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In February 2017, I prophecied of this time again and spoke reasons why this time of confusion must come. I warned people that it would also be a moment where people will be stubborn and fight men of God [support us] /> I am here, you can “throw” any type of a stone at me, but I knew of this even 3 years ago, and I also know how both you and I will end. I will not throw those stones back to you, but obviously, the earth will open for you. At the very least, I can see that in the spirit. Watch the prophecy

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Prophet Shepherd Bushiri This is the official Channel for Prophet Shepherd Bushiri Prophet Shepherd Bushiri is the founder of Enlightened Christian Gathering Church (ECG) and the Shepherd Bushiri Ministries International. Prophet Shepherd Bushiri is mightily used by God in prophetic, healing and deliverance ministries. His ministry is also known as the ministry of the book of Acts because of the great undeniable signs and wonders which happen in the name of Jesus. His prophecies are accurate and precise. Contact Us On : +27 872 384 444 Subscribe to the Channel to get the latest videos from Prophet Shepherd Bushiri by clicking this link: Prophet Shepherd Bushiri Prophetic Channel-God is still speaking today

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  1. Jesus! For the time of trouble is coming and men will look and they'll say what is this(this is covid which up to date people still have questions of it)becoz the son of man is about to come