Robert Barron | – The Sacrament of Reconciliation

Friends, we live in a culture that, as Cardinal Francis George said, “permits everything and yet forgives nothing.”

And so people despair of being forgiven and feel compelled to deny their guilt.

Yet the desire for reconciliation is embedded deep in our broken hearts.

We are willing to confess our sins publicly on television or on social media, and in this cacophonous lament, we are longing for absolution.

The truth is, we’ve all sinned against ourselves, against each other, against God.

God in Christ reveals that his mercy does not abandon us to guilt but calls us like Lazarus to come forth from the grave of our sin, and find in his forgiveness the chance to live again.

In the sacrament of Reconciliation, God’s merciful plan gives us a living encounter with his presence, which is forgiveness and mercy.

Through the ministry of the Church, we hear the very voice of Christ declaring, “Go in peace; your sins are forgiven.”

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  1. Bishop Robert Barron is amazing! That point when you hear "go in peace, your sins are forgiven". God is just so great! Thank you for making this video 🙂 Bishop Robert Barron even inspired me to make my own channel called St.Pio Films which has so many Catholic videos! If you want, come and check it out and I will follow back

  2. Unless one believes in the Real Presence, (Body Soul and divinity) the Sacrament of Reconciliation is pointless. We must not forget that Reconciliation means true remorse for your sins and a "firm purpose of ammendment". Reconciliation can then be the most amazing Sacrament.