T. B. Joshua | – Little Boy KIDNAPPED, Held To RANSOM For N20M!!!

Watch how a shocking case of child kidnapping turned into a glorious case of testimony after Divine intervention and a prophetic dream…

The Queen of Ogoni-land in the Niger-Delta region of Nigeria, Georgina Tenalo was shocked when she returned home from work to discover her young son was not in the house. Pandemonium ensued and the police were quickly called. They searched the creeks of the surrounding area and interviewed countless suspects but none could reveal the whereabouts of her little boy. Finally, the kidnappers established contact, threatening they would kill the little boy and send the picture of his dead body to Queen Georgina unless the sum of N20m was promptly provided.

An extensive search mission, aided by police and security throughout the region, yielded no fruitful result and the kidnappers threats became even more severe. With hope dimming and time running out, the Ogoni monarch contacted a sister who she knew to be a member of The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations (SCOAN). On hearing the pitiable condition, she quickly organised for the Morning Water to be sent to Niger-Delta. After ministering it on herself and all the clothing of her missing son, Queen Georgina was set aside for God’s attention and had a remarkable dream. Prophet T.B. Joshua appeared to her giving words of assurance that her son would be released, even specifying that he would be freed on Thursday.

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  1. GOD IS GOOD ALL THE TIME.. I’m lockdown here in Kalibo,Philippines , my flight back to Zürich was cancelled,,,please pray for me & my Family man of God ( TB JOSHUA ), I hope I can go to SCOAN one day ang have also this morning water..

  2. My name is Susan wangui from Kenya we have big problems in my family from my mother side no one gets married they have children but no one can stay with a man this problems now it's on us my family we are 5 children all of us we have children none of us got married we are very poor I can't afford to pay a ticket to come over there I have faith in God and I believe you can pray for me man of God and I can afford to pay my ticket please pray for me.