Especially when it comes to Salvation.


    Holding Jesus
    Jesus is calling
    The Gardens of Life



  5. Thank you, Bishop. I work with the orthodox Jewish community and the ultra-orthodox have formed this tribalism. It really shapes how they treat others. The protestant evangelical world is much the same from whence I came. Thanks for this great challenge.

  6. And with your spirit. Thank you Father for this, there is Truth in what you say. I hear the living breathing Word in accordance with our Dominican tradition. Vere tu es Deus Absconditus. Your interpretation and proclamation puts the Word into the new electric universe.

  7. Yes, but Bishop Barron you can walk the picket fence as much as you want but if you do not preach that there needs to be a Salvation of others crossing the fence then you are not helping them at all. All those who follow other Bishops and try to stay with the doctrine hardcore certainly love everyone and are not as you are describing but with love and tenderness and care evangelizing. You cannot just appease the other faiths for they will therefore stand where they are and not be evangelized. Surely do love your sermons and standing behind you as a Knight of Columbus, but sometimes you make it hard

  8. Wonderful message bishop but let's remember we do have immutable truths to share and sometimes those truths put us at odds with others that
    might appear as tribalism .we cannot stop declaring truth because some feel ostracized or on the outside …wr ste not being tribal but belonging to the kingdom…

  9. Bishop Barron this is wonderful. Thanks so much. With greatest respect as a 75 year old Australian bone deep Catholic, I really question that idea of a bland relativism in the 70’s. It was the most exciting time as we came out of our Catholic enclave and relished the oft criticised dialogue that ensued. I believe that we were formed into that nuanced space by our Priests and Religious. Thanks for all your inspired teaching.

  10. Bishop Barron, as always, thank you for your work!

    I first became interested in you when you were doing your movie commentaries years ago. I would like to pitch one too you if you ever think of taking that up again. I recently watched The Haunting of Bly Manor. I'm not a horror film person normally. But this one was less horror and more suspense with a slowly unfolding, complex story. But the key lesson I took from it, without giving too much away, was that it was a great illustration of how sin leads to bondage and death. Perhaps this theme is more common in such films than I know. But the primary ghost that haunts the place was a person who was so set on keeping what was hers, primarily her family but also the property (though it's not quit as simplistic as I've made it sound), that even in death she is hell bent (if you will) on searching for what belongs to her. Over time, her face fades and she even forgets exactly what and who she is looking for, and even forgets who she is. Eventually, the only thing left of her is this desire to take back what is hers. That struck me as a great illustration of James 1:14-15. If we keep giving into sin, it begins to dull our spiritual senses to the point we can't understand the danger of what we're doing. We begin to lose ourselves without realizing it. If we continue down that path, the only thing that will be left is unsatisfied desire and suffering (i.e. Hell). Salvation is about being made fully alive in Christ. When we are made alive by surrending to His Lordship, we become awakened and aware of our true selves. We become aware of truths and realities we never could have detected while in our sin. We can then look back and see the danger we were in before Christ freed us.

    In my walk with Christ now, I don't ever want to go back to complacency and sin. Of course I do sin still and repent when I do. But I never want to go back to a habit of giving in to sin and slip into a state and spiritual anesthesia that leads to death.

  11. first of all congratulations on the word on fire is stunningly beautiful…but……
    belief….i hope you get a chance to read for me its kinda cathartic…the word belief is something i struggle it asks for total honesty…a lot of times we dont actually ask ourselves do we really believe things or do we just say it like a mantra…im not sure where this will go but ill try and make it coherent..lets say someone asked me years ago do i believe in god? the resurrection etc..i would have said yes..i dontthink id even hesitate…but…lets say someone at that time hooked me up to the most accurate polygraph machine ans asked me those questions i just mentioned..i think even then i would have failed..maybe….im almost afraid to say i dont believe but i have to be real honest with myself…it started with transsubstantiation (try saying that word after 4 pints of guinness)..but..thats where it began…i cuddnt believe it anymore that was about 2014..i just cuddnt…i had in depth conversations with a few priests about it and they were as helpful as they could be..but… came down to prayer..communnicating with god…actually believing he could hear me..i just found it sooo way..i know you might say what did you expect…i just have lost my faith…i dont want to call myself an athesit as the ones on youtube i think are obnoxious not all of them but the ones ive seen are…also for them it seems like liberation..for me its amputatation…total loss…i read about theresa of avila and john of the cross the dark night of the soul i even read it..but still…i cant find solace at all…im spiritually jealous of most of you on here you all sem so convinced its true…i really am happy for you all i mean that…but for me..its over…and here comes the kicker..what now?….how bad will my life be if i leave christianity?..i wont suddenly start killing cats or drinking blood at midnight…or use really bad language etc…no…i havent changed much at all…except the feeling of total loss..that will take a ehile to go if ever..but..back to my question….if i remain outside..and i live a half decent life..i mean no different to my catholic friends who if im to judge them would not really qualify for the title either…what will happen to me?..if i live the rest of my life without "belief" what judgementwill be pronounced on me after my life eands?..its a really strange and weird question and also uncomfortable to even ask and i apologize and respect your silence on it…please dont tell me to pray..ive done that for years..i mean it with tears,,but i have to let it go..its killing me…even to say i dont believe out loud fills my eyes up with tears…ive no idea where to go after really was the greatest story ever told so im not going shopping for another religion..his story was the best..but …i dont believe anymore…yet…i hang around here like a dog looking for scraps thrown from the table….take care all of you…

  12. Let me communicate a thought to you that is very relevant to this time: Vote for Life, that is, as a believer in Christ, vote for the candidate placing conservative Justices on the Supreme Court that will overturn the legality of killing 15,000 innocent babies each week in what should be the safest place on the earth; mother’s womb. End the 47-year silent holocaust that has profoundly wounded the people of our society by teaching that sex is just for wicked fun, and killing the product of a man and woman together, His Holy Creation, is actually legal. Vote for the candidate who designated Jerusalem the capital of Israel. Vote for President Trump, the Cyrus of today & Vice President Michael Pence. May the positive actions of your life include this vote…. for eternity. In Jesus’ name.