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Don’t let what’s on you crush what’s in you. 

In “You’ve Got A Lot On You,” Pastor Steven Furtick of Elevation Church reminds us that God’s calling on our lives can’t be compromised.

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Section Titles:
0:00 – Get The Shame Off You
2:33 – Don’t Forget What’s In You
4:32 – People Don’t Know What God Put In You
6:33 – Your Struggle Is Not With Someone Else
8:10 – When God Gives You A New Name (Genesis 32, verse 28; Genesis 35, verse 10)
10:14 – Don’t Let What’s On You Kill What’s In You (Genesis 35, verse 11)
12:43 – That Is Not Your Name
13:47 – Stop Focusing On Your Struggle

You’ve Got A Lot On You | Steven Furtick

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Official Steven Furtick Shift your perspective and strengthen your faith with Pastor Steven Furtick. Pastor of the global, multisite ministry, Elevation Church, Steven Furtick is also a songwriter and New York Times best-selling author. He holds a master of divinity degree from Southern Theological Seminary and lives in Charlotte, NC with his wife Holly, their three children, Elijah, Graham, and Abbey. Each week, exclusive content and new videos are uploaded here. You can also tune in LIVE every Sunday at 9:30AM, 11:30AM, 2:00PM, 5:00PM, 8:00PM, and 10:00PM ET. Connect with people in the chat, engage in live worship with Elevation Worship, and hear a new sermon every weekend. For more information, you can visit or check out our other channels, Elevation Church and Elevation Worship. Official Steven Furtick

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  1. I’m going through one of the hardest times in my life my mother was diagnosed with aggressive small cell lung cancer Wednesday, work has been a struggle lately but god has kept my needs in tact so far It just seems like everything that can go wrong is going wrong, I went from life being great to such a struggle And It feels like this is going to be forever I can’t see the light right now and just need prayers please!

  2. Did he just say ”I am God Almighty”?!!! Guys please stop listening to this man. He is teaching his own religion and a false one. Run away from men like him please!. Your Eternal life depends on it. I can recommend real and strong bible teachers like Pastor John MacArthur, RC Sproul, Missionary Spencer Smith. But nothing beats reading your Bible. God Almighty speaks thru it.

  3. Can someone please explain why he said "I am God almighty " he followed with get that off you that's not your name that's not your station" I know the sermon wasn't about calling yourself God so I'm having trouble understanding why he said that

  4. I was enjoying this sermon until I heard him say "I am God Almighty"! I thought did I hear him right? I had to rewind it and make sure that's what I heard. Sure enough that's what he said. I have been following and enjoying Stephen Furtick's sermons for about a year now. Every now and then he says things that aren't really biblical and I just keep it moving and understand we aren't all perfect. But when a man claims himself to be God Almighty I have to stop listening to him. I really hate this happened cause I sure did enjoy his teachings 🙁

  5. Does mt furtick really read a talks are not sermons lol.

    What gift does he have exactly lol…He claims he is God lol…silly man….

    You still got that cold Steven…sniff sniff….hmmmmmmm