Sid Roth | – Trump's Re-election & 3rd Supreme Court Pick

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James Goll shares prophecies on Trump’s re-election and third supreme court pick.

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  1. Wow, now we know there are many false prophets who said God said
    ……and their prophecy never came to pass. The word of God as
    contained in the bible is the surest prophecy. "We have also a more
    sure word of prophecy; whereunto ye do well that ye take heed, as unto a
    light that shineth in a dark place, until the day dawn, and the day
    star arise in your hearts" 2nd Peter 1:19. We should spend more time
    reading our bible than looking for man's prophecy

  2. WOW! We really need to believe our Prophets. I am only seeing this in November and I am so touched and humbled that God so loves us that he sends men and women of God that speak so accurately to His people. Oh my heart is really touched by this. Glory be to God. And Yes! Trump will fulfil a second term, I don't know how as I see Biden celebrating, but Our Father surely knows how to turn it around.

  3. What a joke. These so-called prophets have said Trump is going to win the election all year long, one after another they lied, sooo many times. It’s great to see them caught in their lies. Don’t give these people your hard-earned money, their track records speak for themselves and I wouldn’t be surprised if they started deleting some of their older videos to mask their B.S.

  4. Barret is 3rd justice on the bench.. Biden so far has won election.. Georgia . Wisconsin . Michigan. Pennsylvania. Nevada and Arizona all have fraudulent ballets.. waiting on the D.O.J and the Courts to get involved

  5. What is the purpose of Donald J Trump is it money he is loaded with the stuff is it fame he is known worldwide is it power he has held the most powerful office on the planet what then is his purpose which can only be bringing America back to God if one looks at his accomplishments and achievements it can only be seen that Trump has divine intervention in his works so it is without a doubt he will serve a second term because he has to put the Satanic ones in chains case closed