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Official Steven Furtick Shift your perspective and strengthen your faith with Pastor Steven Furtick. Pastor of the global, multisite ministry, Elevation Church, Steven Furtick is also a songwriter and New York Times best-selling author. He holds a master of divinity degree from Southern Theological Seminary and lives in Charlotte, NC with his wife Holly, their three children, Elijah, Graham, and Abbey. Each week, exclusive content and new videos are uploaded here. You can also tune in LIVE every Sunday at 9:30AM, 11:30AM, 2:00PM, 5:00PM, 8:00PM, and 10:00PM ET. Connect with people in the chat, engage in live worship with Elevation Worship, and hear a new sermon every weekend. For more information, you can visit or check out our other channels, Elevation Church and Elevation Worship. Official Steven Furtick

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  1. This video is a waste of time. Dating and relationships is overrated. What happens and I wait until I am ninety years old? And still nothing. Or, I could wait until I die. We gotta set more realistic goal that are beneficial to our health values. I cannot simply wait for the right opportunity and maybe it will never happen anyway. Ok, so marriage is hard nowadays. You gotta go through many relationships before the right person comes along. Dating and relationships is hard. No one can get married nowadays unless you had money or houses from parents and grandparents. Cause no one in the US is officially an American. All of us are immigrants. Unless of course we were native americans. I do not think as the church does. I am bipolar. And I am a visual person. I learn things through visualization and memory. God bless and good luck.

  2. It's still astonish me just how lots of people have no idea about Troplusfix Dating Secrets although many people become badass with women with it. Thanks to my personal pal who told me about it. I have fully get rid of my shyness, and finally escaping the friendzone.

  3. how do you know if you want to marry a person if you haven't spend enough time together to see if there are connections on the level of heart, body, and mind? Also, an interesting question that puzzles me is how to fulfill a physical need and not step into relationships? I experienced very harsh Christian rules and haven't been even communicating with males, until 23 years old; suppression of any physical desire stressed out the body and mind, because I was not allowing myself even an idea any of any physical connection because that was "sin". And such an ignorance of a body led me to long-lasting mental and physical disorder.. so, I am confused whether it is good or not good to date if I am not sure that I want to marry a person. Any advice?

  4. My fiancé and me went through so much together. We finally had got away from all that and now we are slowly finding ourselves in the relationship. Yes, when we met I was finding myself so yes I’m half about to be whole. My past and our past together has made it hard to pass over, but we love each other and he is getting back on to changing for himself. I needed to hear this so I can find our purpose again of why god bought us together.

  5. Hear this…throw out every single book written on dating and every single sermon preached on single hood. Just watch this video and boom! You got everything you need to succeed in dating/marriage. My word ! Just two seconds of listening to this video and I said this wisdom is of God.

    That is why God said be not conformed to this world . In the world people introduce their people as my 'other half' . Like the pastor said we try to draw out from another person what we can only attain from God. When I was unsaved the only time I was ever happy was when I was in a relationship. I got my self esteem and affirmation from men. And of course when they left they took my self worth with them. I could go on here but I would write a book. Please anyone reading this , have a deep intimate relationship with JESUS CHRIST before dating. Change your world, renew your mind with the word of God. If you don't you will find your self back in the miry clay having sexual relationships because once you go out there with no WORD in you then you go out in your flesh and GO BACK TO WHAT YOU KNOW. You find yourself back with the same people doing and making the same mistakes all over again. The word of God is powerful and will set you on a path that shines brighter and brighter unto the perfect day. Read the word , mediate on it day and night, then you will make your way prosperous and have good success in relationships.

  6. Can God really fix a broken relationship? What about pastors who cheat on their wives like Ray Comfort? How does prayer fix a broken relationship? What about marriages where there is no love but they still stay together?

  7. So how do singles get experience? We're told not pursue romance until it's time to get married, but then we don't know how to find that person when we are. How do you know if someone worth marrying without spending time around them or being direct about an interest in that? It's not as simple as going to church and picking someone out. If you don't see anyone you're attracted to or no one is attracted to you in your church….then what? I understand and support trusting in God for a spouse, but at what point are you being unrealistic? There needs to be more teaching on how to be emotionally mature and how to handle relationships.

  8. Everybody has a God-shaped-hole in their heart but so often we try to fit our parter or spouse into that hole. It's no wonder people are usually left disappointed by their relationships when they don't let Jesus fill that hole. Only then can our relationships be founded on something unbreakable and never changing: the love of Christ.

  9. This had become the thing I work most with in my life. I’ve for so long been wanting to find love, find someone to love. I forgot that God has a plan for me in everything I do.

    Please pray for my thoughts. I am waiting for Gods timing. But I’m so hungry for a girlfriend. Please pray that that hunger will turn into a hunger for God instead ❤️ have a blessed week