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This episode originally aired in 2005. Stay tuned for more It’s Supernatural! Classics from our It’s Supernatural! archive!

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  1. If your loved ones haven't received the simple truth about the gift of eternal life, watch and share on your social media the video titled: How ridiculously easy it is to be saved by the channel – David Benjamin in Christ.

  2. God is real and the spiritual realm is for real, miracles and God's glory is overwhelming, I believe. For Sid, God bless you abundantly. Worldwide far and wide, miracles are happening, it's unbelievable! but it's true. Please for worldwide testimonies all over testifying the goodness of our Maker with a translator is amazing. God bless you

  3. Dear brother/sister in christ please pray for me. I have finished my chemotherapy for cancer. While undergoing treatment my two daughters moved out suddenly, my mother died, and my wife almost died due to covid. I suffer from anxiety attacks and depression. I suddenly have become an empty nester. I have been crying every day since February 27th the day my eldest daughter left. I am anxious about my situation and feel like i'm not needed anymore. Feel like a senior in an old folks home just waiting for death or the rapture. I'm expected back at work on August 3rd and I am fearful of going back. I have 2.5years before I can get a full pension. Am in debt for$26,000. My sisters are fighting for money from my mothers house. And call me often to complain. Like Elijah, I have prayed to the Lord to take my life. Please pray for me

  4. What he's saying is true because when you blink your eyes it's 160th of a second that's a millisecond of one second if that makes any sense so try the exercise blink your eyes once. And then you realize how fast life can just go. I was 12 nineteen years ago! Which means I am now 31 going on 32. I am not bragging, but you need to know the feeling. You can relate to how long you have been alive. Think back from when your younger days. Then stop! Blink your eyes once and see if that feeling is familiar. Its the truth cause I wish I could the rewind button and go back to when I was 12 again I would have done alot of things differently not to mention as you get older the day go by faster. Its twenty years into the future for crying out loud!

  5. These awesome vessels of God have been to my church and all of the adjectives, adverbs,and superlatives of every language cannot render an adequate description of how God moved in our midst!There were supernatural manifestations of healings,signs,prophecies, gold and miracles of various kinds! They bring the glory with them!It can be seen and felt in a very tangible way!I love them dearly and hope the whole world could how God works through them!

  6. “Your world is what comes out of your mouth”. Jesus
    Preaching to educated unbelief…Not going far enough in worship, the expression of loving God. Worship brings the glory, the presence of God.
    “Courting “ God

  7. Dear Sid in Africa the belivever are highly educated but they are filled with holy spirit and tangue so what the Bible asked us is a little faith as such as the mosterd seeds. Not big faith and obedience to the words of God. This includes the 10 commandments. Love is the greatest commitment because cover over every sins.