T. D. Jakes | – Defense Against Offenses: Get Out of Your Feelings – Bishop T.D. Jakes

In this day and age, we are either offending those around us with uncouth words or we’ve been offended by those we thought we could trust. If we’re offended, God will protect us from their stinging words and biting tongues and alleviate their weight from our souls. If we’re offending, the Lord will purge our spirits of our internal iniquities and restore us to a loving heart and open hand. In both instances, we prevent offense by forgiving one another — just as Christ forgave us on the cross! Turn that offense into a defense that gets you out of your feelings and into your faith!

Message: “Defense Against Offenses: Get Out of Your Feelings”
Scripture: Luke 17:1-10 (KJV)
Speaker: Bishop T.D. Jakes
Date: Aug. 11, 2021

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About The Author

T.D. Jakes Bishop TD Jakes is an influential and visionary spiritual leader. He is the founder and Senior Pastor of The Potter’s House, a multicultural, non-denominational church and humanitarian organization based in Dallas, TX, as well as a New York Times best-selling author, award-winning filmmaker, and host of the TD Jakes Show. Recognized as “America’s Best Preacher” by Time Magazine and “America’s Treasure” by Oprah Winfrey, Bishop TD Jakes has reached millions of people around the world through his 40-plus years of ministry.

Comment (25)

  1. I absolutely needed this. The enemy has attempted to block my worship unto God. He has attempted to contaminate my heart. Now that I realize that the attack is on my worship to Christ, I’m asking God to create in me a clean heart and remove the blockage. My worship to God breaks chains, and the enemy knows it. The blockage is removed, TODAY, in JESUS NAME!

    Everyone I am talking to is order from Heaven . My Lord Jesus , told me to call them out do not be afraid !
    God is with me. !
    I’m one of your best friends through the anointing of God. GET READY !
    HER READY. ! God brought me here . Only God , can heal my heart that hurts from these lying jerks.
    Not my babies ! Oh Hell No. !
    Bishop !
    I call call them by the blood of Jesus.
    JESUS IS TURNING THIS , I will never be ever to deal with these cruel robbers. !
    God ! Goes before me, HE LEADS ME He guides me. I planted that little seed a long time ago . NO WEAPON.
    God , waters the seed , when I am lied on like this.
    I can not believe the preacher, the Lawyer , the Attorney’s all those who surrounded me for greed & lied . I am in my feeling !
    God, is in Control. Bishop Sir!
    God , is the one lifting especially the seats fit the saints of God , to get a fresh anointing they. Hours not of kissed me off like this . I love ❤️ the Lord .
    SO BE IT.
    All you can do is pray for me .
    Because I would be free if so many fishy’s & leaders did not come for me .
    For GREEDD
    I am FREE! Truth sets me FREE!
    When someone touch my babies. !

  3. Amen Amen thank God for Bishop Jake's because whenever I'm feeling some kind of way or down he Blesses me with a word a true Word from God his messages are always and not sometimes but all the time the word is for me and fits my situation Bishop Jake's messages are on time and always on point as if he know exactly what to preach and teach about each individual thank you Bishop Jake I'm going to land on my feet in Jesus Christ Mighty Name thank you I needed this message

  4. Thank u..thank u..Whn u seek God he alwys show up..i didn't even knw who to talk abt hw i feel bt today i am soldiering on..i am the daughter of the most.and thank u that u r dealing with everything that is against me..my past ..fear and everything that i have inherited frm my mom and dad's side..i am freeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  5. By faith as little as a grain of mustard seed, i decree and declare that on this day 8/14/2021 @ 10;00 am GOD has uprooted the sycamore tree by its roots in every area of my life. Thank you Father GOD for liberating me by the power of your HOLY SPIRIT in JESUS NAME. I believe it, I receive it, it is finished. Amen.