Tamara Bennett | – "Confidence in the Anointing" Pastor Tamara Bennett

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Comment (46)

  1. Such a blessing TIP ministries has been in my new walk in ministry! May God continue to bless! Hopefully one day I will have the honor to visit, and even greater honor to have a biblical conversation with Pastor Tamara Bennett.

  2. Hi Fredina! Pastor Bennett and the TIP family would love for you to attend a live service;-) Please check our Facebook page to find out when we are having our Sunday Night Fellowship Services (they are once a month). We look forward to seeing you soon! God bless!

  3. Dear Pastor Bennett, sometimes? When you preach? I like that "uncut Word" and the application of it for my soul, this day. There is a portion in the book about Bishop Mason, talking about the Pastor that was his preaching/ministry partner, Pastor Charles Price Jones, that man preached so greatly, strong grown men shouted and cried "Please stop!!!" Sometimes, you are like that, the anointing of God, but the practical application of the Word of God. "Struggles" hehehehe…. *slapping my knee*

  4. You must come and visit to preach in L.A. "I'm not made to be your friend, I'm made to turn the world upside down." Ma'am, I have some saints around me? Some long-time chu'ch folk? I WISH they understood that!!! God snatched me out for His Work, not just to be a social bunny of the chu'ch! I wish this woman understoodf that!!! My God!!!

  5. I don't even know this lady.. i been drawn to her like a magnet… for the last 3 days i have been up until 3 am looking and listening to her ministry one night i just really needed something for my soul…. needless to say my soul was encouraged.. wow…. i just love the ministry. one of these days am coming to visit.. would like address to this location.. thanks again.. have a bless day..

  6. This encouraged me. I am definitely in the process and have found this walk to be lonely, but I know I'm not alone (thank God).I often see now that the saints standing for holiness are labeled as"deep", "supersaint" or "holier than thou", but in actuality they are just striving to please God.

  7. I have never heard this powerful Woman of God preach before but I do believe God led me to this video for a reason. May God continue to Bless and use you as a vessel for his people and this dying world. God Bless You.

  8. My goodness, glory to God, I just clicked on this and it was a great blessing, a treasure! Blessed my soul so much.
    All these years and to hear someone explain some of the things that’s been on my heart for a while.She preached
    about many things I thought no one would ever talk about. This was short, BUT A POWERFUL PRECIOUS TREASURE
    TO MY SOUL. I shed tears in this..