Robert Barron | – How to Lose Your Soul (And How to Save It) — Bishop Barron’s Sunday Sermon

Friends, if your soul is rightly ordered, it can handle anything. However, if you gain the world but sacrifice your soul for fame or fortune, you’ve lost everything. Getting this right is the fulcrum upon which the spiritual life turns.

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Bishop Robert Barron These are brief and insightful commentaries on faith and culture by Catholic theologian and author Bishop Robert Barron. The videos complement his weekly sermons posted and podcasted at

Comment (44)

  1. B Barron, they teach kids in schools….to fill their buckets….in catholic schools by the way….and fill it up with doing good I think it makes things very confusing for kids.
    Thank you for this …. very important and very much appreciated. God bless you.

  2. I have trouble understanding the difference between taking up your cross / losing your life for Christ's sake and following your vocation. the latter seems to me to imply using your talents and gifts God gave you for the good of the Other. But losing your life in the way its described here feels more like denying even your gifts. I really enjoyed this homily, I'm just sharing where I personally struggle at times to understand the relation between losing your life and following your vocation

  3. I come from not seriously sinful life as of being promiscuous or super outgoing extrovert but I did waste a lot of time playing video games, surfing on internet, lazy, smoking weed, from a neglectful family, always failing at things I touched aka flash in the pan motivation and I suffer. I wish I could live more sinful life and experience more of this l worldly life otherwise why would god even give me this life? To suffer? This life is a sentence, we were sentenced for suffering and death the day we were born. I don't get it. I tried my hardest to believe but I cannot. God abandoned me, all of us! I get no joy, no love, NOTHING from pretending religious optimism and LYING to myself about rewards which are NONE. Death and infinite void is the true "god" and end of things, all idols are going to fade away. I regret the day I was born.

    I denied myself and got nothing but MISERY. Not a great experience.

  4. Awe inspiring homily.
    Our catholic priests have been criticized for short homilies/sermons but it’s not the amount of time spent talking but the quality of the content of these short homilies that count.
    Your eminence, you speak to our very “soul” in your short homilies that have changed a lot of lives—including mine.
    May our holy mother continue to lead you in helping poor sinners like myself back to her Son.—amen.

  5. Hell is a place where sin is taken to its furthest extreme. The greatest of all the sins is pride. Pride is the sin that caused Satan, and half the angels, to be expelled from heaven. The most extreme manifestation of pride is exerting power over another individual, or sadism. Men who commit sexual assault commit this sin. Same with the people who enjoy torture.

    Contrary to medieval paintings, I do not believe it is the demons who inflict pain on the damned. Rather, the damned are torturing each other. It is the only enjoyment they have left. If anything, the demons are sitting down enjoying the show:

  6. Thank you for the sermon, Bishop Barron, but I am a trucker and rarely can get to church. Is there a resource you can point me to so I can listen to the whole mass? I find it such a blessing and a mere sermon doesn't cut it.

  7. There is a Twilight zone episode- the man dies and ends up in a casino type place, he wins every round, he is delighted, Beautiful women want to meet him, one and and then another; he is thrilled. Cash is flowing, he can give it away like a rich man, his commands are always us served, he has the best food, liquor so on; he thinks “ I am in heaven,” and thanks the angel/manager guy. Within a short time he begins to feel down, disgusted,-gambling is no fun with steady wins, money suddenly means nothing, pleasure with women is empty, every desire can be fulfilled yet that makes it so there is nothing to live for. The bad feeling only gets worse-and then he realizes an eternity of freedom to live exclusively in sin is not heaven- he is in hell.

  8. As a longtime protestant fan of Bishop Barron, I have to say – and I don't say this lightly – that this was the best homily/sermon I've heard in a long time. It captures the Gospel perfectly in a way that today's decadent world needs to hear!

  9. Moses and Elijah – the head and the heart – beautiful isn't it – the law and the healing in his wings – blessed be to God Almighty – Holy is His name – it was never about you or me.

  10. Bishop, there's this video game called Pinstripe that I found very intriguing. I watched a No Commentary gameplay of it on YouTube (be aware, there are 2 different endings depending on choices you make in the game.) At first when I heard what it was about, "a minister in hell" I was kind of disgusted, but when I actually watched it and saw it the whole way through, as well as read an analysis of the symbolism in the story, I found its depiction very interesting, of both its story and of hell, which seemed a lot like what you described in regards to that painting. Paired with beautiful music, visuals, and voice acting, I was really wondering what your thoughts on it would be. And your thoughts on the character you play as. (Be aware, it doesn't seem to be bashing ministers at all. In fact, the fact the the protagonist was a minister doesn't really seem relevant to the plot, but I believe it was decided as such to help tie the tone of the experience together.) It's about 2-3 hours if you watch the entire gameplay. Its story and puzzle based, not so much action. Your analysis of that painting just reminded me of it.

  11. The saving of the soul is the most important issue any human will ever face. It is often faced when we come to the end of ourselves and all in which that entails.
    Anyone who lives long enough comes to the end of himself at some point. The question becomes, “I’ve got no resources. Now what?” Judas Iscariot committed suicide. The late Christian apologist, Ravi Zacharias also attempted suicide as a teenager. But a Christian worker visited Ravi in the hospital, gave him a Bible, and showed him the message of life. Ravi Zacharias spent the rest of his life defending the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Judas Iscariot’s end of himself was death. Ravi Zacharias’ end of himself was life. Judas was poor and remains in torment to this day. Ravi was poor in spirit. He understood where he could get infinite resources and to this very day is in the presence of the One who said, “…because I live, you will live also.” (John 14:19b)

    When one comes to the end of oneself, the correct answer to that problem is always to see oneself as poor in spirit. By this I mean that one must see that the only eternal resource is a relationship with God through Jesus Christ. But if one simply sees himself as poor, he may look for resources in going to church or practicing some other religion. He may think another person will fulfill his basic need. He may think food, drink, the arts, or sports will fulfill that need. But Jesus said, “Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.” St. Paul, quoting the Old Testament says, "“THERE IS NONE RIGHTEOUS, NOT EVEN ONE; THERE IS NONE WHO UNDERSTANDS,
    THERE IS NONE WHO SEEKS FOR GOD." We are all in poverty. Again, St. Paul says "The wages of sin is death." Eternal separation from God in hell (because God is a holy, just Judge. Psalm 7:11) But because God is love He sent His Son to die in our place. To take the punishment we deserve. (Romans 5:8; Isaiah 53:4-6). It is for us to trust in Jesus Christ alone…His work at Calvary and be saved from this punishment. (John 5:24). It is a one-time transaction by which we are saved. (Hebrews 10:14). At that point we become kingdom citizens and begin growing in our faith and begin to understand what it is to die to self, take up our cross, and follow Him. (2 Corinthians 3:18)

  12. as a teenager I thought that my next goal was to be 18 years old…. I would understand and be a young adult, mind changing explosion of understanding…. 18 and one day, life as usual… same at 21… but not at 32… my first child was born. I could not wait to have a being of our love in my hands, smile at it, love it, caress it, give it everything I had come to know and "have" (don't have much at all, but that was enough).. my that changed life instantaneously, as did my marriage a year before.

    I remember in the late 80s I had received and offer from our CEO to become a director, at the cost of betraying my supervisor (who did not have many virtues to talk about) and a non spoken hint I received. I denied the offer and was "crucified" and I received hints of this sort for many years.. I learned "fiat voluntas tua". (I think). I lost financial well being, but I was blessed. Years later the hints even saved my life!

  13. love.. to dedicate you being to another/somethin (study, prayer…)? To decline your primacy over yourself to something/someone, without loosing ones self! You remain yourself, what would you have to give otherwise… Love among humans… for me a very tricky thing. The person you love requires yourself, but you have dedicated yourself to, in my case, her. You need to subdue to your sex so that she can receive what is naturally hers. A double subduction… LOL

  14. "The soul is that which puts me into contact with God. Who is God? God is love." The divine is perfect brilliant stillness. I am the breaking wave on the sea and I am also the deep. You cannot find me if you look for me. I am closer than your breath.