Saddleback Worship | – Saddleback Church Worship featuring Phil Wickham – Cannons

Saddleback Church Worship, Phil Wickham performs “Cannons” during the November 22, 2009 services. [support us]

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  1. @frodog19
    Yep, it least until this year (2011) Dan Bailey is his name, he's a great guy, and a great musician. One of the best CCM and drummers period I've seen live. He just has this talent of putting something you didn't think could fit (4:32-4:34) and check other videos (In Your City and Eden Live in Oceanside, CA). Knowledgeable, and a great dude.

  2. Sang this in winter retreat 2 days ago. This song made me lift up my hands i felt very blessed to go to it my life is forever changed and i accept Jesus as my savior. I only listened to christian music ever since i became a christian. God is here!! 🙂

  3. That's awesome that he came to help with worship ! I was lucky to do a cover of this with my friend Lacey McCoy. Both of us were finalists in a contest put on by The Fish 95.9 in Los Angeles :] The cover is on my channel !!

  4. I don't think the congregation was half as lackluster as it appears… plus some of these comments are downright tiresome with the picking at a perceived congregational response.  Now let me explain why I say perceived….
    Speaking as a worship leader and a professional recording engineer, two things:

    He'd just introduced the song, and it's tough for people to "get" songs the first time and they'll sing tentatively. Really, happens for me when I lead, and that's often how I'll be.  Sometimes I gotta take it in and meditate on it as it's being presented.

    Second, what you hear is a mix created for the video and it's laden with crazy effects on everything.  So remember you probably aren't hearing the great cavernous sounds of the actual church building, but instead you're hearing reverbs and delays effects in the mix… It sounds like it might've even been the board mix that was going out in the church sound system, which is by no means going to have room mics in it, unless you love deafness by feedback.  It's sounds weird/not-great enough that it probably was the mix for the speakers to sound right amplified in the room, really.  With that all in mind, when he had just the crowd singing, based on him backing from the mic still singing and still hearing him pretty quiet, it also sounded like you were hearing the congregation from his vocal mic only, which isn't going to pick up much… it doesn't sound like there were any room/ambient mics turned up or really even used in the recording.