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In this video I discuss a recent New York Times article by David Brooks titled “The Morality of Selfism” ([support us]). It’s a tongue-in-cheek affirmation of a culture that puts tremendous emphasis on self, self-care, and self-display. Brandon Vogt and I explore some of the dangerous outcomes of such a culture.

A listener asks whether it’s helpful or troubling that the Catholic tradition includes so many definitions of God.

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Bishop Robert Barron These are brief and insightful commentaries on faith and culture by Catholic theologian and author Bishop Robert Barron. The videos complement his weekly sermons posted and podcasted at

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  1. Be careful about whom you use as a hero a saint, Mendela is not a good candidate his life much more complex he was a terrorist (for a good cause ) but a terrorist not a saint cause does not justify means – putting bombs that killed children( of enemies but still children) his wife was a murdering monster(of her house servants) he did not confront her . It was solitary confinement that make him understand that violence was not answer.

  2. On many of Bishop's videos the cross you're wearing on your neck is hidden. Seems like you're wearing it similiar to deacons wearing the stole. Why is it so? Thank you Bishop for your answer and blessings from Poland 🙂

  3. Not a fan. Barron is perfect for Vatican Two! Cool, slick, “no Hell, everyone is forgiven…Hip for rock and roll. Quote Bob Dylan…” Get over yourself, Bishop Barron. Your role is to be a Clearly Understood Shepherd. “Value regarding…mature spiritual spaces…” Goodness, who CAN judge? Barron soft peddles Catholicism. For Barron, we ALL are going to Heaven because (for Barron) there Is No Hell. Answer for that, “Bishop”.

  4. Thank you, Bishop Barron for this and all your youtube comments and shows. For me they are always insightful and inspire me to read and discover more! I am currently in a study of St Thomas Aquinas and find I need a break from that so that I may refresh my mind! Thank you again and for Word On Fire!

  5. Hi Bishop; With Cardinal McCarrick being officially defrocked does this mean these stories in the US are true.
    What is the difference between being Defrocked and Excommunicated.
    I understand Cardinal McCarrick is the first Cardinal to be defrocked in over 99 years.

  6. Thanks for the discussion. Just to say, Bishop Barron didn't engage with the question at the end of the show. Bishop Barron affirms what the questioner has already affirmed. But the questioner talked about the different images of God (ie, what Bishop Barron talks about in his answer as the shift in evangelical approach) from the perspective of the non believer, or someone exploring – that it might actively put people off Christianity. It's an interesting question and deserves an answer. Christians can hold this mystery and ambiguity and not be put off from their faith, not lose the depth of truth, but from outside of faith, it can be easy to dismiss Christianity as "moving the goal posts" and not a serious faith based in truth. Great question!
    Thanks, and keep up the good work!!

  7. I disagree with one thing. Telling your story does not have to be self aggrandizement. I can very easily tell my story and I can share with you that others have made a difference in my life and has formed and shaped me to be the person I am today I don’t ever do this alone. And you’re right my life is not about me it isn’t. I am who I am because of those that have made me a better person. That’s exactly what people do and Catholic Cursillo weekends. I have heard some of the most powerful stories coming from people’s experiences and how those experiences changed them forever. Son of Sam who became a Christian is probably one of the most powerful testimonies to the love of Jesus Christ that I have ever heard of. I think powerful Christian testimony and witness is extremely important!

  8. He can be too intellectual. You need both the head and the heart, orthodoxy and orthopraxy. He belittles the feelings which are part of who we are. Following Christ isn’t just about learning Church teachings.

  9. A poem quoted by Alistair Beggs repeatedly is used by God to shine a light on my own life: "We are writing a gospel, a page every day by the things that we do and the words that we say. And folks read that gospel, the false and the true. What is the gospel according to you?"

  10. This talk explained the millennial way of thinking & I have two…..So there's my cross which I gladly pick up and challenge their thinking through questions…also I continue praying and I have seen RESULTS in them! We don't have to go to Latin America or Africa for a mission , start at home, local area, from home you can get involved.

  11. Mother Theresa being self less? You are wrong. She had an hidden agenda of converting Indian population into Jesus in the name of care. She had the support of Pope. She is not all that innocent.

  12. In my experience, disregarding my own feelings led to a pretty dysfunctional life and extreme emotional immaturity. I don't know that I would practice what it is that you advocate here. If your feelings are never acknowledged, you will never learn to cope with them properly! And judgement sans compassion has hardly ever moved a person forward. Brene Brown has tons of talks on shame – but the crux is that it will just never work to make a person better than they were.