Robert Barron | – International Q&A w/ Bishop Barron (July 2020)

Friends, in today’s episode of “The Word on Fire Show,” I field questions from people all over the world. Enjoy!

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About The Author

Bishop Robert Barron These are brief and insightful commentaries on faith and culture by Catholic theologian and author Bishop Robert Barron. The videos complement his weekly sermons posted and podcasted at

Comment (43)

  1. A question from Sweden: After much prayer I want to convert to Catholicism. But I don’t have any understanding from my family or friends. Catholicism is considered to be controversial here. What advice would you offer? Thank you for your wisdom and great videos!

  2. When the country finally realizes, and it will, that tens of millions of unborn babies were killed, will our country remove from public view the names of all pro-choice leaders from statues, schools, bridges, buildings, parks etc.? The Church needs to start massive protests now…why wait! The Church has access to millions of pro-life believers, can you challenge the Church to organize pro-life protests to demand the removal of all pro-choice names from public view? Are not we allowed to be offended and deeply hurt by the killing of over sixty million humans of all races and religions in the United States?

  3. Bishop Barron, I'm from Texas, I'm trying to read the documents of Vatican II (I got the big book edited by Austin Flannery OP) but I'm a little intimidated by it, can you recommend a good study guide or companion book to help me? Thank you and God Bless!

  4. How can all people be told about the Real Presence? It's truly all about the REAL PRESENCE. We're in trouble. It's clear that people – ALL people – need to be educated about the Catholic church and the Real Presence in the Eucharist.

    I've just finished reading the article, SAN FRANCISCO THREATENS ARCHDIOCESE WITH RESTRAINING ORDER FOR OFFERING INDOOR MASSES where author Martin Burger writes, "the city and county of San Francisco threatened the local archdiocese, headed by Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone, with a temporary restraining order over its alleged noncompliance with coronavirus-related orders" and demanded to confirm by the end of June “that the Archdiocese will cease offering indoor religious services, except for funerals with up to 12 attendees and except for live streaming”, And then there were other demands, such as “all Masses held inside of church should be kept short, not to exceed 30-40 minutes in duration.”
    It is clear that government officials do not understand our Catholic belief: The Catholic mass is different from their concept of a religious service; we have the REAL PRESENCE – Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Christ in the Eucharist. This is why education about the Real Presence is so necessary – and NOT for Catholics only. ALL religions need to know about the Real Presence in the Catholic church so that we are not considered just another Christian church where communion is simply a representation. We are totally unique and everyone – especially in the government – needs to know this so that we are not judged as other Christian churches are judged. We must educate the masses if they aren't acting with this knowledge – and perhaps, to be honest, we must take some of the blame for our problems if we have not really made the effort to educate others about this Gift!
    Maybe it's time for Catholics to start a revolution! A revolution demanding: "Don't try to take the Real Presence from us!" and starting all kinds of marches in the streets! (Now THERE's a revolution I would join!) But in all sincerity, I hope all priests and Catholics will put this as the number one thing we must tell the public.
    Thank you!

  5. Bishop Barron My name is Shawn a 14year old from India . I have a question for you, I have a void or displeasure in my heart as I do my work. Can you please recommend some ideas to avoid this void. Please

  6. Hi Bishop Barron,

    As an atheist, it is difficult for me to see the difference between believing in one religion or another. To me it seems that all religions make the same claims that their religion is the true religion. However, I find that the people claiming this all point to their Holy Book to do so. What is a good way for someone to figure out which religion is true given this fact and the fact that all religions can point to some truths in their Holy Book that could be proven to be historically accurate or shown to be relevant today?

    Thank you.

    P.S. Thank you for being open to discussing these matters in such a non-judgemental way. I find it difficult to speak about these issues as I worry about offending people when I really do not wish to.

  7. Every other week is not a good idea, people, and I include myself, look forward to the weekly discussions. Even as it takes lots of work I know the effort is worthy of the value it brings to the community.

    5:049:18 Peter, South Africa: If love is to will the good of the other, is it universal or exclusive?
    9:2012:25 Thomas, Netherlands: Is Jesus referring to the Eucharist in John 6?
    12:2619:45 Richard, England: The Catholic Church, Predestination and Free Will
    19:4622:35 Lynda, Canada: Why does God need us to worship and glorify Him?
    23:3627:00 Emanuel, India: Can dogma be changed or overthrown?
    27:0131:21 Fiona, Ireland: Was Jesus a socialist?
    31:2235:08 Joanna, Taiwan: What training or qualifications do I need to evangelize?
    Great episode btw. Thank you, Bishop. God bless!

  9. "Be as shrewd as snakes and as innocent as doves"(Mt 10:16) – love Bishop Baron's response to the question regarding qualities of a good evangelist. We need men and women with pure hearts and sharp minds to share the Word of God! And he is a shining example of someone who has put in the hard work to have clear and incisive responses to difficult philosophical and theological questions. We may not all achieve his level of intellect, but we should all strive for little improvements, every day, so as to provide a reason for the joy within us. Great episode Bishop Barron!

  10. Fr Barron, time-stamp 18:47 and following… would you kindly teach us more about the Catholic Church’s teaching on pre-destination. I think this difficult question needs elaboration. Perhaps we need to contrast St Aquinas with other theological voices. Thank you!!

  11. Listening to the opening words, Bishop: good angels are obedient to God (no free Will, right)? They don’t ask God, why? Secondly, God has no “favorites”… He Loves both you and any other the same, I suppose He being Love itself, is absolute, cannot be added to or taken from. Okay, I will listen now fully to the session. And thank you so much.

  12. Shalom Bishop, Brenden, all at Word on Fire and to my fellow viewers (sisters and brothers in Christ). Praise be Jesus for all graces given, each to their own needs, and foremost, give us the wisdom to recognize those (graces) offered and may we humbly accept them, this is my prayer. Until next time, God bless.

  13. Dear Bishop,

    You have my undying thanks for the answering of my question (5:049:18).

    May I say, I can think of no other theologian whose diligent labouring of love is so oft (and so beautifully) utilized in my meagre attempt at evangelizing the culture – and I am a confessional Lutheran seminarian. I can barely imagine just how exhausting it must be to serve our Lord so unceasingly, and so well. Do take heart, I pray, in the knowledge that your exertion touches the hearts of hurting people with the very love of Christ – and such is a most magnificent affair. I pray for you all, may you not grow tired of doing the good.

    God bless you and keep you, always.


    Peter J. Hanekom

  14. Thank you once again Bishop Barron for making yourself available to so eloquently respond to our many questions. First, I preordered the Bible’s Evangelist package. I loved all of them, kept one and I am gifting the others. If I may, you responded to the question regarding Socialism by saying the Church is against it. Being born in Cuba you can imagine my position on Socialism and Communism. However, is the church also against social democracies? Furthermore then, how was Dorothy Day made a saint? Thank you.

  15. Really? John 6 has nothing to do with the Eucharist just before it came way before the Last Supper? Lol! Really funny reasoning. But Jesus always talked about his death and resurrection even from the beginning, way before these things happened. Does that equally mean those events never occurred, just because Jesus talked about them early on? Isn't it any longer possible to talk about something that is yet to be done in the future?