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Prophet Shepherd Bushiri This is the official Channel for Prophet Shepherd Bushiri Prophet Shepherd Bushiri is the founder of Enlightened Christian Gathering Church (ECG) and the Shepherd Bushiri Ministries International. Prophet Shepherd Bushiri is mightily used by God in prophetic, healing and deliverance ministries. His ministry is also known as the ministry of the book of Acts because of the great undeniable signs and wonders which happen in the name of Jesus. His prophecies are accurate and precise. Contact Us On : +27 872 384 444 Subscribe to the Channel to get the latest videos from Prophet Shepherd Bushiri by clicking this link: Prophet Shepherd Bushiri Prophetic Channel-God is still speaking today

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  1. This is my message to T b Joshua and Bushiri shepherd and the rest of the world as more attacks come  against this two great men of God to  condemn their souls in the way of the world Justice to hell fire instead of the way of divine justice to return back to God where they both belong as their destines is to die before a Catholic up against a beast after their souls using their gift against God one religion vision  .

      Being a good christain has a lot to do with religion which obedience to instriction because the christain religion called catholoc started with last supper which was first celebrated by Jesus and ask his disciple to do this memory of him for that the promise of his father will come to fufilment of sending and adovcate spirit of truth to bring is the truth about God that will rescue humanity from destruction who j the world is headed to now because of to many God's  and to many churches God is not crazy not to have a church which is a religious way of staying obedient to his instruction only the  Catholic do church does not save but being in the right faith practicing religiously the obedience the instruction of God builds your relationship with God just like Jesus was religiously obedient to instructions of his father that what religion is practiced on heaven that made order to be in heaven but look at is here on earth with too many Religion causing disorder and confusion everywhere with not one God but to many God's reason the Muslims call christains infidels and murder them.

    DNT let anyone or agents of satanism decieve you saying  their is no church in heaven there is religion in heaven which create the order in heaven and it begins with obedience to instruction of your creator same instruction given on Eden that was disobeyed that landed the human world in trouble of chaos on religion Jesus came and left the same instruction launching the first ever christain religion called catholics to do the last supper in memory of him before he died and resurrected and returned to his father so that the father promise to us to send the Advocate the spirit of truth that will explain everything he did to us and bring the truth about God to us to stop the human world from heading to self destruction due to many chruches many God's and many Religion causing our chaos in human world

    So that the order which one religion in heaven will be brought down on human world to bring the same order in heaven in human world

     Chasing away agent of darkness to hell fire where they belong after the rapture happens.

    Hear you the truth and obey the instruction to go to one church holy roman Catholic church and stay true and loyal to God on life of holiness to be saved when rapture beings after the revealations of the two men before a church in the Bible against a beast comes to past fulfilment as God promised we will all return to God in peace and forget the misery of this life created by Satan and his agents setting is up against God in life of sins and disobedience to God in religions we practice bring to many God's  upon our heads causing our chaos in human world.

    This why the Catholic Church has to restructure to royalty and pallacy because the pope has falled in his responsibility towards the sheeps under his care as shepherd.

    Peter Peter of you love me feed my sheep three times Jesus told peter and three times peter denied Jesus yet Jesus built the foundation of his church upon peter calling him rock now what is the person he called rock doing build beautiful church structures dinning and winning with the satanic agents in traditional religion his called to abolish with christainity using apostolic work  in the church and leaving the sheeps hungry nobody ready for the apostolic works no winning of soul which majorly part of what catholics church is catholics which universal and apostolic which soul winning.

    Hear you the truth and be obedient to instruction which better than making sacrifice to God for recourse for disobedience to him which carry of your crosses of sin of disobedience.

    God grace is sufficient for the sinner but DNT delay to much in life of sin should his grace be withdrawn from you making you a full time agent of satanism candidate for hell fire.

    Trust and obey for there  is no other way to be happy in Jesus but to trust and obey 

    Glory be to the father and to the son and to the holy Spirit of truth the adovcate  as it was in the being is now and forever will the world be without end as we all rapture back to God.

    T b Joshua and Bushiri shepherd get yourself prepared for the rapture because two of you are called to rapture as the two great men of God against the beast that has being after you two souls to condemn you using your gift against God from birth because of gift God deposited in the both of you.the circumstances of your birth should have brought the truth to both of you that you will stand  before a church that church is  Catholic church not what you two are currently doing now that is working against your soul  as the devil wants it for you two using your gift against God one religion vision  in defence of your faith in the church against the beast that has be after your both souls for hell fire but you both belong to God when trust and obey God instruction and carry all the soul you have captured for hellfire back to God I his holy church and wait for your the fulfilment of your  destines as the Bible has prophesied as the human world get to order the way heaven in order in one religion vision of God.

    The more  you too are living in self denial the more destruction you will be bring upon your head as more attacks will be coming against you two to condem you two the way of the world instead of the divine way to recover your souls back to God where you two belong according to bible prophesy on you both head accept your destines in God accept it  in happiness because is a for the good of your souls for all the atrocities you two have committed with the gift God has blessed you both with in holding souls captive against God one religion vision roman Catholic faith.

    Obedience is better than sacrifice.

    God bless you all as you stay obedient to God's instruction as he commands me to says to the world in his spirit of truth inside of my soul body and spirit.

    We are nothing but pencil in the hand of God as  adenuga production keeps remaining is in his  drama production.