Soaking in His Presence | – ORCHESTRA SOAKING MUSIC // 1 HOUR // Instrumental Worship Soaking in His Presence

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Produced by William Augusto

All I do is for The Glory of Jesus Christ!!

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William Augusto is a Brazilian producer, living between São Paulo Brazil, Redding CA and [support us] /> He is a professional producer since 2000 He has only produced Christian singers and bands around the world, is full time dedicated to the ministry. William’s desire is to attract and magnify the presence of God through his music. #Worship #Prayer #InstrumentalWorship #PrayerMusic #Instrumental #EverythingIsPossibleWithJesus

About The Author

SOAKING IN HIS PRESENCE Instrumental Worship Hi, My name is William Augusto, welcome to my channel, I am a music producer, love God, perform some instruments and hope for the coming of Christ. My desire is that the content of my channel bless all. peace everybody (: SOAKING IN HIS PRESENCE Instrumental Worship

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    God Bless you all :))