T. D. Jakes | – Production Vs. Consumption | From Bishop T.D. Jakes

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About The Author

T.D. Jakes Bishop TD Jakes is an influential and visionary spiritual leader. He is the founder and Senior Pastor of The Potter’s House, a multicultural, non-denominational church and humanitarian organization based in Dallas, TX, as well as a New York Times best-selling author, award-winning filmmaker, and host of the TD Jakes Show. Recognized as “America’s Best Preacher” by Time Magazine and “America’s Treasure” by Oprah Winfrey, Bishop TD Jakes has reached millions of people around the world through his 40-plus years of ministry.

Comment (42)

  1. I agree with all of this. If any millenials or younger are reading this – my channel is a Christian vlog channel. I've been vlogging for a while and I've also recently started a podcast where I talk about all kinds of things. If you need something to watch or someone to talk to that's not negative in this time feel free to check it out. Love y'all and love you TD Jakes! God bless.

  2. Fruitful agricultural and then industrialization . NOW awe are consumers . TEchnology AI seamless integration WE must learn to be civilized. MOST Individuals are teleporting into different. Demographies. NOW As we see women in transitions we must start with

  3. Bishop I am revamping my business by figuring out how it would add the most value to our people. I have books on Amazon and stories I want to tell via speaking events, plays and movies. So it’s a little tedious figuring out what’s needed and how I can merge this into a global benefit but I have an awesome idea that I’ve been researching! Once I learn it completely, it will really be of added value.

    Update: BISHOP I just got for 3 podcast! I reached out to podcasters and they all booked me! As a speaker, my talk is on perseverance. I’ve decided that even though this virus is out, people are still committing suicide, throwing in the towel on their dreams, divorcing etc. So why not show people how I made it? How I decided to give my marriage another chance, how I took being set up at a party by people that were close to me and contracting HPV and cancerous cells from the rape and turned that into a book, how I was the first to go to college and survive the foster system so forth and so on! I know the basic principles of perseverance and with the steps that God showed me, will allow people to get through anything! That’s how I can be fruitful for now. That’s just one way. Thanks for the advice! -Teaira Curry

  4. Thank you! I hear you.. I plan to continue to create an online group called A place to be to help us talk about our feelings and become more open.. as well as bring a sense of community… that opened my eyes to the way I’ve been living so once again thank you- Korinn

  5. T.D. I took your podcast across the country and back with me from the last few months of 2019 and currently still listening to them and your PH broadcasts. I became part of GPS and you're like a second father to me. My nephew came in my office (room) earlier today and asked if you were my uncle hahaha. I want to express appreciation and gratitude for the lives you touch, change, exonerate, free, edify and continue to nourish through your mentorship, teaching, preaching, evangelizing and leadership.

    The house that was built on a Rock.

  6. Thank you always for producing Bishop Jakes. I live alone and it helps to have amazing people like you, coming into my home through video feed. A week ago, I got the proofs from my first published book. In addition to working from home 10 hours a day, I'm also writing a blog, trying to share positivity, inspiration, and Jesus to our world.

  7. Thank you so much Bishop for blessing us with this sermon and for taking the time to share the Word that God has placed on your heart. I agree that we as a country and as individuals need to be more fruitful. Learn how to make our own bread literally, learn how to sew. Technology is good but we also have to know how to survive without it, and how to not rely on it entirely.This Coronavirus has truly uncovered a lot of things.

  8. Beloved,

    We (Church) have sinned against God in the Body of Christ. He will not hear us until we . . .

    1. Humble ourselves, meaning "bend the knee", and pray,

    2. Seek His Face, which shines like the sun in his strength, causing us to stay upon our face.

    3. Turn from our wicked way.

    We must call His Church to Repent!
    We must Repent of our sins!
    We must cry out to Him, tell Him what He already knows. Our immorality is a stench in His Holy nostrils.
    We promote what He hates.
    We exalt those living in open rebellion in His sight.
    We have His House out of order on our watch.
    We will not call this nation to "REPENT" and believe on the Lord Jesus Christ!!!

    4. "Then" will He hear us, not until "then", no sooner, only "then", will He hear us. not before "then", not before 1-3

    He will not hear us until we humble ourselves and pray.
    He will not hear us until we seek His Face.
    He will not hear us until we REPENT!!!

    5. Then will He forgive us.

    6. Then will He heal our land 2 Chronicles 7:14

  9. Having lived in a undeveloped country the past 2 years I can tell you that most people don't watch TV because they don't have one. Most people are entrepreneurs because they have mouths to feed and their day job doesn't provide the income. Most working professionals in the country have a side hustle; whether its tomato farming, growing Maize (corn), spinach and other crops, or a cleaning business, moving company, etc. Microwaves are unheard of. Most people don't have air conditioners and the weather there in Malawi is wonderful most of the year. Malaria however is prevalent. COVID just hit the country recently and people are making their own masks. These are people who don't have shoes to wear but they are being fruitful and multiplying. I love the message TD Jakes has shared here . Before COVID hit Malawi, businesses had set up handwashing stations outside to ensure you wash your hands before entering. I have not seen that here in the U.S. for the few stores I have needed to go to get necessities since being back. I brought back some material so I will be making my own mask while I am stuck in the house. No excuses for not learning a new skill while stuck at home.

  10. Amen! This virus is an awakening that I hope we recognize. Consumption may feel good, until that which we are consuming dries up! I provide good housing to others in need and now plan to expand this business.

  11. I am listening to this message from a month ago this Sunday morning. God's timing is never off! This is a concept I have been thinking about in my personal life. Like this, What do you want me to do God?! Thank you Bishop Jakes! I pray and then I go through and pick something God had given you to talk about. He Never fails me! And you bless me through him! God bless you and yours T D Jakes

  12. Thanks., went on the Keto diet before the Virus hit. Being shut in I have time to prep vegetables and cook healthy meals. I have guided and encouraged several members and friends to try it so they can come out of this healthier than they were. We now have TIME to cook, exercise, read and come out ready for what’s next.