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A recent “Christianity Today” article titled “Christian, What Do You Believe? Probably a Heresy About Jesus, Says Survey” explores a State of Theology survey conducted in the United States by LifeWay Research, based on interviews with 3,000 Americans. In this new episode of the Word on Fire Show, we discuss the alarming results. A listener asks what it feels like to act “in persona Christi capitis.”

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  1. I love this channel. I wonder if someone could help me with a question I have?

    When Jesus was on the cross and the criminal on the cross next to him showed him good will and faith, Jesus said his faith had saved him and he would see him that day in paradise. However he then descended into hell for three days to save our sins so how is this so?

    Maybe he meant God the father would see him that day in paradise. Hmmmm. Not sure if I'm just creating answers I'd like to believe but don't really satisfy me.

  2. Everyone has their own personal Jesus, gays have a gay tolerant Jesus etcetera, what should be noticed is the actual lack or a tangible Jesus as well as God not getting involved in anything as those of faith suffer and die along with the rest. The Bible clearly states that "God cannot lie" but then God lies to humanity starting from the Garden of Eden! (Stating that if Adam ate the apple he would surely die the same day). So if the Bible is correct that God cannot lie then the God of the Bible is obviously a false God as self-defined in the Bible which also claims to be infallible! So if you read the Bible and claim to be a follower of the faith then you've failed the IQ test and are following a false God, even the priests know God is fake otherwise they wouldn't have committed so many rapes of children for so many centuries and tried to cover it up in a way that clearly shows that they don't take hell seriously at all. Mr Barron your nose seems to be growing- is it cancerous?

  3. Wait… CHICAGO?? I wonder if ive met you.. you do look extremely familiar.. i am from st. Louis. I used to work at stake n shake as a kid.. i used to talk to all types of people there.. i wonder if you ever join conversation there..

  4. I have spent some time amongst both those involved in the New Evangelization in particular +and in the wider modern Church as a whole for a good bit longer) and those seeking to bring the Church back to Her roots. I have this to say:

    Both camps are right. Consider it this way, we are the heralds of the Kingdom of God. Well we need criers out in the world speaking the language of the people telling them tnat the King wishes to speak with all His subjects. Many today do not know the King, so they must be introduced to Him so they can see He is the King for themselves. However, after they become acquainted with Him they need to be educated and shown His ways and the deep culture and history of His Kingdom. They also need to be led to where He wants them to go to live and work in His Kingdom and set in such a way that they can reach the heights of their potential.

    My point is that we need both of these aspects to fully bring people from the world to the Divine Throne of Christ the King of the Universe in a way so that they are fully attired and properly cleaned for the encounter. If we can not provide all of this to a Child of God, then we missing a key aspect of what we ought to be doing.

    Or in a family setting we must be able to help meet the needs of the Child of God at every stage of their growth and development. Ultimately it is God as Our Father who does this, but we as siblings must be ready to help one another do what our Father asks in full at the pace and in the way He instructs us to without favoritism or attachment to parts or methods. After all, He is the One who knows all and directs all things.

    And finally, as the Mystical Body of Christ, we must work together to meet all the needs of every cell of the Body, whether we are doing the work of the same organ or providing for different needs of the Body. We must do so as one seemless Whole while also ensuring the Body is free from infection or deformation.

    May God guide and show us each our role in the Kingdom here on the battlefront. Through Christ Our High Priest, King and Savior. Amen.

    Jesus I trust in You!

  5. Peace.
    The Wisdom of the Mystery of The Kingdom of God through Christ Jesus & The Holy Spirit is directly related to the mystery of time, space, matter; God hovering over the deep – separating Light from dark; Truth from ambiguity; Life from death; – faith, hope, charity existing since *Cain(the mystery of iniquity by willfully clouding The Divine Revelation with personal philosophy ) martyred Abel(the mystery of hearing God's Divine Revelation to it's fullness).* It is the same mystery of the history of The Church. All of The Teaching in The Holy Bible; instructing us how to be a true friend of God – to hear the voice of Jesus Christ who overcame the world giving The Kingdom of God as best we are able – theologically – v. (building a tower of Babel, the days of Noah, the days of Sodom & Gomorrah). Light and darkness; revisited until we've reached a pinnacle of (grayness of the deep) over the whole world where the harvest is ripe to collect the wheat.
    ~~~ Divine Revelation Truth always with us standing up to the wiles of divisive fleshly worldly interpretations in philosophy, love, and community.
    ~~~ The two poetic stories of God's Crowning Creation – humankind – clues us into the mystery of Israel having The Shekinah Cloud of Glory resting on the Mercy Seat of The Tabernacle holding The Tablets of The Law; failing under Solomon – who gave into false philosophy even embracing worship of other gods; misunderstanding the promises of God through David, that the Davidic Kingdom will be established through the son of David. This led to unjust harsh taxation to build and earthly kingdom.
    ~~~ At the time of The Incarnation of Jesus Christ – the power brokers were mostly the Sadducee in Israel. They mixed too much Aristocratic Greek influence based on history – which hid from their minds the truth of the Resurrection. How did they raise money for alms? Did it have something to do with money changers at robbery unfair rates selling shekels & copper coins for legal Temple offerings for Roman coins with images on them? We do know that the Roman taxation system was not just to Israel. This did give Jews and Gentiles Salvation by Jesus Christ in His Humanity & Divinity – absorbing all the pain evil produces with unearned suffering until the end of time. When God Graces the whole world with a change of heart living and dead to those who accepted His Grace, Mercy, & Goodness; and prosecutes those who did not accept Grace & Mercy. But one (there have been others) of the preterist fulfillments of Biblical prophesy saw the heart wrenching siege of Jerusalem and destruction of The Temple because of non belief among Jews and Gentiles in Jesus Christ among the power brokers and so many of the learned.
    ~~~ In all three instances of oppression, persecution, and martyrdom noted above those who heeded The Divine Revelation suffered at the hands of those who fell for false philosophy, interpretations of God's Perfect Loving Providence, and being one as community in faith & morals.
    The Living Stones of Jesus Christ's Temple are scattered to the four winds. Metaphorically speaking, of course. Triumphalism is a great hindrance of being one. And we do have a long problem dating back to at least Pius x, of logical sounding philosophies obscuring The Divine Revelation. Some look so logical a person could misunderstand Salvation history and give God credit for the philosophy as some kind of emerging 'final cause' suddenly becoming realized; when it really is 'thinking humanly with great intelligence' trying to force the mind to understand The Mind of God. It has led to a gradualism in conveying The Divine Revelation to reach hearts and minds with it's separating the bone from the marrow true Words of God; and this took hold in the early part of the 20th century – but steam rolled in the later part. So large chunks of the Divine Revelation for the person, family, and community are not taught with unity to the fire The Holy Spirit always wants to flame all venues & facts of society. The hidden schism of Jews only having one part of The Divine Revelation started ending 2300 Daniel day/years in one fulfillment of it (dated back to Daniel); around 1850 or so, which steam rolled into tens of thousands of Jews accepting Yeshua as Messiah and Lord. There are noted learned Jews who joined the Catholic Church. This fulfills other prophesies. I've learned much from listening to Jewish Believers. Thank God for The Holy Spirit and the workings of Providence for The New Covenant hidden in The Old Covenant fulfilled in The New – with Messiah Yeshua Lord – Uniting this devout symbolic Representation of The Two Lampstands.
    ~~~ The world has built her 'Tower of Babel' with disordered philosophy/love/community but this darkness creating such havoc on psyches because of lack of compassionate courage to inform consciences & massive death tolls on helpless human bodies whose souls already had the breath of God breathed into them — we come crashing down sooner or later.
    When Churched or not every stewardship level hears Jesus Christ's Voice, "why are you persecuting Me?" Then a fire will engulf the earth. Jewish and Gentile Believers (Catholics and other Bible believing Christians) will listen to one another; with growing mutual understanding of 'exegesis' of God's Providence since the Days of The Incarnation; giving up triumphalism on all sides; learning the gifts Grace gave to all in whom God's Favor Rests. Thomas Aquinas conveyed that a soul with The Beatific Vision; has the fullness of it – as sweet as can be; but at the Resurrection it becomes more faceted in sweetness. Well, if we would tap into the holiness among us all, so sweet to each person's understanding of The Divine Revelation – realizing that clarification of The Divine Revelation depends on this — we would unmask each of our biases. Answering Jesus Christ's Last Discourse Prayer would be much easier.
    Hidden from us for the most part is that in Rabbinical Judaism they recognize that those who went before us pray with us. Especially at The Feast of The Tabernacles which specifically devoutly honor Seven Patriarchs. (Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, Aaron, Joseph son of Israel, and King David). Of course they do not engage them in conversation just like we do not. One of the keys to mutual understanding of course, is Jesus Christ saying God is God of the Living not of the dead; combined with He is The Only Mediator but has Branches on The Vine; plus Hebrews 12, where the souls of the just made perfect are in the Presence of Yeshua Messiah on The Heavenly Mount Zion where The Heavenly Jerusalem is. God honors those who honor Him. So it is really God of Joseph & Mary have mercy on us now and at the hour of our death in other forms because God shares His Omniscience as He Wills for His Purpose of our salvation. And the more acceptance of the truth of Theosis has always been taught will certainly help in certain areas. I truly love the analogy of God represented as and Immense Inexhaustible Living Flame of Holiness – heating a person or what God Chooses represented as metal needing to be purified of impurities; glowing with Light and Virtue with Warm charitable zeal to share with others; seeking to inform consciences with truth, beauty, and goodness (justice) that can only
    be imputed by God's Mercy and Grace. When we fail to be united on justice, we fail consciences very much. God help us!
    God is no respecter of persons. Every male soul is Adam, and every female soul is Eve. If we get a Baptism by Ordeal, like Abel or The Holy Innocents or all who suffered all over the world in God's Favor being led to Jesus Christ with unearned suffering; they suffered for righteousness sake in a place of the mystery of iniquity. And the value of that suffering is diverse but equal to any of us who suffer in this world on whom God's Favor Rests. Complacency to suffering of helpless souls, no matter how pious, or religious or intelligent to understand many mysteries;
    is a participation in the mystery of iniquity, and to the extent of full knowledge deadly if not repented.
    We need to be one in purpose in informing consciences and community justice; to light a Fire of The Word on the earth much brighter.
    I’ve heard The Epiphany lasts until Lent. I pray this Lent we truly make strides to let Jesus Christ overcome the world not in dessert. Thank you for reading and hopefully discerning.

  6. I absolutely enjoy how you present all the Truths about the Triune God. LOVE! I love how you describe the faith. I recently finished watching a video you had from 2011 where you talk about "What you believe matters". Everything in this QandA harkens back to that video. Everything in this survey, the questions and especially the answers are bad catechesis (at least for Catholics), and just more of God having been taken out of the equation through secularism. It all talks to Kant's wedge between doctrine and ethics. It all talks to our culture accepting the opinion that what really matters is that you are ok as long as you are a good person. That begs the question, what does it mean to be a good person, who decides, what society, what king, what dictator? People just don't want to stop and reason, they don't want to believe. They only have mistrust. They think the Church just wants our money. Priests work for the Church as if being a priest is a CAREER and not a VOCATION (God's Calling). I rant and rant but God Bless you and your ministry, Word on Fire. Mundelein and the cold weather miss you. 🙂

  7. After 3 weeks, I’m still waiting for your answers.
    7 simple questions…
    Bishop Barron?
    Any Catholic?

    1.- Is Mary omnipresent?
    2.- Can she listen individually and simultaneously millions of prayers like God? (Not just the reflection of the prayers but a personal, intimate, spiritual and permanent relationship with someone) (Or is this an exclusive attribute of Our Heavenly Father, His Son and The Holy Spirit?)
    3.- Are those consecrated to her immaculate heart saved from hell? (As promised in Fatima) (Does the devotion to her heart equals the power of The Precious Blood of Jesus Christ?)
    4.- Can someone explain the immaculate conception of Mary if the Holy Spirit was not incarnated in her mother Anne? (Is “Ave” and “Eve” all we have to believe this is dogma?)
    5.-Are people allowed to go directly to Jesus Christ without the intersection of Mary? (Or they must ask her intermediation to be saved?) (Both are better than just One?)
    6.- Why is it dangerous to have a personal relationship with Christ? (like Pope Francis said a few months ago)
    7.- What special event happened in 1950 that revealed the Assumption of her body? (How you learned 68 years ago that she never died and was taken up to heaven?)
    Thank you!

  8. Did God have a Son?

    If God did not become Man, did He have a son? Since He is able to do all things, He should be able to have a son. However, this claim reduces God to the lowly status of His creation. Creatures procreate by giving birth to mini versions of themselves that later grow up and reproduce copies of themselves, and so on and so forth. Dogs have puppies, cats have kittens, cows have calves, and men have children. So, what does God have – a baby God? Gods must give birth to Gods. But, for God to have a son, there has to exist another God besides

    Him. It is not befitting for God to have a son as such an act equates Him with His creation.

    Everything other than God comes into existence by the command-

    ment of God, not that God becomes His creation or a part of God becomes creation. God does not become His creation nor does God give birth to creation. God is God, the Creator, and man and the contents of the universe are His creation. Although humans cannot grasp the concept of creation from nothing, that is exactly what God did and

    does. He alone creates from nothing, which 1s among the attributes that make Him unique and distinct from His creation. His act of
    creation is entirely different from that of human beings.

    This was the essence of the message of all the true messengers and prophets of God sent to humanity – Abraham, Moses, Jesus and Muhammad – as well as those sent throughout the world whose names are now unknown to humanity – may God’s peace and blessings be on
    them all. Today, this precise message can only be found in the

    Qur’aan; the last scripture revealed by God to humankind. The mes-

    sage remains loud and clear only in the Qur’aan because it has re-

    mained unchanged since the time of its revelation, one thousand four
    hundred years ago, until today.

    God states in the Qur’aan for those who make Him like His creation

    or vice versa:

    ﴿لَيْسَ كَمِثْلِهِ شَيْءٌ﴾

    “There is nothing similar to Him.”
    [Surah ash-Shooraa (42):11]

    He also states for those who attributed to Him a son:

    ﴿وَمَا يَنبَغِي لِلرَّحْمَنِ أَن يَتَّخِذَ وَلَدًا﴾

    “But it is not suitable for Ar-Rahmaan (the Most Benefi-

    cent -Allah) that He should beget a child.”

    [Surah Maryam (19):92]

    He further states for those who believe that He created the world

    from Himself:

    ﴿إِنَّمَا أَمْرُهُ إِذَا أَرَادَ شَيْئًا أَنْ يَقُولَ لَهُ كُنْ فَيَكُونُ﴾

    “If He wishes anything to exist, He merely commands it:

    ‘Be’, and it is.”

    [Surah Yaa Seen (36):82]

    For the polytheists He states:

    ﴿وَمَا كَانَ مَعَهُ مِنْ إِلَهٍ إِذًا لَّذَهَبَ كُلُّ إِلَهٍ بِمَا خَلَقَ وَلَعَلاَ بَعْضُهُمْ

    عَلَى بَعْضٍ﴾

    “There was no other god along with Him, for if there
    were each would have taken away what he created and
    tried to overcome the other.”

    [Surah al-Mu´minoon (23):91]

    He asks the atheists:

    ﴿أَمْ خُلِقُوا مِنْ غَيْرِ شَيْءٍ أَمْ هُمُ الْخَالِقُونَ﴾
    “Did nothing create them or did they create them-

    [Surah at-Toor (52):35]

    And in reference to Jesus and his mother, Mary, He confirmed their

    humanity by saying simply:

    ﴿كَانَا يَأْكُلاَنِ الطَّعَامَ﴾

    “They both used to eat food.”

    [Surah al-Maa`idah (5):75]

    The concept of God not becoming man is very important for every

    human being to grasp because it lies at the foundation of the differ-

    ence between Islam and all other existing religions. All other relig-

    ions have a distorted concept of God, to one degree or another. The
    most important idea which needs to be understood, is that God did

    not become man. God is unique; He alone deserves to be worshipped
    by His creation. To believe that a man is God or that a man became
    God and to worship that man is the greatest sin and the greatest evil

    that humans can do on this earth. This understanding is most impor-

    tant because it forms the foundation for salvation. There can be no
    salvation without it. However, this belief alone is not the key salva-

    tion. True, correct belief must be translated into practice, and not

    merely remain in the realm of knowledge, for it to become pure faith.

    A person has to live a righteous life based on the correct belief to attain salvation. Nevertheless, the starting point is, knowing who God
    is, knowing that God never became and will never become a human

  9. The Father of Lies is exposed by the survey results being discussed here by Bishop Barron. Most people judge themselves good, and sin over emphasized by God. Hell fills up from such ignorance and prideful self-measure. You will spend eternity in the unrelenting torments of hell once you die with a mortal sin unforgiven. That is what the father of lies wants you to ignore, and most of us do.

  10. I hear that Notre Dame is changing Columbus Day to the new holiday, "Pagan Savages Day ". Columbus brought knowledge of God to the pagan savages, so we must hate and despise Christopher Columbus for that. Welcome to the new millennium.

  11. I like Bishop Barron but I think it is strange that he denies eternal damnation when it is so clearly stated in the Bible, especially as he himself claims to be a Bible-believing Christian. Does he believe in annihilationism, or does he simply not believe in hell? A Bishop should be firmly decided on these things. Is there some source for official Catholic teaching on hell that I'm missing here?

  12. The question @ 24:00 points to the deepest heartache in the laity. Many, many Catholics are deeply invested psychologically in the Sacrament of the Eucharist. The most intimate connection we have to the living Christ is that piece of Bread, and it is vivid in the imagination. We understand that the daily routine of the Mass cannot hold a requirement for "feeling" the mystical transformation. But an uncounted majority of Catholics who take the faith to heart, as it were, do feel that power in the Eucharist. At rare times–no doubt when i needed it–I have personally felt the truth of the Eucharist. The Priest performs the Office, but the Spirit often provides the feeling.

  13. I think there is a growing mythicist view of Jesus. For a long time this view was very much considered fringe by mainstream Historians, Archaelogists and Bible Scholars. Now we have seriously well qualified academics making excellent cases against historicity that the academic establishment are failing to refute. It will be interesting to see if this debate follows the one that was held over the historicity of such OT characters as Moses and Solomon. Once held to be reliably historical now considered by the mainstream of academic opinion to be invented mythical characters when the Pentateuch was written during the Babylonian exile. Will Jesus go the same way?

  14. Jordan Peterson gives one definition for God as the highest moral principle and one good highest moral principle is reducing suffering.

    If we can get people to agree on one objective truth it would be that suffering exists. That pain exists. Thats where Jordan Peterson starts his moral compass and i think it makes a lot of sense.

  15. At 24:17 the Bishop answers what I believe (as a Christian) is one of the biggest problems in American church practise as illustrated by the survey. That of people going to church seeking feelings over objective substance. It was one of the hurdles I have had to get over in my own expirience. When I first became a Christian, it was all an emotional roller coaster every Sunday. Like a newlywed, I wanted to shout from the rooftops "I'm saved!" But as Sunday followed Sunday and year followed year, I began to be worried that as those intense feelings were fading, perhaps my religeon was not true or maybe my practise of it was failing. I am glad that the Holy Spirit has led me to the important realization that whatever I am feeling emotionally has no bearing on the fact that God is and that He is alive and at work. Thanks for what you all do over there at Word on Fire. God bless!

  16. I believe Jesus was a closet pantheist. That's what I believe. I don't take the Jesus of traditional faith to be the same as the Jesus of history. In Near-Death Experiences the Being commonly identified as Jesus does not judge, but radiates only Unconditional Love and is seated as everyone's inner self. This is the Jesus I find attractive, not the judgmental Jesus. I hope you may respect my view of Jesus just as I respect yours.

  17. I was born into Catholicism. I was baptized in St Anthony's Church that was almost completely destroyed by the Great Lisbon earthquake of 1755 and began reconstruction in 1767. The church is just a few meters away from the Lisbon Cathedral that began construction in 1147. Since I had two godmothers and no godfather the priest didn't initially allow my baptism but then he chose my oldest aunt as my godmother and St. Anthony as my godfather. This was in 1968. I have rejected Catholicism and embraced Reformed Protestantism for I will never understand two things (among the many heresies of the Catholic Church) How anyone can kneel in front of an image of Mary and pray – that would mean she must be omniscient an attribute exclusive to the Father, Son and Holy Spirit and the lack of any Biblical basis for the presence of Christ in the Eucharist. Sola Scriptura, Tota Scriptura. It's a shame that the Catholic Church does not allow for the sufficiency of the Bible and must add to it continually and take away when convenient (i.e. Mary was only a virgin when she gave birth to Our Lord and not when she gave birth to the half brothers and sisters of Our Lord which the Catholic Church doesn't seem to want to affirm wholeheartedly).

  18. Colossians 1:15, in the begining Jesus was created Spirituality . Spiritual creations are Matter becoming Energy, like Electricity , you can not see it but has active Force . But when Jesus was in the embryonic egg of his mother, God put his DNA genetic characteristics which were ONLY shared. Not any DNA or Blood was shared from his mother. because Jesus would have been IMPERFECT because of Adams Sin. The only thing Jesus shared from his mother is, her Humanity, Suffering and Death. So! God's DNA makes Jesus a CLONE or IDENTICAL TWIN, WHY don't we think of Jesus as God's Clone or IDENTICAL TWIN instead of a GOD head, Jesus always said He was the Son of GOD, Never the SON of GOD… Col0ssians 2:9, 16:19, John 5:18, John 14:7-10, John 10:30-33, John 3:16, John1:18, Luke 10:22, Colossians 1:15, Hebrews 1:3, Philippians 2:6, Luke 11:23.

  19. Hi Bishop Barron.

    Can I lend an analogy to the going to church vs. praying in private and solace as you touched on in here in your video.

    I have a gym at home and I don’t need to go to a gym to enjoy a level of fitness I can attain at home. I can train and see progress with my gym at home.

    However, if I want to use the BEST equipment and get the BEST advice from the personal trainers I head to my local gym.

    Is this not the same with how we pray at home and at church?

    I can pray at home and in private, behind closed doors, like the bible says. I get a lot of comfort from this.

    But if I want the best teachings, the best tools, the best advice, to become the best Christian that I can hope to be, I can but only go to the Church for this level of help and support (albeit a good church with sound doctrine!)

    So this is why both private and public prayer at church is so, so important in my humblest of

    I think people get confused with passages in the bible which is mainly about not going to church for show and for non-spiritual reasons. People clearly just used to rock up at church for the arrogance of being seen there rather than for its true purpose I guess?

  20. The Gospel authors created a mainly false, maybe even a mythical, Jesus. Then, throughout history, this Jesus became many different things, mutating to suit the needs of the era. Today’s churches and their bishops, such as this one, have modernized his image again, yet no matter how “new” their multiple translations of the New Testament are, the fundamental content of these books cannot be changed.

    Spin-doctors have turned Jesus into a loveable character. Yet the Jesus of the gospels hardly fits this manufactured image. Jesus did not tolerate unbelievers, whom he threatened with the sword and hellfire. Jesus was an ascetic who advocated the single life, and considered it more important to follow an ideology than have a family, and implied that sexuality was an impediment for entry into heaven. Today, churches do not quote Jesus calling out to give up your family or castrate yourself to get into heaven.

    Jesus said

    “Blessed are the poor” and

    “Sell everything you own and give the money to the poor.”

    Yet Churches ignore this message, as most of them love money, and are always asking for more. The Vatican has amassed so many riches it is now one of the wealthiest institutions in the world. Some Pentecostal churches have even somehow reinvented Jesus’ message to mean he wants people to be materially successful.

    Jesus told people to become like children by just believing. In the past, this has suited churches that found it easier to control people who did not think for themselves. Nowadays, most churches cannot get away with telling people to stop thinking, so after over fifteen hundred years of suppressing secular education, science, medicine and rational thinking, some of them have refashioned Jesus into a god who wants people to get an education, discover the world, and be proactive with their health.

    Modern churches have turned Jesus into a good friend, yet Jesus stated he was not interested in anyone who was not Jewish. Church people claim Jesus is there for everyone, but Jesus is dead, so Jesus cannot help anyone. Church people claim Jesus provides the path to happiness, yet Jesus offered the kingdom of heaven to those who were poor and miserable.

    Today’s Christian spin-doctors try to promote an image of Jesus that rescues him from his own story.

  21. I I have been depressed for a lot of years last night Jesus came to me he gave me a ball of light the most beautiful ball of right you will ever see he told me to eat it and I'll be alright I woke up this morning what's a new look on life Jesus my savior

  22. Is it actually possible for a human other than a ‘Saint’ to get into heaven…or are we just mortal sinners condemned by the faith. Is it all just to difficult and we are doomed to failure in the eyes of the church?

  23. In my experience, I went thru a darkness of emptiness, though I never lost the motivation to carry on with my career,family,etc, After some years, I looked back and I realized all the blanks were filled up, answered, careerwise, finances, socially,etc. Lord Jesus had been co-existing with me, uplifting me. I realize God is truly alive, led me to find reasons to love Him deeper and deeper, strongly convicted never to turn my back on Him. After all, God never gave up on us, thru Jesus, who accepted His crucifixion and death to redeem us from sin