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Pastor Seun Jonathan - PSJ Isaiah 60:11. "Therefore your gates shall be open continually; They shall not be shut day or night, That men may bring to you the wealth of the Gentiles, And their kings in procession." Be blessed by Inspiring Messages from GOD from across the World! New Videos regularly! Subscribe today and Share with others., POGEM TV Ministry. +14034000218, +2348035641420, Pastor Seun Jonathan - PSJ Interac/Zelle -

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  1. Even the Masquerade had to dance to the song!!! All hail the power of Jesus' Name.

    Can't wait for the movie to be powerfully released. Also, by God's grace, we register to premiere it in Ekiti State & its neighbouring states just like the Abejoye World Movie Premiere.

    Jesunpadabo Charity Initiative

  2. Abejoye Phase 2! Ghen, Ghennn!
    "He that loves a dead corpse will follow it to the grave"
    Once a soldier always a soldier, now for Christ
    "Soaking them like bread in tea" Lol…Sir Abejoye, bring it onnn!
    So much revelations in this already, truly can't wait

  3. I cannot wait to watch this movie. Now that Chief has given his life to Jesus Christ he will have to confront so many things due to his previous cultural belief. This is awesome!!!! The battle is on but he is the winner!!!!

  4. I really like it when Brother Mike Bamiloye is acting in a movie. He adds something special to the movie and l think it is due to his experience and the anointing of God in his life. Although I am not a Nigerian but l truly like all the old actors of Mount Zion. One of the best is the movie of Isha-Uru (Ultimate Power) where he acted as a witch doctor in a small village where he was terrorising people then he gave his life to Christ. It was a series but a very old one. I wish it can be posted on this website.

  5. I been in this sorta situation. I prayed all night but the demon still threw me out. When I woke up I remembered I didn't plead the blood of Jesus Christ enough while praying before going to bed. I was focusing on my praying prowess. Don't be like me, plead the blood. Always!