Robert Barron | – The Key to Human Flourishing — Bishop Barron’s Sunday Sermon

Friends, in biblical imagery, the vineyard symbolizes the people of God. The Lord nourishes us as our caretaker, but he desires (even demands) that we bear good fruit. The Mass, the Eucharist, the teaching office of the Church, priests and bishops—through these means and through the Church, God cultivates his vineyard.

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Bishop Robert Barron These are brief and insightful commentaries on faith and culture by Catholic theologian and author Bishop Robert Barron. The videos complement his weekly sermons posted and podcasted at

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  1. I say this with reluctance, and I am not meaning to judge anyone however, Catholics who do not believe in the real presence. perhaps should not be receiving the Eucharist. And it just breaks my heart that they don’t believe. If one does not believe in the real presence in the Eucharist why are you even a Castle why are they even look outside
    If one does not believe in the Real Presence in the Holy Eucharist why are you even Catholic?

  2. Very enriching homily & as l have said, Bishop Barron, you make Scripture taste like honey in the mouth. Keep up the excellent delivery & we thank God for your brilliant presentation which manifests the richness & depth of our Catholic faith. You are a gift to the Church from God & we pray for you & the entire team at Word of Fire. May God bless you all & bring forth fruit a hundred fold.

  3. Each day I read Bishop Barron's reflections on the Gospel reading which I receive in my email, and have been for some time. The Old Testament readings are included in the link for the Gospel reading, and I often wished he would comment on those readings as well. So, thank you for this!

  4. If I may offer my humble opinion: the Catholic church's current approach to culture is misguided, because it is seeking to do missionary work with mainstream culture: global warming, LGBT rights, etc. This is not our actual culture. The silent majority has other concerns. Id go as far to say that our culture is now defined by opposition to these mainstream talking points. It yearns for conservatism, family values, tradition. It is fertile ground for Catholicism, but the Church is busy addressing these other issues which have the opposite effect of turning actual potential converts away. We live in times of moral crisis. Taking care of your vineyard now means taking a clear stance on what your values are, without fear of bad press. The Actual Culture doesnt trust the press.

  5. Thank you, Bishop Barron, You really have the way of words. I love your, "CHURCH AS THE NEW ISRAEL". May we progress mending the broken structures (our hearts and souls) toward the ALL SOLID NEW HEART AND SPIRIT offered by God the Father with our lessons from JESUS' WAYS OF LIFE, TEACHINGS …HIS DEATH AND RESURRECTION …. SO THAT WE MAY BELONG TO GOD'S KINGDOM.

  6. Wonderful homily Bp Barron! My only comment would be….why did the bishops of the U.S. lock up our churches when we needed Jesus the most? Following the political leaders instead of Jesus Christ…….why?

  7. Dearest Bishop Barron,
    Good Evening!
    Thank you for the sermon. I have been reading your book as well. I watched the video of St. Frances of Assisi: The reformer. He was an Italian Catholic, mysterious, friar, deacon, philosopher, and preacher. Very humble Saint. He was a progressive follower of Jesus Christ. He was also known as a begar to raise money for the poor and rebuild the church. The animals and birds were very close to him. St. Francis of Assisi, Pay for us!
    Bishop Barron, Always pray for you and take care!
    Respectfully your
    The Dreger' Family
    Wilbur Sacred Heart Parishioners.

  8. Thank you, Bishop Barron, for another priceless Homily, for reminding me not to take Grace of God for granted.
    This pandemic has made me into a coward, not wanting to go to public mass yet, to proclaim God's Good News and Grace.
    I've been praying the Rosary for you and staffs there and for myself. Please also pray for me and family here. Thank you.

  9. Listen to your Bishop rad-trads 7:37 "… The Catechism says In hope the Church prays for the salvation of all…so we hope for it and that hope is based on the grace and mercy of God. But hope is not the same as expectation. Hope is not the same as blithe confidence. Not at all! Thomas Aquinas says we only hope for things that are difficult. Sure I hope that all might be saved. Will all be saved? I don't know. I'm in no position to say that. "

  10. Ah, I'm glad to hear that you brought up the "all men shall be saved" issue that our fellow Catholics bring up. It's not that all men will be saved (because at this rate…probably not going to happen), but rather that we should hope for it because we want everyone to enjoy the infinite love of God.

  11. And HIS Hand is outstretched still … for your information Padre, the Church told me I was no good and going to Hell because I was raped as a little kid and grew knowing nothing but same-sex attraction AND then the same people who rejected me, denying me fellowship and the Love of the FATHER got caught with their hand in the cookie jar … and HIS Hand is outstretched still? (if I don't perfect the spirit of forgiveness- perhaps I'll get a good swat from that Hand my own self?)

  12. Bishop Barron, I'm a U.S. Infantry Marine. I always have struggled with the question if killing in the military violates the Commandment "Thou Shalt Not Murder." There have been conscientious objectors throughout history. I recall the movie Hacksaw Ridge about Army medic Desmond T. Doss, which is a great movie. How do I know if I'm violating God's Commandments while doing my duty as a U.S. Marine? And as we know, innocent civilian deaths are a sad reality of war. What if during the heat of battle innocent civilians are killed by my decisions (bombing wrong target, collateral damage, etc.)? The U.S. military goes to great lengths to minimize civilian casualties, but unfortunately they happen. I don't know if you've ever considered this topic or counseled military members/veterans. I hope I am clear in my questions. Thank you so much for all the work you've done! I appreciate the knowledge and answers to many of my questions. I wish you and your family well and God bless!

  13. I love you, Your Excellency. I’ve taken all of your videos and homilies as truth since I had the pleasure of seeing you speak in person at a Catholic Men’s conference at Northern Illinois University years ago. All that being said, I’m at an odd crossroads (as a medical professional) hearing you speak now about Catholics not participating in the Mass. We know that it’s the source and summit, and many of us want to come back. Forgive me, Your Excellency, if I suggest you address the pandemic head on. May God bless you, Your Excellency, please keep speaking and take this comment for what it is, a concerned Catholic who would love to get back to Mass.

  14. My husband continues to readying me from your beautiful Bible . We are into Luke . My husband and I are receiving Grace .
    My husband is gaining strength and confidence in the word of God .. we love and appreciate that you explain the scriptures as we go along . My husband is getting better at pronouncing the words . He is becoming a good reader now . He purchased special colored pens that do not leak through the pages . He marks the passages that the Holy Spirit deems important to remember . This Bible is a blessing . Bishop Barron , thank you .

  15. Mr. Barron! I was talking to my dad during breakfast and he thinks religion & christianity is as strong as it ever was. He’s all skeptical of poll results and word of mouth. How can I inform him of the seriousness of this cultural zeitgeist (for lack of a better word). Where did you come by your trust of the pew polls? Or did you always have a trust of the pew results?

    Thanks for reading. I put you on in the background when I paint. Lol wish you had the time to post more often, but you have an awesome presence in the conversation so far.

  16. I was born again as of February 2020. Born again Evangelical and raised and baptized in Apostolic Church. I heard a lot of negativity about Catholics and Orthodox through the Evangelicals. I want to say listening to you for the last 4 days has changed my mind. I really enjoy the philosophical and scholarly discussions that you add to the discussion of the Bible and of Jesus, God. The history of knowledge brought about by Saints.. You are a light into a very dark world. Keep doing what you do, Father. Well done. Thank you.

  17. Hey Bishop! I've heard you quote that study about 70% of Catholics not believing that Eucharist is the true body of Christ. Could you link me to that study, didn't catch the name when you quoted it…
    Wanted to use it for an article I'm writing..