T. B. Joshua | – CAST YOUR BURDEN UPON THE LORD!!! | TB Joshua Viewers Prayer 🙏

“What is your problem? What kind of challenges are you facing? What is your situation? Ask Jesus to give you the grace to always cast your burden upon the Lord.”

Cast your burdens upon Jesus as you join Prophet TB Joshua in this anointed time of prayer for viewers all over the world at Emmanuel TV Studios in Lagos, Nigeria! We look forward to hearing your testimony!

“Jesus is ready to pick us up and put us back on our feet because He wants us to be the person He created.” – TB Joshua

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About The Author

Emmanuel TV Founded by T.B. Joshua of The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations (SCOAN) in Lagos, Nigeria, Emmanuel TV is a television station with one way and one job. The way is Jesus Christ and the job is to talk about Him to others through words and deeds. Emmanuel TV Our motto is simple - changing lives, changing nations and changing the world. God's Word is the most effective instrument for change. The people hear and change. Nations hear and change. The world hears and changes. "Emmanuel" means 'God is with us' (Matthew 1:23)! We encourage you to watch Emmanuel TV and witness the power of God in action. God keeps giving us plenty of evidence to believe in Him.

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  1. “Viewers all over the world, I know your motives are all mixed-up but certainly, you want to follow Jesus. Your motives are all mixed up – where you want to go is not where you are going, what you want to say is not what you are saying, what you want to do is not what you are doing. Your motives are all mixed-up but certainly you want to follow Jesus. The fear of this, the fear of that seems to paralyse you. Jesus, release us from our fear, in the name of Jesus Christ! I loose whatever bondage of fear – be loosed, in the name of Jesus Christ!” – TB Joshua

  2. Servant of the must Night, Thank you…… for letting my Lord to used you in The Dominican Rep.( My birth country) I saw all the videos from USA. Servant of God
    Agree in prayers w us. My only, who loves…. God immensely… 18yrs old she need a miracle… suffering from thyroid for 7 yrs . Almost died, and Yahweh did It. We praying for all those sickness to go away by the power of HIS blood, so my daughter can go on and go to school. Would like to be in the Medical field to go out in the World and others young people with the word of God too. She homeschool 6 yrs while she could go back to the regular school. Man of God…. We Love you and the Church. Mercy

  3. Lord Jesus Christ deliver my work place from spirit of hatred, rejection, betrayed, envy, jealous grant hatoon with her kids JoJo hatim hearts of love and care deliver them from spirit of confusion thanks Jesus for answering my prayers, let your divine willing be done in my life, let your divine light shine your my life and cause confusion to my enemies.

  4. Thank Jesus man of God prophet Tb Joshua pray for me am a student Nurse their is a man who want to run away with my phone & money for my essentials he was supposed to deliver them yesterday Friday but he came up with excuses & today he as even switched off his phone & have run out of important essentials & food stuffs that i need to buy using the same money thank Jesus

  5. Man of God pray for me so that God the father to the father less can intervene in the finances of my academic life because the one sponsoring me she's experiencing financial hardship so have not cleared the sch fees for last semester & on Monday am supposed to go for clinical practicals & the principal as made it clear that if you have not cleared the sch fees you are not going for the practicals am a student Nurse from Zambia

  6. I need prayer, I always eat in the dreams, and sometimes night miase in dream, and my son has problems sometimes he speak well sometimes not, the Dr said he has authsim and some said he has attention deficit hyperactive disorder, man of God help me out of this situations