Robert Barron | – It’s Time for a Radical Choice — Bishop Barron’s Sunday Sermon

Friends, in our first reading today, Solomon finds that all the power and wealth of the world are nothing compared to the gift of wisdom—seeing life from the perspective of God. Although this gift seems to help one further amass wealth, in today’s Gospel, Christ teaches us that to use the gifts of the world properly, we must give them away so we can follow him.

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Bishop Robert Barron These are brief and insightful commentaries on faith and culture by Catholic theologian and author Bishop Robert Barron. The videos complement his weekly sermons posted and podcasted at

Comment (41)

  1. Thank you for such wisdom. The rich young man always confuses and deeply troubles me. So much like St Paul’s letter of the God’s spirit being like a two edge sword separating bone from ligament – us living with such invasive and persuasive marketing everywhere. Wow we need so much help.

  2. I know the radical choice has to be at every moment. I love the words of Jesus—and he loved him—
    And I believe that the rich young man remembers the profound words and comes back to the Good Teacher and makes the choice to “Come Follow Me”.
    Isn’t that the essence of the Sacrament of Penance

  3. What precisely does following Jesus mean, when trying to live kn in this world? I'm not interested in poverty nor do i need millions, but it sounds like even aiming to be in the middle is wrong.

  4. I would have like Bishop Barron to comment on the rest of the reading from today's gospel Mark 10: 26 -27 The disciples asked Jesus " who can be saved?. Jesus gazed at them." For men" he said it is impossible but not for God: because everything is possible for God "

    That gives me hope that despite my many failings I can place my trust in God my Redeemer.

  5. Bishop it seems Americans are so tied to stuff. We make excuses to make our materialistic ways in line with the Gospel. We live in the world too much. Jesus gave strong directives challenging this. Why are we not told straight up that our way of life in many ways contradicts the Gospel at its core? Thank you for beginning a challenge

  6. Have you ever noticed that the word “possession” is used to describe the goods of the world and the hold the devil has on someone. Could it be that Jesus is asking us to give up “possessions” with both meanings in today’s Gospel.
    All for Jesus!!

  7. Reading these passages today, it suddenly dawned on me: wisdom is not only to gain knowledge, but to cast away useless things. Many of us lack wisdom, the younger we are the worse it often is. To try to live in “the moment” of the culture is seemingly to reject Gods wisdom and instead to allow ourselves to remain chained in our foolishness. The irony is that we are told we are free if we reject God and traditionalism, when at this very moment the world is full of people all chained by one poisonous thing: social media. One moment they are told “here is your salvation, believe in this, buy that, click this” and the next they are told “the world is ending, your neighbors are evil, your ancestors were evil, you are evil”. It’s it any wonder mental health is at an all time low? Instead of giving our troubles to God the current world demands we place them on our backs.

  8. From India… I wait for Bishop's message early Monday.. Thank you Bishop for your words of wisdom from the heart.
    All three readings require seperate sermon actually. Spiritual Physics!!! Yes.. I need it
    I expected few words on the second reading, letter to the Hebrews… Word of God – Double edged sword.

  9. Wisdom here is Jesus actually for Solomon but a type a precursor.
    A timely movie would be a man for all seasons with Paul Schoenfeld. Sp he gave up being the Chancellor of England to follow God's command about marriage and truth to end up beheaded for not giving in inspire of imprisonment and then death. And we are today faced with yes or no ?'s wether God or compromise

  10. My radical choice was to cling to the Faith of our fathers, handed down through 1,900 years of Tradition by the Magesterium of the Holy Catholic Church and reject the heretical novus ordo where “pope” Bergoglio spews such apostasy as “The commandments aren’t absolutes.”

  11. The Mark 10:17 story of the rich young man to my mind is an example of why our Lord has given us the gift of purgatory.
    The man kept all the commandments—but Jesus explains why that isn't enough . "How hard it is for those who have wealth to enter the kingdom of God". OK…so now what, is the man destined for hell? No, that wouldn't make sense. Jesus had looked into the man's heart as you say, Bishop,…..AND JESUS LOVED HIM.
    In the Matthew 19 account Jesus adds: If you wish to be PERFECT, go sell….and follow me. I interpret this to mean that
    heaven is ready to accept those who have completely surrendered their lives to God. The others, must learn this, if not in this
    life, then through the purification of purgatory.
    I imagine purgatory as levels whereby someone like this rich man "learns" at level 1 or 2. Someone who led a wretched life
    at level 8 or 9…and yes, if we believe that God's mercy couldn't allow even a Hitler or Pol Pot to endure the fires of hell for
    AN ETERNITY—think about it, an eternity…perhaps after a 1000 years in purgatory, they too, might be ready for heaven.

  12. For the first time i evangelized this Sunday. I went into a shop and me and this lady started to talk about the bible. And she said >>>>i use to be Catholic but i go to a non-denominational church. I could hear it in her voice that their was a void and unsureness of joining this worship group…i told her you are still Catholic. Now im on a hunt for a Bible. Oh Lord of Host, send me where you need me. For your Glory and Honor. Please pray for this Lady.

  13. Jesus knows its a pivotal moment for all of us and understands it perfectly.
    Perhaps we can pray that these choices come to us naturally, without having to wrestle with it. (we will surely lose if we do so) let's ask for empowerment from the Holy Spirit and Jesus Christ who has suffered all things, so as we may be free.