T. B. Joshua | – How TB Joshua Prophesied CHURCH CLOSURE Over CORONAVIRUS!!!

Why did Prophet TB Joshua support the Nigerian government when it announced the temporary suspension of all church services in efforts to curtail the spread of coronavirus? Watch for yourself how he spoke prophetically about this on three different occasions at The SCOAN.

“I am walking by vision and mission… Where there is no vision, people perish.” – Prophet TB Joshua

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  1. And my Lord said many leaders will neva make it this neva make is a eusdem generis or general word meaning some may die or circumstances will make them to resign or some will be overtrown its like when He says i may not be able togather with you i will meet you in the studio only prophets understands this properly but really thats it thats the prophecy for corona its like that

  2. Maybe the pandemic is proof that mass hypnosis can bring forward the symptoms of disease, just as it can bring forward a cure. This is why God was angry with Moses for making a show of it at the rock of Miribah. It is important that we let the power of God operate in miraculous ways that are not dependent on wowing the crowd or controling the mind of the individual. You can only convey faith by an act of faith. If the act is to be miraculous, it is an act in rescension, such that God can act. The miracle worker therefore should only speak the words of the desired act in faith to their audience. Othewise, they are entering the realm of hypnosis and sometimes may even induce hysteria. We should praise God loudly, but pray with a quiet assurance.

  3. I have defeated you TB Joshua.

    You are weak while I am all powerful.

    Your people are looking for someone to take away their fear and give them strength. I am that.

    I can take away their fear and make them powerful.

    They just need to seek me and I will come.

  4. Senior prophet TB Joshua. i wish evry1 in this world could jus gather nd listen to you. I dnt regret spending tym on Emmanuel tv live nd even going through past events for i know my life will never be the same again. i have a story to tell nd surely one day i will testify. May the good Lord continue to reveal Himself thru you daddy.

  5. Many churches that people are trying to build the largest cathedral have been caught unprepared, that is why they are confused and still looking for every reasons to hold large gathering at the peak of corona. You may have faith for divine health but don't forget how sick and faithless many of your members have been. Do not let Coro kill them on behalf of your own faith.