T. D. Jakes | – Building the Foundation of Fatherhood – Bishop T.D. Jakes & Dexter Jakes

The positive impact of a father’s embrace will outlast any perishable toy or gadget. Bishop T.D. Jakes and his son, Dexter Jakes, break down the strength and importance of the father and son relationship in their lives to honor Father’s Day. How has God inspired you to follow His position in being tender, being loving, and being a guide to those closest to you? Will you be present with your children in building those strong relationships? The choice that impacts your children, and later their children, begins today.

Message: Together Strong
Speakers: Bishop T.D. Jakes & Dexter Jakes
Date: June 20, 2020

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About The Author

T.D. Jakes Bishop TD Jakes is an influential and visionary spiritual leader. He is the founder and Senior Pastor of The Potter’s House, a multicultural, non-denominational church and humanitarian organization based in Dallas, TX, as well as a New York Times best-selling author, award-winning filmmaker, and host of the TD Jakes Show. Recognized as “America’s Best Preacher” by Time Magazine and “America’s Treasure” by Oprah Winfrey, Bishop TD Jakes has reached millions of people around the world through his 40-plus years of ministry.

Comment (21)

  1. God bless all the father who stay
    and love their children even when things may get hard.
    people always say good father and good mother but both is a hard job.
    that both have to do.
    and their is no perfect one but both was call to do their jobs to love and care for theirs children.
    it's take couarage to be both not everyone have the mind make-up
    and are ready to be the mother and father that God wants them to be.
    that why it important to get eudcated on how to be a father and mother first before have children.
    and have a good job and some money save up and know you can feed and clothe that child.
    yes sometimes the way we plan things growing up on how we wants our life to be it doesn't always work
    out that way. so I'll say we only can depend on the Holy Spirit and pray for guidance on how to rise our kids.
    so I'll say if you mother or father have your children under control
    say thanks to God. and when you see others trying but struggling say a prayer for them. because you yourself now it not easy and if it hasn't been for God you won't of be the mother and the father you are.
    thank you Bishop and son for sharing
    God blessing be upon you always.

  2. GLORY BE TO GOD . Amen !
    I stand in the need of prayer as I move forward & try to do God’s will . OBEY, ENDURE , this lie from hell.
    I would not do this to anyone in Jesus Name.
    God, is good to me. I’m grateful.
    Because the lies, and enemy keeps trying to distract me & knock me down .
    BUT GOD.
    Yes, I’m on this line again because what I’m dealing with is real pain that was meant for evil for my life.
    It is so much Bishop, you would even say my Lord HAND MERCY ON ME.
    They can try to take everything yet my praise my worship is not for sale.
    Even when these crooks & giants try .
    I’m off limits . This is God, watch him stop the violence just watch Bishop.
    NO WEAPON NOT ONE WILL PROSPER WHEN SHADE IS THROWN MY WAY like this. It’s out of my control that’s why I know My King Of Kings is in Control.
    I’m exhausted from bad news this pain is over me from lies Bishop . A lie from the pits of hell. Thank You Jesus.
    Thank You again. No I’m not the victim yet she is human.
    Beautiful Blessings To You and yours

  3. I just went through another character check from GOD, it's extremely difficult when HE wants to fix something that is wrong with you..I caught myself shaking my fist at HIM but nevertheless glory be to when HE fixes something,it doesn't compare to human intervention..

  4. It is such a blessing for you guys to speak about these types of topics for every child who doesn't have an active father, because it can pour the same areas of love in those children; as one who works with single parent children (and families). Thank you both for the love…!

  5. Father Lord, I use this message by Bishop T D Jake's and his son Dexter Jakes to call forth children, sons and daughter to be born into my marriage in the name of Jesus. Lord, break the yoke of 13 years of barreness in Jesus Name! Thank you Father, in the name of Jesus!