Steven Anderson | – 'The Media's Attack on Real Christians' – (Pastor Steven Anderson)

This channel is a partial replica of the former 150k+ subscriber channel: sanderson1611. Other relevant videos may also appear from time to time.

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About The Author

sanderson1611 This channel aims to be a partial replica of the previous sanderson1611 channel that was operated by Pastor Steven Anderson of Faithful Word Baptist Church in Tempe, AZ. To be clear, this channel is NOT operated by Pastor Anderson, nor his church, nor under his guidance. This channel aims to help Pastor Anderson's content reach more people and avoid YouTube censorship but it is NOT done with any sort of malicious intent to impersonate him. Other related content may appear at various times as well. sanderson1611

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  1. They will come for me and murder me someday if the end times happen in my Lifetime. They will slaughter me like a dog, but bless them that persecute me! I love my enemies and am blessed to be hated!