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Bishop Robert Barron These are brief and insightful commentaries on faith and culture by Catholic theologian and author Bishop Robert Barron. The videos complement his weekly sermons posted and podcasted at

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  1. I want to add that the info provided here is at 100% genuine & whoever happens to check it out, will trust the gist of this channel. I love you all & I cannot contain myself in the joy and the beauty of our Lord Jesus Christ. What a great salvation & encompassing all of us all! Let's love Him for THIS!

  2. Oh my God, how great thou art! Many tks Bishop Barron, wow what a worthwhile journey with Christ, of Christ and through Christ…. we find grace and the true meaning of life… …..simplified eloquence! by! Bishop Barron. God bless you!

  3. There’s a BIG Catholic Hole here… No prayer invoking Our Father, Ave, nor Gloria… I find that on the whole, the way it’s presented, holds little interest. So I sign off at the 4th. Have a Holy Tridiuum…

  4. Greetings Bishop Barron, this is one of the most compelling summations of the Passions of Christ, I've listened to or read in all of my Christian journey. May the grace and mercy and peace of Christ forever be in your favor for sharing the Gospel with us. God Bless you. Amen. The paintings accompanying the story are brilliant.

  5. Tolkien's Christ figure was not Frodo. Frodo is more like Mary. Frodo said yes to carrying the ring. But it was Samwise Gamgee who was the Christ figure. For in the end, Sam returned the ring to Frodo. Frodo then used the ring to seize power, making him a sinner. But Sam kept the faith. He acted humbly and with great love and tenderness throughout the books.

  6. 5:48 "Does that Father hate sinners? No, but he hates the sin!" In the end Jesus will throw the sinners with the sin all together to the "feel good" preaching Bishop Barron is not accurate .The "feel good gospel" is false Bishop. There is mercy but there is justice too.
    The Church emphasize the mercy way too much lately and lead people with lie.

  7. Such a beautiful video.
    It really helped me to deeper appreciate the excruciating depths that Lord Jesus Christ went into headfirst to retrieve our salvation, despite our best attempts otherwise.