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Friends, the Eucharist is the source and summit of the Christian life. There is nothing more important. Therefore, I want to encourage everyone—for whomever it’s possible and safe to do so—to go back to Mass.


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About The Author

Bishop Robert Barron These are brief and insightful commentaries on faith and culture by Catholic theologian and author Bishop Robert Barron. The videos complement his weekly sermons posted and podcasted at

Comment (45)

  1. Bizarrely in Ireland, the super sanitised, socially distanced Churches were closed and the off licences were open…I think there is a direct link between the closure of Churches and the leftism of the politics

  2. Bishop Barron, thank you for urging everyone back to Mass and for not mincing words. Please, also urge all priests to cease streaming Mass online, because to be frank as long as they are doing that many lukewarm Catholics will continue to use it as an excuse to not come in person. Let us help our brothers and sisters to not fall into sin. Let us remove the temptation to watch Mass online by stopping it from being available at all. It's not what Christ would want. And in the states where they are being slow to reopen, perhaps this is an opportunity for the faithful to live boldly and pressure their own Bishops and their local government to stop the religious persecution.

  3. I went back to the church in June last year, when our church opened back . I didn’t realize how important was to visit and receive the Holy Eucharist before. Yes , brothers and sisters in Christ go back to church, we need to kneel down and pray more than ever.

  4. I appreciate this, but I wish we had more voices speaking out against the heads of our church for stopping mass to begin with. Mass is worth dying for. Us stopping was saying a virus is more powerful than God. We could have held a separate mass for the elderly, and we could have socially distanced. Stopping mass altogether just shows how flawed our church leadership is currently. Hoping for God to reform our church in a drastic way.

  5. Father, I have a few issues. Firstly, I live in Canada and we currently don’t have churches open. Secondly, I am worried about catching the virus. It’s truly a terror for me to even think about doing anything. I’m a teen, with some health issues. And I’m really finding this difficult. I haven’t left my home in the past 5 months. I don’t feel ready to be in a room with a hundred, potentially covid-carrying individuals. I’d like to wear a mask for the rest of my life, ive broken most of my friendships, because I don’t want to go back. But i also know that I need mass. But I’m terrified. Father, I would appreciate your wisdom and guidance.

  6. I'm sad to say that many people in Canada may not return to Mass because of the hundreds of graves of native children found at residential schools. These schools were run by the Roman Catholic Church.

    I think it is likely that this tragic event, like so many other horrible events involving the church, is the result of a narcissistic/authoritarian church culture. According to the Church, and I'm not referring to just the Roman Catholics, we are not to be overly concerned with worldly matters, especially considering that true happiness only comes from God. Some of the more extreme believers would go so far as to say that those who are impoverished, and have other problems in life, must deserve what they got because it is God's will.

    We are told to be happy knowing that God loves us, regardless of life's circumstances. You must be a nihilist or not have love for God, if you are divisive and complain about inequality and social injustice. The average Christian is a positivist, knowing the happiness of God, and stuck in his own little world of the happiness opiate. The sexual scandals of the church reveal that the echelon ignores its historical problems, until forced to acknowledge them. Throughout history we have seen the church and other institutions attack those who oppose the status quo, such as the red scare, and the unions, and anyone else who dares to have a voice, such as many actors and Martin Luther King.

  7. Yes, Bishop Barron – you are right. I have been attending Mass regularly, even arriving early to get one of the seats available with social distancing. This past Sunday, however, I attended a REAL Traditional Latin Mass. It was a wonderful, moving experience that I have missed so much. Why did we ever let this precious form of devotion get away from us? And now, it appears that the Church may totally eliminate it. It's the wrong direction to go!

  8. Thank you, Bishop Barron, for bring Good out of an extremely difficult time of isolation! I returned to Mass the week after Easter (I couldn't get tickets for the limited seating on Easter.) But I also hunger for your Sunday sermon and the richness it brings. Please, please, don't leave us virtual orphans. Tell us every week that we need to attend Mass if we are able, but keep feeding us, your spiritually hungry children. May God hold you in His embrace!

  9. this video is hilarious considering that the Bishops forced us to draw lotteries, reserve our spots online, break up families of 5 or 6+ to go to Mass in waves, *turn us away*, since social distance seating wouldn't allow them to fill that many seats consecutively because you were too humiliated and weak to stand up to County authorities.

    God bless Pastor McCoy in Thousand Oaks – in the LA diocese – who did what every Catholic bishop failed to do.

  10. We live in one of the strictest county in terms of Covid restrictions but thankfully our pastor has been doing outdoor Mass since last July so we have been back for a year now. Sadly, many of our parishioners have not come back. Frankly, I think that the live stream Masses should be discontinued.

  11. You inspired me Bishop Barron. Please know that my family appreciate your work of evangelization through social media. I send my best wishes for the continuation of your ministry. We also hope to respond to God's call and remain faithful to our Catholic faith. Bless us father and keep well.

  12. People should not need a sales advertisement from any Bishop to attend mass. Religion should set such example that people line up outside of church on Sunday to get a good seat. Yet, we lack this today. Organized religion is letting people down, they are losing hope and faith. It is time to cleanse yourself first, before you cleanse others; I'm sure something like that is in the Bible as well. Regards.

  13. I am a practicing Catholic. I find it appalling that I can go to the grocery stores and fly in an airplane without social distancing yet the mass is ridiculously strict about social distancing. It is time to open the church and allow parishioners to worship together. If need be provide an area for those who feel unsafe.

  14. Dear Bishop Barron, I trust and believe in your preaching. However, Dr. Taylor Marshall opposes some of your teachings upon the Catholic doctrines, which makes me feel sick to my stomach for a man I have been accustomed to seeing play on projectors at school. My best regards, Bishop Barron.

  15. With all of that being said, it was very hypocritical to close churches, limit attendance, and impose restrictions on people. As someone who has gone to church my entire life, it feels like a betrayal. The false idea of the vaccine somehow making it okay now also feels false. Why tell people to go back now? I appreciate your intellect, Bishop Barron, and your appreciation for beauty, but sometimes I wish you were more outspoken and less neutral. The Church really needs strength right now. I pray for you daily.