T. B. Joshua | – CAN A REAL CHRISTIAN COMMIT SIN? 🤔| Ask TB Joshua

1 John 3:9 says “no one who is born of God will continue to sin…” – but does that mean a genuine Christian cannot commit sin or make a mistake?

A sensitive topic requires Scriptural clarity! Join Prophet TB Joshua to learn to hear what God’s Word says about this vital topic in this question and answer session on sin and mistakes at the Emmanuel TV Studios.

“Can we keep sinning and expect God’s grace? Absolutely not! The devil is at work. The devil wants us to curse God while under pain, while still under trouble, hardship. Those who bless God in trouble, in pain, prove their sonship.” – TB Joshua

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  1. “All these questions seem to point to me. T.B. Joshua, we want to know if you do wrong or make a mistake? Well, capital YES! Mistakes taught me valuable lessons. My mistakes taught me to look deeper, to pray more and dream of other ways that I might have ignored. This reminds me of the case of Apostle Paul and the thorn in his flesh. Sometimes what we see as a disadvantage may turn into an advantage. If we receive so much comfort, shall we not receive some pain, some tribulation that will serve to check our comfort – to pray the more, fast the more, increase our determination for the Lord? As a Christian, what we see as an error or a mistake – God may sometimes allow it as a trial.” – TB Joshua

  2. Sin is the weapon and the link through which the devil connects and destroys the believers. Sin hinders GOD from hearing our prayers and answering us. Sin is what separated mankind from GOD because of the inherited sin nature from Adam,but that Jesus Christ dealt with on the cross of Calvary. ROM 3:23.ROM 6:23.Isa59:1-2. A Christian committing sin is like a dog going back to it's vomit, or a discharged prisoner committing a crime that will return him to prison.Every sinner is a slave to Satan,so he does not have freedom and can not attract God's attention and intervention until he is unchained from the imprisonment of sin and Satan. The reason why many don't know the power and effects of sin is because they have never known the power of salvation, and what happens to a believer of Jesus Christ when he loses the presence and divine supernatural backing of GOD. The devil brought sin to steal and seduce believers away from GOD, and the moment one dishonours GOD and honours him through sin,just like Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden,the devil will have upper hand over him,and until he or she confesses to GOD and forsakes the sin,GOD will never have mercy on him and save his life again, and should he die in sin,hell fire will claim his spirit man. Jesus Christ is the end of sin and the beginning of a new regenerated,transformed and sanctified life. Any sin that resists the blood of Jesus Christ will end the victim in hell fire, but the blood of Jesus Christ is too powerful to set us free from any ungodliness if we sincerely and humbly surrender our lives to the direction and pruning of the holy ghost. Many believers and ministers today toy with sin and feel comfortable because they don't know the damage that sin has caused to peoples lives and destines. Sin should be the number one enemy of every believer of Jesus Christ, and the moment we defeat sin,we will have enough divine supernatural backing to conquer the devil with all his temptations. But that can never be possible without we being baptized with the holy ghost. Jn3:3-7.Acts 1:1-10.2:1-4Acts19:1-12.ROM 8:1-9,12-16.When we as Christians know what sin does to our faith, destines and relationship with GOD, we will fight sin and defilement the way we fight covid 19 and death. Sin is the cause of the problems that the earthman suffers today,and because many don't know that, they pray to GOD with unconfessed and Unforsaken sins,and that is why they cannot be answered. Prov28:9.PSM 1:1-6.Prov13:21.And just as the man of GOD said, many Christians sin because they give chance to the devil to use them,when we avoid friends that don't have the faith we have, avoid places we should not go as Christians, reject gifts and drinks from people that we don't trust. And pray to GOD to guide our thoughts and emotions, and think about the consequences of falling into the traps of the devil just like Adam and Eve, Samson and Delilah, and Gehazi who received leprosy in the place of prophetic ministry because of gifts from a man. Then we would stand a better chance of winning everyday of our lives. And again, until we know GOD as not only a merciful GOD, but as a dangerous GOD that judges the sins of anybody and the iniquities of the fathers upon their children, we will continue to play with sins and to suffer the torture and the afflictions of the devil. Rev21:8-9.A man that must work with GOD must overcome sin,if not,he will never defeat the devil in his life because even if GOD refuses to take records of your sins,the devil is taking record of them and until you defeat him and sin, and they get behind you just as he got behind Jesus Christ in the wilderness, you will remain behind the walls of your miracles. Heb12:14.

  3. Yes very very serious every Christian has pull up the socks we thank en celebrate him for we wouldn't have grown to know him better.i now can feel his presence in me now the kingdom make a very big sense to me no small doubt about Jesus and all he is doing for me including paying the price for us oh I love u Jesus

  4. Your celestial overlord is like a farmer that decided to raise pigs, and placed them in a filthy pen he built for them. And then is astonished when they all behave exactly as pigs do. What would you say to a farmer that feels aggrieved at the conduct of swine, after choosing to purchase swine, fully aware of their nature? Then demands that they behave as doves, and fly, under penalty of torture? What if the farmer himself wallowed in mud more so than the pigs years earlier. That would be rich wouldn't it? Well your bible says your deity killed babies, condoned rape, slavery, and genocide. Kind of muddy isn't it?

  5. AZ 1 JÁNOS-BAN AZ a 8-as azt mondja,Ha nincs bününk,bűn ünkHmagunkat csaljuk meg és az igazság nincs benneünk.9 Hha megvalljuk bűneinket,hű és igaz,hogy megbocsássa bűneinket és meg tisztitson minket minden hamissáG tól.1o. ha azt mondjuk, hogy nem vétkeztünk, hazuggá tesszük Őt, és az Ő Igéje nincs bennünk. DICSŐSÉG ISTENNEK ÁMEN. TETSZIK. AUS UNGARN.

  6. Prophet TB Joshua, You have heavenly certificates and no earthly papers or graduates can even come close. Not that we are in any competition, but the truth is the truth. Thanking God for the grace on your life to minister as only you can. I believe there is only one TB Joshua; who God has given us the gift to the Body of Christ and the world. All these ppl on the set seem to adore you and it's very special time on Emmanuel TV when that measure of love and respect is flowing. It is easy to be seen. God bless Emmanuel TV and the Prophet TB Joshua . Blessings … from USA