| – Your Weakness Should Drive You to God by Paul Washer

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Text Transcript Excerpt:

I am so tired of hearing Christians telling me: “Brother Paul, I am just so weak.” Brother Paul you started your sermon saying you are weak. So why can’t we say it?

Well I want you to understand the phrase, and the context of it. First of all your not weak and I can prove it to you. In the last weak, w e a k. How much time did you spend grasping striving to know God and His word and in prayer that apart from God and His work on your behalf, uh, you were not going to be able to make it. Oh see its really easy to say: “You are so weak.” Your problem is not that you are weak. Your problem is that you think you are strong and I can prove it by just looking at your devotional life.

You see, our problem is not that we are too weak, our problem is that we do not recognize our weakness. You see that? That’s why the greatest, the men and women who have been most used of God in Christian history seem to have only one thing in common. A recognition of their weakness.

Now, here is what I want to show you and it is so, so important. Weakness is not a hinderance to power, weakness is the catalyst to spiritual power. The problem is wrong response. So first of all you need to recognize something, everybody is weak. Everything demanded to you in the New Testament is absolutely impossible for the natural man. There you go, so everyone is on the same level me, you, Spurgeon, John Piper, all, everyone is weak that is it.

You can’t use weakness as an excuse anymore. Everybody is just as weak. No-one can do this stuff, no-one. So there you go, we are weak. The question is what do we do? Now. Many people just mouth weakness, because it is the Christian thing to do, I am weak. Other people find it very convenient to use that phraseology because its an excuse for their sin, well I am weak, everybody is weak.

But the right mindset here is in recognizing your weakness. It drives you to God. Immediately to God. Believing in faith He is the fountain He claims to be. He is the source and the helper that He claims to be. He is One of unlimited resources. That He does not greedily hand out to children but He lavishes upon [support us] /> #Jesus #Sermons #Sermon

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