Sermon jams | – Judah Smith the reality of following Jesus sermon jam

Judah Smith the reality of following Jesus sermon jam.

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  1. I like your channel. Have you heard some of S.M. Lockridge sermons? They would go perfect with your channel. I subscribe to a channel called Mixxkid17 which has a couple but would love to hear more of Dr. Lockridge.

  2. I have learned from following Jesus it is very very dangerous every since I decided to my life is a living hell so much pain there's no love from anyone even the people in the church so I just stop going and I have my own relationship with the Father †

  3. Well done! Following Jesus is so worth it! I work for the Lighthouse Missionary Church & wondered who owns the image that is being used in the video and what our church would have to do to obtain permission to use it for a future event. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated. Blessings!