Steven Furtick | – This Scripture Always Confused Me | Pastor Steven Furtick

Jesus once cast demons out of a man and into pigs. But what does this story mean for us today?

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  1. Thank you pastor Steven for always reminding me that i am loved… I am not forgotten… Your words it gives me strength and encouragement…. Though sometimes I dont understand why things happen in my life… But thank YOU for reminding me… That God will never ever forsake me…..

  2. I cried. Steven Furtick my 6 year old son was diagnosed with high functioning Autism in 2017. Now my one year old son is being treated for Sensory Integration Disorder, as the doctor said they will not diagnose him with Autism before age 4. I felt this message in my soul. I cried. This is for me. Please pray for our family.

  3. I like at the end he said. I’m make it for your while. Shouldn’t God be doing that N sad message if u ask me. Seemed some psychological stuff not christ in your heart. I hope not n if so need prayed for

  4. I understand the lesson in this passage, but I’m still very confused by it like I’ve been for a long time. The Bible says that God is good and that he called his creation good when he made it. There are many bible verses that show that God loves animals and that he cares for his creation. Pigs are innocent loving intelligent creatures that feel love and pain and can have relationships with themselves and even with people. Why then did he allow the demons to have what they wanted to torment the pigs and kill them? The pigs did nothing wrong. They were innocent. They were being pastured. The demons are bad. Yet Jesus chose to listen to the demons instead of protecting the pigs from the demon’s torment and death? There must be a good answer for this but I cannot find it. It hurts my heart and it makes me really confused when I read this as I love animals. Pastor, please explain this. Thank you.

  5. I need help, I’m called to become a future pastor who will travel the world and right now GOD is training me at my home but every time I read the Bible I would miss the point and when I woul try to practice perch to myself I would get stuck and confused GOD called me on a assignment this week but I’m not aloud to say I was trying to study but still can’t find what GOD wants me to say and idk what to ask him for to help me can you guys please pray for me thank you I love you All and GOD bless also prayer Goes out to everyone else in the comments and around the world

  6. Thankx paster steve im from pakistan im uneder attack from one year every day but im praying reading bible every day as much as i can Jesus is with me thankx for you encouraging msg

  7. Thankx pastor STEVE
    I’ve lost one. Then another then in April of 2019 a third son. This sermon reminded me that I should not be surprized by the fiery trials ect. And I’m a person who fits In the catagory that if ppl knew allllll I’ve been they and now going theu theybwould not believe it cause I’m still standing. And losing my sons make all
    The other trammas pale in the face of losing my beloved sons who loved me fiercely and everyone else loved them
    I know I’ll see them a Gain. But still ~< life is hard but I know god is good. All the time. And this is the kicker. “NO MAYer WHAT”

  8. How about interpreting the scriptures correctly? The fact that the people wanted Jesus to leave the area because the pigs died and that affected their livelihoods, and that they didnt care about Jesus's mercy, holiness, goodness, and power in delivering the demon possessed men, exposes their greed and selfishness, not how precious they are!!! Worst interpretation of scripture I've ever seen. Followers of Steven Furtick should beware.

  9. I shared with a friend in ministry who is being criticized by the community for preaching the gospel in creative ways (following socially distant protocols, i.e. outdoor worship). This video impacted her greatly and has provided us with a new perspective about spiritual attack and the enemy's anger with us continuing to spread the gospel! Thank you for following God's calling on your life, Pastor Furtick, and praise God for His anointing on you!! Preach on!!!!!

  10. Thanks Steven for the Message I’m Alfred from India I just Understood how strong I am and that’s my the Devil try’s some stuff wish I could be in your church and experience the presence Jesus

  11. Okay first of all. Why did you say that the scripture confused you, what was confusing about it? You immediately went on to preach a message that seemed pretty not confusing.
    Second of all, timestamp 2:14, the demons don’t know anything about you, no cool power that you hold. You’re not special, you’re not strong. It is JESUS IN YOU. Nothing else. Do not give these people a sense of self reliance. There is nothing about me that is good, or promising, or even threatening to demons or the devil. It is Christ IN ME. HE is strong, HE is valuable, HE is powerful. That is why they tremble. Not because they see some cool power in me, they see Jesus!