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I recently watched several YouTube conversations between Sam Harris, a well-known atheist, and Jordan Peterson, one of the most prominent and beguiling intellectuals today. I’ve talked before about Dr. Peterson’s reliance on Carl Jung, and his archetypal reading of the Bible, but today I want to explore Dr. Peterson’s similarities to Immanuel Kant, especially when it comes to the question of God.

A listener asks why a Hindu should become Christian if Hinduism seems to have a more peaceful history.

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  1. 15:05 "Pure reason on its own can't attain to this meatphysical realm, because all it can really talk about is (Kant says) is the world of Phenomena. What appears. Phenomena as they are ordered and received by apriori notions of the mind.


    Yea… this reminds me of something…
    Sorry, couldn't resist an opportunity for a Muppet Show reference – and the fact that the there is a commonly held belief that the great Professor Jordan Peterson sounds like Kermit the frog, too.

    Okay, carry on, Bishop Barron. 😀

  2. A sword disables a fairy. The racket multiplies? Why can't any succeeding witch march? The fame acquires the lie before the empirical wrong. A philosophy tosses the deaf. Our dubious zone unloads the urgent crossroad.

  3. Aristotle – the GOLDEN MEAN.
    Moral behaviour is the MEAN between two extremes – at one end is excess, at the other deficiency. Find a moderate position between those two extremes, and you will be acting morally.

  4. Huge thanks Bishop Barron for this awesome video!
    From Jordan Peterson's teachings I am learning a lot as to how person of an 'integrated personality' sees human behaviours and expresses different facets of it.
    All Christians must do well to give due important to Sciences, very specifically to behavioural sciences. My prayers of course that Sir Peterson may have an encounter with Jesus as well.

  5. Before that Bishop Barron and Jordan Peterson conversation happens I would say that Peterson needs a crash course in Aristotelian metaphysics. Without that Peterson's naturalism is going to keep bumping heads with the idea that such a thing as the Ressurection is even possible. Aristotle and St. Thomas' philosophy of nature lays the ground for something like that in a way that naturalism does and cannot.

  6. Unbelievable. No truth points, just myth points. Demonstrate something, cause this is just getting boring.

    Christianity doesnt have the answer. Thx Peterson, for enforcing more delusional beliefs. Even though you dont believe in Jesus as a saviour, they still are getting tricked by your christianity BS talk. Its hilarious.

  7. Many people (including myself) in America were raised with some kind of fundamentalist Christianity. Fire and brimstone, rapture, billions dead, you better make yourself right with God or else you're gonna burn, etc. Its taken me years to find my way out of that from the standpoint of religious education and spiritual contemplation. Now that I'm able to look back on it now from a more objective viewpoint, I tend to think that that kind of Christianity has undermined the religion as a whole and might have even provided some impetus for the efforts of the New Atheist crowd.

    I sometimes wonder, is that the weakness of Protestantism itself, or is it just because its something that's rooted in the stripped down (perhaps necessarily) Christianity that the colonists had during the Puritan days, back when American civilization was almost in a kind of mini-Dark Age? You almost see a reflection of that when you go into the really rural areas of America where the old "snake charming" fear-based Christianity is taught.

  8. Jordan Peterson is a guy that has incestuous thoughts about his cousin and then dreams about cannibalizing her.

    He AMDITS this in his book. Jordan is NOT mentally well. He’s a cult of personality. Why do so many “Christians” treat him as if he’s the next best thing to Jesus?

  9. I've been Blessed with the knowing, God is. It wasn't the Bible who needed tell me so! Last March 8th, 2018, (Anniverary of her passing) as I Prayed my Mom was sleeping in God's hand? I felt the feeling, ( familiar to me),…pressure, and took photos of the sky swirling into two letters, M A! As clear as if written on a chalkboard by Sister Angelas at Racine Wisconsin's St. Joes School.
    I find Mr. Peterson's faith in Jesus to be affirmed, if not his affiliations with a certain church. I'd love for him or anyone to tell me what to do with the Proof of not only I AM's Existence but Proof He hears our Prayers, and that He Answers. The Trinity Blessed my Prayers for Double
    Reignbows over half a dozen times. Has saved me as often when, evil non believing folks have tried harming my son and I, dropping His sky from blue into black, ever since I was 5 to now at 61. If I can't Prove it? I don't mention it… Why hasn't New York been bombarded by a Billion Christians descending to stop the Partial Birth Murders, by our current Pope, every Cardinal, and Priest gathered Christian Worldwide? Why are the same being Silent about the Dangers of 5G? Older people need to let the young, (I'm 61, an Anti Vatican II Cradle Catholic, so know what my Church was, as the young DON'T!), to dream… I see the future degradation of A1, s being accepted as if they AREN'T SOULLESS machines. Do these, [¿~*sorosians☆*# ] think the Innocent Souls of their Murdered/Aborted can be transferred? As if God Almighty wouldn't know who was born in His Image? (It's the base of my next crazy sounding book) I've sounded crazy ringing my bells and hammer of warning
    before, until it's proven I'm right. God knows how I've tried! You must admit that A1 Sophia the robot being Baptised, would be the Grandfather of all their…
    Machiavellian MACHINations. PRAY with me that I'm wrong this time. That it's all due to of my Hometown, or my Mom's, Herzogenhauerach Deutschland's Jews…

  10. If i'm wrong, you are free to correct me. I get the impression that Mr. Peterson hasn't understood God's plan for us humans yet, which is to make us part of His family, to make us His sons and daughters, to live forever with Him, to enjoy His goodness continuously, to worship Him forever, to make us kings and priests to Him, to rule creation and manage His grace and mysteries, and of course, to love Him and everybody. Maybe he doesn't know the nature and the purpose of Christ's Church (His Body) which is formed by all believers. Kind of trying to see how the moral teachings of the Bible fit in the supposed evolutionist point of view of humanity. This is the mindset that i think Mr. Peterson has.

  11. My goodness. Please dont be a Catholic. All the prayers and saints and wishing and that the anxiety will go away. All the praying over and over again. The thought that God is bean counter. The thought that the Sabbath is yours. You come from the pagans. The Pope is a man and you are as well. Dont ever bow to any man or let him tell you about life when he never died. God is in your heart, not ritual and certainly what a man says scripture means.

  12. I have a question for his Excellency. I just heard that a family applying for a spot for their child in a parochial school in Kansas City have had their application denied. The reason for the denial is that the parents are a same sex couple. The Pastor deferred to the bishop of Kansas City seeking his guidance on how to handle the application and the petition which is now circulating in the school community requesting that the school administration, the Pastor and the Bishop reverse their decision. I wonder if bishop Barron would speak to this issue.

  13. Have you ever considered that reason why he is so popular is because Jordan Peterson has showed courage and stood up to currently ruling neo Marxist orthodoxy that started to coerce speech . While our Bishops are ( pains me to tell ) a cowardly lot scared to tell even their flock that evil is evil, e.g. scared to openly challenge pro abortion politician who claims to be catholic. Or scared to censure pro gay clerics or pro abortion nuns.

  14. I like Bishop Barron a lot. I think that Catholicism, particularly today has found a very able spokesman for what I like to call enlightened orthodoxy. I find his approach akin to that of many writers and teachers esp. in Tibetan Buddhism who are the proponents of what is being termed Modern Buddhism. This discussion about bracketing metaphysics is the perfect place to watch another form of bracketing which I find Bishop Barron and some Buddhist teachers share with fundamentalists of every stripe. I was fine with this interview right up to the moment when Barron, in his own words appeared rather “flip” in answering a question by declaring that Christianity is true. Christianity is true as opposed to Hinduism which is false? Not false as in an evil perversion of the Truth but false as in, “those poor buggers over there they just haven’t had the good fortune to have embraced Jesus, the Christ as the supreme example of a being truly pleasing to God.”
    Statements like God is real; Jesus is real; the resurrection from the dead is real stagger me with a level of incongruity that is in stark contrast with his previously enlightened stance. Peterson points out along with Voltaire that uncertainty, the dance between the chaos of Pure Reason and the order of Thomistic practical reason is an uncomfortable position. Out of that discomfort emerged the great narratives of our society including the Bible. Voltaire and Peterson go on to point out however that a position of certainty esp. of the type Bishop Barron is offering is an absurd one.

  15. The archetypal approach to see Jesus only looks into a mere simplistic humanised reasoning of one of Jesus being.
    Its too short these lens , its like not wanting to see the wow side of our Lord.
    Like He is The Word made flesh, The body incarnated. The resurrected. This is Whom our Lord is 
    The simplistically analysis with this littleness reasoning like archetypes is just not possible. its like from a very simple mind.
    Our Lord Jesus christ can not be simplified, in a mere psychological point of view.
    It is very clear the Jordan Peterson is deliberately limiting himself and this suffering is visible.

  16. In his book "12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos", Peterson writes about his dream inside a Cathedral (Overture, p xxxii-xxxiii). Connect this to what he told you about his interest in reading books about the Cathedrals during the recent podcast with him, is he searching for the most profound meaning of that dream? Could his interest be considered a trajectory to his appreciation of the Beauty, Goodness, and Truth in the Catholic faith?

  17. I love Bishop Barron and adore the Catholic Church. I, like Peterson, however, view scripture as a heuristic, as a collective masterpiece of western thought. I read it metaphorically and tropologically – and with great pleasure.

    Why do I reject the metaphysical claims of scripture? Because in my epistemology I give primacy to existence as directly perceived and known over against the operations of imagination. I won’t reify texts whose content militates against reality (e.g. wishing water into wine, restoring sight to the blind via spit and dirt, minds having primacy over existence, speaking things into existence from nothing and assigning them their nature). Nothing in reality that I have ever observed supports such notions. And since rationality is grounded in that which is metaphysically real, I reject such stories as mythical. Just saying we should believe them “because they are true” isn’t an argument.

  18. I think we all have to deal with the question, 'and who do you say I am?' – the answer to this is a life challenging & changing, sometimes terrifying and sometimes comforting thing. It's not only answering who Jesus is but also a very ground shaking notion of our own identity in light of the realisation.

    Peter said when asked about the hard teaching on the Eucharist, 'Lord, to whom shall we go?' In other words, there is no other. This in and of itself goes hand in hand with Jesus saying He is the way, the 'truth' & the life. It's easier to live on the surface of ourselves and perhaps many of us ask 'what is truth', like Pilate. Answering that question, and accepting that there is a truly 'Holy God' who loves us makes us have to answer truths about ourselves in relation to how we choose to live, examine our relationships etc with this knowledge. That can be a frightening thing sometimes in a world that relativism is a very wide path that many are on.